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Anju stood behind the counter of the inn, drumming her fingers on the counter and wondering when something interesting was going to happen. The carnival wasn't coming to town for a few weeks, and that was the only time that Clock Town wasn't a complete bore. Anju had always felt that she was meant for something more than the life she had here. She loved her mother and grandmother dearly, but there were times when she just needed to get away. There was nothing in her life that was at all exciting.

At that moment the door opened, the sound breaking through Anju's thoughts. She stood up straight and smoothed her hands down her green, patterned skirt. She wanted to look presentable for the potential customer. They were rare in Clock Town unless the carnival was there, and her family could use the money. A tall man with messy blue hair walked in the door and smiled at her. Anju let out a squeak of delight and hurried out from behind the counter.

"Kafei!" she cried as she flung herself into his waiting arms. All right, maybe there was a little excitement in her life. "Kafei, what on earth are you doing here?" she asked. "You weren't expected back for another four days!"

Kafei laughed and squeezed Anju tightly in a loving embrace. "Surprise, surprise! I'm back earlier than I thought I would be. Urgent news called Father back into town and ended our wonderful visit to my father's family," said Kafei, wrinkling his nose at the last words.

Anju giggled as she led Kafei to a nearby couch and sat down. "Was it really that terrible?" she asked.

"Yes, it was. Mother could find nothing satisfactory about anything, and Father was constantly worrying about things back here. My cousins aren't the most agreeable people either. And I missed you! Father decided to leave early when a messenger brought him what he called 'urgent news'. Not that anything ever happens in Clock Town. It is a rather boring little village, isn't it. But maybe there's a lot more going on when you're mayor. Father had a lot on his mind the entire trip. But then, that's not a change. He always has a lot on his mind.

"Listen to me! You should have stopped me from going on, Anju! I'm boring you. Tell me what you've been up to since I've been gone?" he asked, taking her tiny little hand in his own. Anju smiled widely. She had missed Kafei so much when he left. He was the only bright spot in her life these days. He treated her like a princess, and to him, it didn't matter that she was an innkeeper's daughter and he was the mayor's son and his parents didn't approve of her. Their friendship and their love was the important thing. She was completely in head-over-heels in love with him.

"You never bore me, especially when you talk of places far away from here. Nothing has been going on around here, Kafei, nothing. Life is boring around in this miserable town. I spent the entire time missing you," Anju said, looking up into Kafei's eyes. He smiled down at her and leaned in to peck her gently on the cheek. Anju blushed and looked around, hoping that her mother hadn't come downstairs.

Kafei let out a deep laugh and put an arm around Anju's shoulder, pulling her closer. "Anju, she's going to find out about us sooner or later. It's not exactly a secret in town. My parents both know. Why don't you just tell her?" he asked.

"It's not that, Kafei. I think she realizes that you and I aren't just good friends anymore. It's obvious that we're much closer, even to the casual observer. I just don't want her to see us like this, and I especially don't want her to catch us kissing! Mother wouldn't approve of 'such vile behavior'," said Anju.

"Anju, it was a harmless kiss on the cheek. How is that 'vile behavior'?" he asked her.

"That's what she always says whenever we see Honey and Darling in town. Those two are always in each others arms."

"They take it to the extreme, to be sure, but we're not like that. I find them sickening," Kafei said. Anju laughed. "Really, the two of them are way too affectionate, and in public even!" Anju's laughter ended abruptly when they heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs. Kafei quickly removed his arm from Anju's shoulder and put a little distance between them on the couch. He respected Anju's feelings on the subject, and Anju was grateful to him.

Anju's mother's voice called down from somewhere on the middle of the stairs, "Anju, do we have a customer? The green room is open, you can give them that one." A moment later her mother walked into the room. "Oh. Hello, Kafei. Was it only you then?"

"I'm afraid so, Ma'am. I'm sorry," he said.

"Don't be silly! It's always lovely to have you here. Anju could always use visitors since it's rare that she gets out of here for a break. I take it the trip ended early?"

Kafei nodded. "Urgent business called my father back sooner than we had planned. We got back about an hour ago."

"So soon! And you came over here? Whatever for? Surely you would have liked a nice break. Your journey couldn't have been a short or pleasant one," said Anju's mother. Anju could see the wheels turning inside her mother's head. She wasn't naïve. She knew that her mother knew that there was something between Kafei and her. She just didn't know how much her mother knew, and she would have preferred that she knew as little as possible.

"Actually, ma'am, the ride was quite pleasant. It wasn't all that long, and I missed all of my friends when I was away. I couldn't not come by and say hello," Kafei replied.

"Well, that's nice of you, Kafei. I'm sure that there are plenty of others that you wish to visit before the day is through. It was nice of you to drop by. Do come again soon," said Anju's mother practically shoving Kafei out the door. He looked back at Anju for only a moment and winked at her before allowing himself to be essentially kicked out of the inn.

Anju turned on her mother. "Mother! How could you! He had only just gotten here! He's the mayor's son, not to mention one of my dearest friends, how could you treat him that way?" she asked.

"Anju, don't let that boy's affection get to your head. A match between the two of you could never work."

"I don't know what you mean," said Anju, blushing.

"I'm not blind, and I am certainly not deaf. I can see that the two of you aren't just friends anymore. Even if I didn't pick that up myself, it's all over the town. Anju, remember who you are and where you come from. Now think of who Kafei is and where he comes from. It was cute when the two of you were seven years old and the mayor's son was taking an interest in the villagers, but you are both adults now. Despite the fact that he is the mayor's son, which is a station far above you to begin with, his mother is the heiress to a large fortune. Our lives are so very different. You can't mix them. Don't try, Anju," said her mother.

"You are so hypocritical, Mother," said Anju quietly. "You, who told me to dream big, to dream beyond Clock Town and this life, you're telling me to get rid of the best thing that ever happened to me? This is my chance to get out of here, to be better than what I am, to live the dreams you wanted me to dream! You want me to just throw it away?"

Her mother shook her head. "Anju, I wanted a better life for you, and I still do. But you're grown up now. You have to know by now that life doesn't work that way. I just don't want to see you get hurt when you realize that Kafei could never develop a serious relationship with you. It would hurt him in the long run, and he wouldn't want that for himself. He, too, has big dreams. Besides, you should fall in love with a person, not with the lifestyle that that person leads."

Anju refused to listen to anymore and stormed up to her room. She would leave her mother to deal with any customers that might decide to come in. Her mother was so frustrating sometimes. How could she tell her now that her dreams were futile, silly, and wouldn't come true? Anju had lived her life based on these dreams, convinced that what her mother had told her was true. She had known that her life could change, and that any opportunity that came along to change it would be taken.

Anju didn't love Kafei for his position either. She loved him for who he was. He was a sweet, gentle, kind man. He had always been that way. She remembered the times that they had shared when they were younger. They got themselves into so much mischief, and he would always get them out of trouble. He looked out for her even then. When her father had died, she had been twelve, and Kafei had been there to comfort her, showing great maturity for such a young age. When her grandmother fell ill while her mother was away for a month a year ago, Kafei had come over to help run things. And when Anju had caught the terrible illness that had plagued her grandmother, and had no one to take care of her after the physician left, Kafei stayed with her, holding her hand, and wiping a damp cloth on her forehead to make her feel better. Kafei was always there, and he had promised that he always would be. No, his station did not matter, it was his heart.

There was a soft knock on the door, and Anju ignored it, refusing to talk to her mother. "Anju?" called her mother's voice. "Anju, please open the door so that we can talk. Anju?" But Anju would not budge. A moment later she heard the sound of her mother's footsteps descending the stairs again.

Anju hoped and prayed that Kafei wouldn't let her mother's attitude about them drive him away from her. She needed him more than anything. She fell back onto her bed and let her daydreams of Kafei carry her into sleep.