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Summary: Short angsty/romantic fluff. TalimxYunsung

In Your Arms


I know you love me, but I wish you didn't. When I see you look at me I want to cry at what I see in your eyes. It is hope, but I can see it tarnished with reality. I am that reality. I hate myself for hurting you.
I know I said I didn't care for you, but I do. My pride will not allow me to admit I love you, know matter how much I do. I wish you would come to me instead, and ask me if I love you, just one more time. I would say yes. When I see you with others I am jealous, but I dare not approach, for I fear the wrath of your friends. You deserve good friends, not people like me. I know something about you is forbidden. But the forbidden things are tempting. My love for you is unrequited. I would do anything, I would give up eternity and forever to be with you. To feel you by my side, to see you smile at me, love me forever. I would die just to have you in my arms on last time.