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Slade backed away from Raven and he pointed a finger to the titans. 'Destroy them.' Raven lunged at the titans, her eyes glowing dangerously yellow.


Unfortunetly Robin was Ravens first target. Before he could react she grabbed him and threw him into a wall, tearing his shirt a little with her claws (a/n take that boy wonder hehe..) 'ROBIN' Starfire screamed as she rushed over to the confused and dazed boy. 'Are you alrig….EEP' Starfire was hit with a huge iron bar surrounded by Ravens black magic. Cyborg glanced at Star 'Alright sorry to do this to ya Rae' Cyborg turned him arm into a laser gun and shot at Raven with enough power to knock her out but to not injure her seriously….or so he thought. Ravens chest was hit squarely with the beam but instead of being thrown back she absorbed it and threw the energy back at Cy. Beast Boy turned into a cheetah and knocked Cy out of the way. 'Raven stop this!!!!' BB exclaimed. Raven just replied with a snarl and leapt at BB kicking and punching him. He turned into a bear and caught Raven in a bear hug. She just let out a huge energy blast knocking Beast Boy to the ground. Slade just sat there watching everything with amusement. Starfire helped Robin up. 'Please Raven we are your friends'….

*In Ravens head*


Raven launched another series of attacks on the titans. She enveloped a bunch of items in her black magic and threw them at the titans. Robin had to do something even if it meant hurting Raven. He jumped on the floating items, dodging them and threw a punch at Raven. She caught his fist in her hand and squeezed. 'ARGGG' Robin screamed as some blood came out of his hand from Ravens claws. Starfire lit her hands with star bolts ready to attack. Raven threw Robin into Star once again knocking them down. With BB to her back he turned into a rhino and ran up to her, jumped ,and changed into a wolf scratching he side of her stomach. 'Urg' Raven grumbled as she put a hand to her side and looked at the blood on her hand. She then launched an ENORMUS attack from deep within her pummeling everything within 500 feet of her. The titans of course were hit and thrown back. Bruised hurting, and unable to defend themselves the titans looked at Raven, looking as frightfully as ever (a/n except in the mornings^^), with fear, sadness, and helplessness. Slade got up and started clapping. 'Good show' he said to Raven, putting a hand on her shoulder. 'Now please do the honors of killing them once and for all!


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