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*In the Titans Tower*

It was dawn and the titans were up. Starfire was mixing up some concaction in the kitchen for the titans to eat for breakfast . Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing video games on the big screen T.V. Robin was practicing in the training room. Raven was meditating in her room.

'Oh what a joyous meal I am preparing for your breakfast friends' Starfire said while mixing some carrots and chocolate together. Cyborg, Robin and BB had an anime sweat drop go down their heads. 'Um maybe we should eat out for breakfast' suggested Beast Boy. Then a huge LOSER sign flashed on the T.V screen. Cyborg did a victory dance. 'HEY no fair' said BB. They started to fight. 'Cool it' Robin said. 'Shall I go get Raven to accompany us to breakfast?' Starfire asked. 'Sure' replied Robin. Happily Starfire skipped off to Raven's room leaving the other 3 titans to clean up her mess.

*In Raven's room*

Raven was meditating. 'Azarath Metrion Zinthos Azarath Metrion Zinthos' For the past 3 nights it has been hard to sleep and meditate for her because she didn't feel all the best. Then there was a knock on the door that disturbed Raven. 'Raven?' came a perky voice which could only be Starfire's. 'What Starfire?' answered Raven in her usual monotone voice. 'Well the boys and I are going out to eat breakfast and wondered if you would like to accompany us?' Starfire awaited her answer. Raven didn't really want to eat but she didn't want the others to worry about her. Raven got up and opened the door. 'Sure' she said, emotionless. 'I've got nothing better to do'. 'Goody' said Starfire as she grabbed Ravens hand and pulled her down the corridor.

*Back in the kitchen*

The boys had finished cleaning Starfires mess when Starfire came down with Raven. 'Alright ready to go?' asked Cyborg. 'Yup' happily replied Starfire. The titans headed out to the T-car. They drove to a little restaurant.

*At the restaurant*

BB ordered tofu pancakes, Cyborg ordered scrambled eggs and sausage, Robin ordered a bagel, Starfire also ordered a bagel with a bunch of hideos things to top it off with, and Raven ordered just some plain toast. 'Eww dude' BB exclaimed as Cyborg stuffed the sausages into his mouth. 'Hey meat is better then that tofu stuff you eat' said Cyborg in between mouthfuls. A new fight raged between BB and Cy. 'Whoa calm down guys' Robin said. 'Yes such friends should not fight over a meal' Starfire included. Raven just quietly ate. Something was really bugging her and BB noticed. 'Hey Rae something bothering you'. 'Huh' said Raven almost being snapped out of a trance. 'Oh um nothing'. 'Ok…..' said BB.

*Back at the Titans Tower*

The boys went back to playing video games while Starfire cheered them on. Raven was reading a black book when all a sudden a wave of nausea came upon her. 'Unn' she moaned. Holding her stomach with one hand and covering her mouth with the other she dashed for the bathroom and vomited. 'Whoa Raven are you ok?' asked Robin after she came back from the bathroom. 'I-I'm fine' she said studdering. 'Must have been something I ate' 'You sure' BB asked concerned. Raven picked up her book from the table where she left it and said 'Yes I'm sure, I'm going to my room' Raven didn't feel the best and wanted to lay down.' Friends I am worried about Raven, on my planet a showing of vomiting is a sign serious illness' Starfire stated. 'Well if tomorrow Rae is still sick, we'll check it out' said Cy as he returned to playing his game. 'Ok' said Star as she felt better.


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