Don't Tell My Secret . . . Yet!

Story by l.o.t.s.a... that's me!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything that is YuGiOh, or that which is already copyrighted for this and subsequent chapters!

Pairings: Joey x Mai... my favorite! Nickname: "Competitive Couple"

Once upon a time in Domino City, Japan...

"So! Where is he now?"

"On . . . . a business trip. Actually, he's coming home today."

"O-oh! So you want to be there to welcome him?" Mai deduced. "Serenity, you have to tell the truth of who you've really been seeing . . .Kaiba."

"I know, I know. But I'm scared of . . . .I guess, Joey, thinking about the whole thought of me seeing someone." The two girls were walking downtown, a rare thing to see. Not because they weren't good friends, but lately Serenity had been busy with her new man, and Mai well, was always busy with her extravagant lifestyle. Serenity swung her shopping bag around with a small sigh, lost in her worries.

She was a good shopping partner, but Mai thought she worried too much. I mean look who's she's with! Mai changed the subject. "You must've missed him since he's been away. Kaiba, I mean."

A small smile lit up the younger girl's face. The look of love, Mai thought, amused. "Yeah. we don't .. .. get to see each other often, because he's always away on work."

"That must be frustrating."

"No. . .his work means a lot to him. And . . . it helps to keep it a secret."

"He isgoing to find out, you know."

"I know! But I just need a little bit of time, to, you know, find the right words and the right time. That's why-" Serenity stopped and turned. "I'm asking for your help."

"My help? I'll help you in any way, but-what can I do?"

"I don't know . . . to distract him from me. For a while. Joey's been very suspicious." Serenity chewed her lip nervously. "So far, though, I don't think anybody's told him yet." She looked dismally down. "I want to be the one to! But not yet. Does that sound cowardish?"

"Of course not." Mai said reassuringly. "You do have to tread very carefully on this. But anyway, I can help you out. So relax, okay kiddo?"

"Thank you, Mai." Serenity smiled, visibly relieved.


"Bye, Mom! I'm going!" Serenity called, putting on her jacket. She ran a brush through her long auburn-colored hair just one more time. And checked her wristwatch: 4:30. She was just about to leave when she heard her brother's familiar step.

"Okay, honey! Have fun at your friend's house and be back at 6!" Mrs. Wheeler called back.

"Friend's?" Joey mumbled to Tristan as they went to the kitchen to get a snack. He almost ran right into his sister as she ran downstairs. "Whoa! Why're you going in such a hurry, sis?"

"Um .. . I . . . " Serenity turned slightly so he wouldn't see the lie written on her face. "To a friend's house. Just a friend!" she added unnecessarily loudly.

"Oh, reeeeeeally?" Joey said skeptically, crossing his arms and blocking the way out in the classical big brother stance. "Den-"

"Hey, Joey, man, don't give poor Serenity the third degree." Tristan interrupted him. Serenity shot a quick grateful glance at him. "In fact, she just doesn't want to be late! That's why she was hurrying. Isn't that so?"

"Yes. Yes, that's why; 'Bye!" Serenity darted outside before they could react.

"Layin' it on a little thick, eh, bud?" Joey said with a sidelong look. Tristan said that he didn't know what he was talking about. "Well, whateva. Come on."

"Where're we going?" Tristan threw the apple he was eating away and wiped his hands on his jacket.

"We're gonna follow her. I wanna see exactly where's she's always going." Joey was already hurrying off. "Somethin' tells me it's not 'a friend.'"

"You mean . . . you think it's like a boy friend?" Tristan asked, looking disappointed. " I dunno, man . . . .and slow down! I gotta stitch in my side."

"I'm tired of dis secret. I'm gonna find out tonight once and fer all." Joey declared, determined. The wind blew ominously.


Mai smiled behind her and continued walking to her car. She'd just seen Serenity, teased her a little bit about where she was going, and watched her go on to the Kaiba mansion. Ah, young love, she thought wisely. For some reason, it pleased her to see it. I guess it's because they make SUCH a cute match! She's so kind and forgiving, which is good because he's usually a-who's that?

She stopped when she recognized Joey Wheeler and his friend, a little distance off. They hadn't seen her yet. Immediately, Mai realized that he had followed his sister. Uh oh; think fast, girl!

"Did she go dat way or dat way?" Joey was saying, turning this way and that uneasily, not sure. Tristan shrugged in answer. If Serenity had gone to see a boy, he didn't want to know about it.

"Hello, boys! What're you looking for?" Mai called, strolling casually up. Don't worry Serenity hun. He won't figure out where you are.

"Mai? What're you doing' here?" Joey said, blinking his dark-brown eyes.

"We're looking for Joey's sister," Tristan said at the same time.

" . . Oh! She's with me," Mai answered, improvising. When they looked disbelieving, she added, steering him away, "We're just with other girls at my house over there, having a party."

"Huh. I rememba she said 'friend,' not 'friends.' . . . well, come on. I gotta tell her .. .dat I'm sorry . . .fer suspectin' she was lyin'."

"What! No, you can't!"

"And um, why . . . not?"

"Because, um . . .we're giving each other makeovers. And no girl likes anybody, and I mean anybody seeing her with a facial mask on and no makeup. So," She concluded, turning back, "you can tell her tomorrow." Mai started to open her car door when she caught a glimpse of Joey tilting up a pretend bottle and his friend nodding in agreement. Her temper spiked and she whirled back, curly blond hair flying. "And I'm not drunk, Joseph!"

"Hey, I didn't say anythin'!" Joey said with a gesture of exaggerated-innocence.

"I saw your reflection. And don't you have anything else to do than to follow your little sister around, snooping?" she scolded.

"Weelllll . . . I was supposeda go to dis tournament to Yuge was goin' to but . . . ." he scowled sulkily.

"You didn't get an invitation." Mai finished for him.

"Bingo!" Tristan put in cheerfully with a grin.

"You mean the World Tours Tournament? Oh, I got one." Mai said, lofty.

"You did? Den how come-"

"But I don't think I'll go," she said breezily. They both looked at her in open shock.

"What? B-but da prize is any card ya want made! Any card!"

"Yeah . . . but maybe next time." Mai frowned and got inside her red Mazda convertible. "Guess they only gave invitations to the skilled duelists, eh?" she said with a wink, and drove off. "See you boys!"

"Ooh, she told you," Tristan commented after she'd gone. He expected his friend to retaliate with a punch aimed for his face, but Joey just shook his dark blond head in disgust.

"What a flake! To miss on an opportunity like that! An' you get to make up th' card, Tris. You design it, an' it's made just fer you!"

"Well, maybe you shouldn't call her that next time when you next see her, 'cause maybe she'll give the invitation to you instead." Tristan figured, as they started walking back.

Joey stopped and punched one fist down into his open palm. "Of course! Since she won't be usin' it . .. ya think she would?"

"With your luck, probably," Tristan answered. Under his breath, he added a soft, "Not." after a minute or two.

"I heard DAT . . ."

A/n: sort a sequel! I apologize for my later horrible Spanish.