Mutsumi: A choice

By Daimyo Shi

Disclaimer: I don't own Love Hina. Why do the loveable losers in anime always pick the wrong girl, Tenchi picks Ayeka and Keitaro picks Naru what is with this dumb boys? If Keitaro had any taste, he would pick Mutsumi or at least Shinobu!

Mutsumi stood with a Katana in her hand. She was dressed in full samurai armour lacquered black with red laces and no Menpo. She stands on a Grass hill. Just above her on the hill is Naru dressed in full samurai armour that was brown with Black lacing. Naru is leaning on a yari.

"Don't even bother, you can never defeat me, Mutsumi-chan." laughs Naru. "Prince Keitaro shall be mine forever."

"NO!" says Mutsumi as she charges Naru. Naru snaps to attention her yari spinning into position . . . Mutsumi manages to parry Naru's attack but loses her footing and falls backward tumbling down the hill. As Mutsumi comes to rest at the bottom of the hill. She finds herself in pain. Several parts of her armour have broken free and now lay on the hill. Mutsumi picks herself up and watches a laughing Naru.

"Come fight me when you don't fight like a little girl!" laughs Naru as she mounts her horse. Mutsumi watches as Naru rides toward her castle where Prince Keitaro is being held.

Mutsumi checks her Katana to make sure it is clean before sheathing it in her Saya. The mountains around Naru's castle. She comes to a small Shrine near a waterfall. Her she finds that her equipment lays where she left it. She takes off her armour, battle kimono and Hakama and then removes her breast wrappings and loincloth. She slipped into the stream near the water fall to wash the mud and sweat from her body. Mutsumi could fell her body reacting to the cold water.

[I have to beat Naru and release Prince Keitaro from her castle. I must release my beloved from her evil clutches.]

"What brings you here?"

Mutsumi turns to face the person speaking to her. She sees in a white Kimono and black Hakama a Woman with long black hair and brown eyes at her waist is a Katana and Wakazashi [Motoko].

"Uh . . . I need somewhere to stay so that I could challenge the Warlord Naru. I seek to free prince Keitaro from her." says Mutsumi doing her best to hide her body from the eyes of the stranger.

"Why?" asks the Stranger with a puzzled look.

" . . . because I love him. We were promised to each other when we were very young. It was going to be or wedding in a couple months until Naru rode it and took him as a hostage to keep the Emperor's cooperation." says Mutsumi.

"Oh I see, well how are you doing?" say the strange woman.

"Not well, I failed, I couldn't defeat Naru." says Mutsumi with down cast look.

"Oh I see, well you seem to have a great victory."

"What are you talking about?" asks Mutsumi crossly.

"Well you are alive, are you not?" asks the stranger.

"Well that true . . . Still I must find a way to defeat her."

"I could help you." says the Stranger.

"Really? Could you?" says Mutsumi with excitement.

"Of course, but you have to do something for me." says the Stranger.

"Really? Name it! I do anything!" says Mutsumi

"What is love?" asks the Strange woman.

"Nani?" responds Mutsumi.

"What is this love? You say you love him, what does that mean?" says the Strange Woman with a puzzled look in her eye.

"Love is . . . well Love . . ." stumbles Mutsumi.

The Strange woman disrobes and joins Mutsumi in the stream.

Mutsumi focuses her thoughts. "Love is a complex thing. It is a desire to be with that person no matter the odds. Their mere presence can bring happiness to you. It is unconditional."

"So does that mean that if Keitaro wasn't a prince you would still love him?" asks the strange woman.

"Of course, in fact if he wasn't a prince, we wouldn't have this problem. The Warlord Naru would have no interest in him." replies Mutsumi.

"I see." says the Strange Woman. "Well I think I understand so I will teach you how to defeat Naru."

"Ok!" says Mutsumi "What is your name?"

"Onna no Ken."

"I see Onna-sensei. I am Otohime Mutsumi."

Both women get out of the stream. Mutsumi dries herself off. Strangely it seems that the Onna no Ken doesn't seem to try herself, yet when she puts on her clothes they don't get wet. Over the next several days, Mutsumi and the Onna no Ken trains for hours. Mutsumi never sees her sensei sleep and she seems to be able to go on for hours. Still Mutsumi learns much from her sensei. Many days later, Mutsumi wakes up to find Onna no Ken cleaning her Katana. The Onna no Ken looks at Mutsumi and says "I can teach you no more. You are as ready to face Naru as I can make you. I have but one last thing to tell you. You must want to slay your foe. If you focus solely on this, you cannot fail. If he loves you, he will accept you as you are doing what deeds you have." The Onna no Ken hands Mutsumi her Katana. Mutsumi hosts it in the air. "I will defeat Naru today!" Mutsumi suits up in her armour. She prays on last time at the Shrine. Then she sets off toward Naru's castle. After several hours she finds herself at the gates of Naru's castle.

"Come and face me, Naru! Come and fight me unless you are a coward! I, Otohime Mutsumi challenges you!" screams Mutsumi.

Mutsumi waits 15 minutes before the gates open. There standing in the courtyard, is the Warlord Naru dressed in her armour.

"I see that letting you live taught you nothing I shall kill you this time!" shouts Naru.

"The only one dying today is you, bitch!" says Mutsumi. She can hear the muttering through Naru's Troops.

"Come and get it, Mutsumi-chan!" says Naru.

Mutsumi charges at Naru drawing her Katana in an easy motion. Mutsumi's battle Scream can be heard for leagues. Naru easily blocks it with her yari except to her horror Mutsumi's focus is so great that she cuts through the Yari's metal enforcement and wooden shaft. Mutsumi Katana cuts through Naru's Armour and then through Naru's body with a big spray of blood everywhere. Naru's body now cut in two falls to the ground. Mutsumi is covered in blood she looks at the closest samurai to her and stares at him like she thinks her stare could kill. Prince Keitaro is here against his will, where is he?" asks Mutsumi with a voice as sharp as her Katana.

The samurai takes a step back but doesn't answer.

"Tell me where he is or I will kill you. If I have to, I will kill every man, woman and child here to get back Prince Keitaro." Mutsumi looks around to see that at least a couple of the samurai have already chosen to follow their Lord Naru in death as they have already cut their bellies with their Wakazashi.

"Well where is he?" screams Mutsumi.

One of Naru's samurai draws his Katana and charges at Mutsumi. She cuts him down like she was practising. Several others charge her, Mutsumi cuts them down, their blood sprays all over Mutsumi. The dozens start charging Mutsumi. Mutsumi cuts them down like a farmer cutting rice. Several of Naru's Samurai scream "Ahhh! She is a Oni! They flee before her running out of the castle. Mutsumi is now completely covered in blood. She stars at the close building, she kicks in the paper and wood door. Mutsumi simply slashes through what ever is in her way. Guards litter the floor often their heads in other places in the hall after rolling after Mutsumi separate them from their bodies. Finally, she gets to the last door that Keitaro could behind the Guards are gone, either dead or they fled the castle, it matters not to Mutsumi. She slashes through the lock keeping Keitaro in the room and then slides the door open. A forlorn look Keitaro looks up at Mutsumi.

"Mutsumi-chan?" asks Keitaro with a little fear in his voice.

"Hai, Kei-kun." says Mutsumi with a smile "I have come to rescue you."

"Really? What about Naru?" asks Keitaro.

"She dead, I killed her, along with anyone that stood between you and me." says Mutsumi in a voice that is like she is talking about the weather.

Keitaro gets up over his fear and embraces Mutsumi. "I though I never be free again. Never able to see you again." The blood on Mutsumi stain Keitaro's clothes

"Oh Keitaro I walk through all the hells for you." replies Mutsumi and she tugs at Keitaro's Kimono.

"Here?" says Keitaro.

"There isn't anyone left to bother us." replies Mutsumi.

"I guess that is true." says Keitaro as he begins to untie Mutsumi's armour.

"I love you kei-kun." says Mutsumi as she tears Keitaro's Kimono off.

Mutsumi's eyes open, her room was still dark. [A dream, I wonder what it could mean.] thinks Mutsumi. As if to answer her, the words of the Onna no Ken echoes in her mind 'You must want to slay your foe. If you focus solely on this, you cannot fail.'


Japanese Terms

-chan, honorific means small or little often used between parents and children, sometime between friends can be use between lovers too.

-kun, Sort of a male version of Chan but more masculine often used between friends Shi and older people to boys that they know. Kei-kun is a favourite of Mutsumi for Keitaro.

San is Mister or Miss, a polite way to address an inferior or an equal. Note that both this and sama are used with a family name which in Japan comes first

Senpei: senior [student]

Sensei: Teacher or Professionals, often doctors are called Sensei too.

Katana: the long Sword of the Samurai

Menpo: Face mask common to Samurai armour.

Yari: Japanese Spear.

Saya: Sword scabbard

Onna no Ken: Sword woman literally Woman of the Sword

Oni: demon