Mutsumi: A choice

By Daimyo Shi

Disclaimer: I don't own Love Hina. Why do the loveable losers in anime always pick the wrong girl, Tenchi picks Ayeka and Keitaro picks Naru what is with this dumb boys? If Keitaro had any taste, he would pick Mutsumi or at least Shinobu!


Mutsumi walks away from Hinata Sou with a goal. She wanted to find something that she could get Keitaro to go to without Naru tagging along. After walking sometime Mutsumi passes a Strip Club.

(Well there is no way that Naru would follow him into a strip club. Still it be too distracting unless . . .) Mutsumi blushed a rose red colour. (Unless, I was the attraction. Daimyo Shi could bring him here for me." Mutsumi's blush intensifies. (No I couldn't do that. Well at least nit right now. Still I should maybe keep it as a back up plan. I need something simpler for now.) As Mutsumi continues her walks she passed by a Store that she occasionally shopped in. She took a quick look at the display window and saw a new sign in the Window. Written in both English and Japanese was 'Tokyo's Biggest English based roleplaying Convention, Hinata City Convention centre April 3rd thru April 5th, 2005

legend of the Five rings Japan's Kotei, Warhammer 40000 Japanese National Championship, Warhammer Fantasy, Japanese National Championship, Magic: the Gathering Pro tour qualifier, Japanese national magic Championship, Marvel VS. 50000 Yen Cash tournament, Mage Knight regional championship.

(Perfect, there is little chance of Naru coming to this. There are too many Otaku for her liking. Keitaro will love coming to this. Daimyo Shi, Shinobu and Kanako will want to come as well so it won't even seem like a date.) Thinks Mutsumi

Mutsumi enters the store. Inside there is a huge selection of Roleplaying Games, Collectible card games, Miniatures, Manga, anime and model kits. The Showcase is filled with Cards, Miniatures and other related stuff. Mutsumi looks at the staffer who is reading a copy of the latest Shonen jump. She is about to ask about the show until she is distracted by a box of cards. She looks at the box (Web of Lies? Oh, my So cool, I have to buy some of this. I wonder how much it is for a box.) Thinks Mutsumi. She looks at the stickers on the boxes.

(Nani? 10000 Yen a box? This guy is crazy, I have to have one. Hey Daimyo Shi will want some for him and Motoko. I should let him know they are here.)

Mutsumi takes out her Sony Ericsson 613 camera phone and dials Daimyo Shi's Number.

Daimyo Shi in his room answers "Mushi Mushi."

"Mushi Mushi, Shi-kun, how are you doing?" asks Mutsumi

"Not bad though you only left half an hour ago." replies Daimyo Shi.

"Hai, well do you know that Roleplaying Games shop a couple blocks down?"

"Hai, very well."

"Well, they have Web of Lies for 10000 yen a box." says Mutsumi.

"Nani? You kidding me?" replies Daimyo Shi.

"No, I am not come get some." says Mutsumi.

"I'll be there as fast as I can." replies Daimyo Shi.

Daimyo Shi clicks his phone off and grabs his leather jacket and Vancouver Canucks (2) hat and walks towards the main hall of Hinata Sou. He sees Kanako sitting in the front Watching Subtitled Monster Garage on the TV.

"Where are you going?" asks Kanako.

"I found out that the Import Roleplaying Games store has Web of Lies on for 10000 yen a box." replies Daimyo Shi.

"Really? Cool! Wait a minute for me.!" says Kanako jumping out of the coach she in.

Shinobu is looking down the hall from the dinning area doorway.

"Shi-sensei, what is Kanako excited about?" asks shinobu.

"Well the Roleplaying Games Store has Web of Lies for sale for 10000 Yen a Box." replies Daimyo Shi.

"Really? Kuso, I am stuck working on dinner still." sulks Shinobu.

"I could get you a box shinobu-chan." says Daimyo Shi.

"Cool, thank you Shi-sensei, you are the best!' replies Shinobu.

"No problem."

"Uh, sensei, while you are there could you pick me up the last two volumes of Great Teacher Onizuka?" asks Shinobu meekly.

"Of course, since I am already there." replies Daimyo Shi.

Kanako comes bounding down the stairs. "Let's go Shi-kun!"


Kanako is now dressed in a Black T-shirt with silk screened Bayushi Sunetra on it, a pair of tight black jeans, a pair of black combat boots and a black leather biker jacket with the Kanji for perfect on the back in red thread.

"You know with that jacket maybe you should play Crane." remarks Daimyo Shi.

"No, Scorpion or crab only for me. The jacket older than that anyway." replies Kanako.

Both Daimyo Shi and Kanako walk to the store. After twenty minute walk they enter the story and see Mutsumi sitting at a table with a box of Web of Lies in front of her.

"Konichiwa Shi-kun, Kanako-chan." says Mutsumi cheerfully.

"Konichiwa, Mutsumi" replies Kanako "Did you already by your box?"

"Hai, I was just waiting for you." she turns to Daimyo Shi "do you think that Keitaro would like to go to this convention?" asks Mutsumi.

Kanako looks over the poster "Cool I have to go to that! You think you will go Shi-kun?"

"I think Keitaro would love to go Mutsumi. Sure I am going Kanako. Do they sell the tickets here?" asks Daimyo Shi.

The Store clear who caught the last part of Daimyo Shi's question Chimes in "Hai, we do."

"Very good I take two, wait no three full passes." says Daimyo Shi.

"Huh? Three passes Shi-kun? Why?" asks Kanako.

"Well one for me, one for Motoko and one for Shinobu, who will want to go especially with so many of use already going." remarks Daimyo Shi.

"Ah, I see." says Kanako. "I take one too." says Kanako.

"I take two." says Mutsumi.

The clerk takes everyone money and then hand out the tickets.

"With that out of the way time for what we really came to get. I take two boxes of Web of Lies" says Kanako digging 20000 yen out of her wallet.

The clear take the money and give out two boxes of Cards to Kanako.

"Well I guess I take eight, then" says Daimyo Shi.

"Eight boxes what the ever for Shi-kun? Says Mutsumi.

"Well, two for me, two likely for Motoko, two for Shinobu and I likely can sell the other two to Kitsune and Naru." says Daimyo Shi Forking over 80000 yen.

"I though Shinobu only wanted one?" says Kanako.

"Well, that true but I want to have another one just in case she want two. Oh speaking of which add the last two volumes of Great Teacher Onizuka, and a Box of Wrath of the Emperor." says Daimyo Shi. To the clerk who adds the cost, Daimyo Shi gets out additional 16760 yen. The clerk puts the stuff in plastics bags for Daimyo Shi.

Everyone walks out of the store with bags with their card boxes in them.

"We should all dress up and Legend of the Five Ring Characters." Suggests Mutsumi

"That sounds like a good Idea, but which ones?" asks Kanako

"Well, What ever characters match well with out decks for Kotei." replies Daimyo Shi.

"Sounds good." says Mutsumi.

"Hey want to grab a tea before going home?" asks Kanako.

"Sure, why not." says Daimyo Shi.

They pick a quiet little tea shop and they place their order. Kanako excuses herself to the wash room leaving Daimyo Shi and Mutsumi alone.

"So what do you think about the convention, I think I could make a move there." says Mutsumi.

"Well, I would picked something sooner but it is alright." says Daimyo Shi.

"Well, I was thinking that it shouldn't have Naru at it. Too many Otaku for her." says Mutsumi.

"True. I think I should make a phone call, excuse me Mutsumi for a moment."

Kanako came back as Daimyo Shi left.

"What is he up to?" asks Kanako.

"He making a phone call." says Mutsumi.

Outside Daimyo Shi dials on his Sony Ericsson 613 camera phone and lets it ring.

"Mushi Mushi, I need a favour, yeah, four tickets is fine. Of course I can pay." says Daimyo Shi.

At Hinata Sou, the phone starts to ring. Shinobu is carefully tossing her shrimp and crab stir-fry. "Kuso! Kitsune can you please get that!" yells Shinobu.

Kitsune comes from out of her room "Hai, hai!"

Kitsune picks up the phone "Mushi mushi, nani? You are kidding? You are not? All expenses paid? Cool! I have to be where to pick up everything? Sweet! I be there!" Kitsune charges in the kitchen.

"I just won and all expense paid trip to Osaka for a AC/DC concert for four!"

"Really? That is pretty cool, Kitsune-senpai, who are you going to take?" asks Shinobu.

"Well Naru and I have been fans for a while so I am pretty sure that Naru will go. Did you want to come?" asks Kitsune.

"Nah, I am already going with Shi-sensei, Keitaro-senpai, and Talon-senpai AC/DC, but thank you for asking Kitsune-senpai."

"I have to go tell Naru, right now."

Kitsune runs up the stairs to Naru's room and raps on the door. From inside the room Kitsune hears Naru says "Come in."

Kitsune opens the door, Naru and almost see the excitement coming from Kitsune.

"So what is it Kitsune."

"What are you doing the first weekend of April." says Kitsune.

"Not much, why?"

"How would you like to go to Osaka and see AC/DC front row!"

"You are kidding? I mean this is one of your tricks!" says Naru sceptically.

"No it is not I just won them on my favourite radio station! All expenses paid and 50000 yen in spending money! It just so cool!" says Kitsune.

"Of course I go! Excellent! I never been able to see AC/DC live. The Tokyo Show is sold out already." says Naru.

"Yeah, I know Daimyo Shi got tickets for that one, he, Talon, Shinobu and Keitaro are going. Motoko didn't want to go, she doesn't like them I guess." says Kitsune. "Well plan for it then, Naru!"

"I will!"

Kitsune walks down the stairs, and the phone rings Kitsune gets it.

"Mushi Mushi, Ah Hinasako, yeah you heard it on the radio. Cool, well I was taking Naru. Well I guess I could be tricked into taking you and Nariko. Well, really their no need to pay me I have extra tickets anyway. Kuso, come one just because I not charging you hardly means I been taken over by aliens. Yeah, we would fly out on the Thursday night the 2nd and fly back on the Sunday night the 5th. Yeah I know I can hardly believe it either Yeah, good bye, see you later." says Kitsune.

Kitsune goes to her room.

less than Ten minute later Mutsumi, Kanako and Daimyo Shi come in the inn.

"Well I should check on Shinobu.' says Daimyo Shi.

"ok, I give the box I got for Onii-chan now." says Kanako as she walks down to Keitaro's room.

she knocks on the door.

"Come in." says Keitaro.

Kanako slides the door open, "Onii-chan I have a big surprise for you."

"Really? Thank you nee-chan, you shouldn't have" says Keitaro.

"Close your eyes, onii-chan." says Kanako in a sing song voice.

(Oh, please let it not be her stripping again) thinks Keitaro as he closes his eyes.

Kanako puts a box in his hand (Well It doesn't feel dirty.) Keitaro opens his eyes and see the box of Web of Lies.

"Oh totally Cool, Nee-chan! I didn't even know they had any of this here yet. Thank you very much, nee-chan." says Keitaro.

"No problem.' says Kanako deeply enjoy the happiness she has brought her brother today.

"Dinner will be soon, Onii-chan."

"I know thank you." Kanako leaves Keitaro and passes Mutsumi waiting in the dinning room with Daimyo Shi.

"So Shinobu-chan I got two boxes, you only have to take one but if you want the other let me know."

"Hai sensei, thank you very much. Dinner will be read soon." says Shinobu.

Seeing that Kanako had left for her room upstairs Mutsumi heads towards Keitaro's room.

Mutsumi knocked on Keitaro's door.

"Come in." says Keitaro from the other side.

Mutsumi slid the door open. "Hello Keitaro, how are you today."

"Not too bad Mutsumi, how are you doing.?"

"Pretty, good. I have a question for you, Keitaro."

Keitaro's Radio finished playing George Michael's Faith and the DJ begins to speak "A that was George Michael's faith, and now a special request for Keitaro in Hinata City from a special friend. We have Kylie Minogue's "Love at First Sight"

Mutsumi smiled as Keitaro looked kind of puzzled (nah, must be an another Keitaro.) "What is your question, Mutsumi?" asks Keitaro.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come to the big Roleplaying Games convention they are having in town, a bunch of us are going."

"Sure, I be honoured." replies Keitaro.

"Excellent, we are dressing up as L5R characters, so you have to get a costume. Let Daimyo Shi or I know if you are having any trouble. You should pick someone in the same clan as your deck. They are going to have the Japanese Kotei, there."

"I see what are you going to play?" asks Keitaro.

"Well I was going to play Phoenix but Daimyo Shi thought it be more fun if I played Scorpion. So I going to play Scorpion." replies Mutsumi.

"Oh, what Character are you going as?" asks Keitaro.

"Well . . . I haven't really decided but I leaning towards Bayushi Kachiko, which was Daimyo Shi suggestion or maybe Bayushi Sunetra if I can find the right kind of mask for it.

"Well I sure you will look very nice. I thinking of playing my Lion Deck but it likely not good enough, so maybe I play that Khol walls deck I started playing with. I guess I might have to start bugging Daimyo Shi for the e-mails of his Unicorn friends like Utaku Yui." says Keitaro.

"Ok, well I better get going, I have a Class to attend." says Mutsumi.

"Really? What kind?" says Keitaro.

"Cooking, I taking a course Traditional Japanese cooking. I also taking a Italian one after this one is finished. My mother says I have to learn to cook if I want to land a husband."

"I see, well see you latter then." says Keitaro.

Mutsumi leaves passing Kitsune in the Halls, Kitsune had heard everything and she was interested in what was going on. (Since that Request show normal sends requests as they come in Mutsumi didn't phone it in while she was here. Some else sent it. Daimyo Shi, it had to be Daimyo Shi, it too perfect to be mere coincident. Kitsune follows Mutsumi out. "Hey when is that convention?" asks Kitsune.

"Huh? Oh Kitsune, April 3rd to the 5th."

Kitsune replies "Really? I going to a Concert with Naru in Osaka that weekend." says Kitsune.

"Really, that is cool when did you decide to do that?" ask Mutsumi.

"Only a couple minutes ago, I won the tickets from my favourite radio station. The same Radio station that Keitaro was just listing to." says Kitsune with a thoughtful expression.

"Oh really? That is really cool! I hope you will have fun." says Mutsumi

"of course." Kitsune forces a smile as she follows Mutsumi into the kitchen.

She looks at Daimyo Shi who seems to be wearing a slight smirk.

"Well Daimyo Shi, I won tickets to the AC/DC Concert in Osaka, the same weekend that Mutsumi and Keitaro are going to a Roleplaying Games convention." says Kitsune.

"Really? That is quite Ironic, who are you taking?"

"Naru and two other friends, yes it quite ironic don't you think?" says Kitsune with a slight edge in her voice. "But you knew I take Naru."

"Nani? Well, She is your best friend after all." says Daimyo Shi.

"Of course." replies Kitsune.

Keitaro comes from his room, Motoko comes home from her kendo class and Kanako returns from hers. Su comes bounding down the stair and jumps into her seat. They eat a quiet dinner before everyone parts ways. Daimyo Shi. Stays to help Shinobu with the dishes.

"I got a spare ticket to a Roleplaying Games convention on April 3rd to 5th, did you want to like to have it?" asks Daimyo Shi.

"Hai, thank you very much sensei." says Shinobu.

"We are going to dress up as Legend of the Five rings Characters that match out decks. So you need a to find something to match your deck. So I pick your clan soon." says Daimyo Shi.

"ok Sensei, no problem." replies Shinobu.


Author's notes:

(1) I am a big L5R fan. It is a Collectible card game base largely on Japan mixed with China with bits from everything else. It a very involved game but it worth the effort.

(2) Vancouver Canucks are the Vancouver British Columbia's NHL Hockey team. I love Hockey

Japanese Terms

nani What

Mushi mushi hello on the phone only

Hai, Yes

iie no

-chan, honorific means small or little often used between parents and children, sometime between friends can be use between lovers too.

-kun, Sort of a male version of Chan but more masculine often used between friends and older people to boys that they know. Kei-kun is a favourite of Mutsumi for Keitaro.

San is Mister or Miss, a polite way to address an inferior or an equal. Note that both this and sama are used with a family name which in Japan comes first

Senpei: senior student

Sensei: Teacher or Professionals, often doctors are called Sensei too.

Katana: the long Sword of the Samurai

Menpo: Face mask common to Samurai armour.

Yari: Japanese Spear.

Saya: Sword scabbard

Onna no Ken: Sword woman literally Woman of the Sword

Oni: demon