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This story in the Teens Next Door Series will probably be the only one rated G, and it will also be the only one with humor as the genre. I figure after Number 1 getting turned into an adult in Operation: TEENS, Numbah 2 falling in love with Number 2 in Operation: SHARE, and Number 3 having the worst birthday of his life in Operation: DUMB, we could all use a good laugh. Don't you agree? Oh yeah, read those three stories before you read this one.

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Crazy Hardcore Inexperienced Little Loser

~*Chapter 1*~

Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, Number 4, and Number 5 sat around the study table of the Teens Next Door Tree House Base with textbooks open and minds cooking. Each of the members of the team had a huge math mid-term to study for that was coming up on Friday. It was Monday, and the team had just remembered it. Well, actually, Number 4 had only remembered, and she had reminded the rest of the team. The only reason she remembered was that she didn't have to study for this mid-term. She was in a different class than the rest of the team. Number 1 had to take the algebra mid-term while Numbers 2, 3, and 5 had to take the pre-algebra mid-term. Number 4 was in the basic eighth grade math class, and her class didn't have to take big tests like mid-terms. As a matter of fact, she barely had any tests at all. The rest of the team was jealous, but they tried to hide their feelings as best as possible.

"I'm confused," Number 5 whined. "I don't get it."

"Me either," Number 2 agreed, flipping another page. "What does PEMDAS stand for again?"

"Wasn't there something about the distributive property in there?"

"What's that?"

"Good point."

Number 4 watched the rest of the team fry their brains over schoolwork. She sighed and tied a few strands of her dyed-green hair into a knot.

"PEMDAS stands for 'parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction'," she said flatly. "It's the order you're supposed to do the steps of equations in."

"Impressive," Number 1 commented.

"Yeah," Number 3 added, "I thought you were in the basic class."

"I am," Number 4 replied. "Listening to Number 1 yap about how much she hates math and watching her pace around the rooms saying facts about it has rubbed off on me."

"Then why don't you come up to pre-algebra?"

"And get mid-terms? You wish."

Number 1 rolled her eyes and looked down at her information in her algebra book. Her teacher was a bad one that gave homework before she taught the lesson, so Number 1 had to teach herself most of the stuff she knew. Math had to be Number 1's worst subject. She would rather go to art or English class.

"This is such a waste of time," she announced. "Do you guys have any idea how many missions I've had to give over to other Teens Next Door because of these mid-terms? It's crazy! Nuts, I tell you! Our teachers are trying to tell us that we'll actually use this stuff somewhere in life!"

"We use it whenever we build a new piece of two-by-four technology," Number 5 responded.

"Be quiet."

"Can do."

Number 1 tapped a pencil on the table and held her head in her hands. She stared down at notes and ran her fingers through her short, dirty- blonde hair. She sighed, but brought her head back up when she felt something on her shoulder.

She growled her famous growl and screamed, "KENNY!!! GET YOUR STUPID CHIMPANZEE OUT OF HERE!!!"

"Calm down, calm down," Kenny said, walking over to his sister. "Chimpy just got away from me."

"What are you doing in my tree house anyway?"

"Chimpy wanted to play."

"Aw, don't you have some chores to do?" Number 1 asked. "I think Professor Triple Extra Large needs you to shelve his deadly diseases again. Maybe this time, you can catch one of them."

"I caught plenty of them!" Kenny shouted.

"It's amazing what ice cream cake can do."

"Shouldn't you be studying anyway?"

"I'd like to so that I don't fail junior high," Number 1 began, "but a certain someone's chimpanzee came along and distracted me!"

Kenny took Chimpy's hand, and they walked out of the tree house into the actual house. Number 1 took a deep breath and pulled a calculator over towards her to figure out another calculation. Number 4 stood up, stretched, and walked over to the door.

"I'm going to the candy store," she announced. "Do you guys want anything?"

"Sour balls," Number 1 replied.

"Gummy worms," Number 2 said.

"Chocolate," Number 3 chimed in.

"Lollipops," Number 5 finished.

"And I'll get sugary jawbreakers for myself," Number 4 told herself, and she left the tree house without another word.

Number 4 walked down the sidewalk of the neighborhood with her black trench coat on. The month was March, and the weather was starting to warm up. It wasn't exactly cold, but it was still chilly enough to wear a jacket outside. She stopped at the Uno house and looked up. The Kids Next Door Tree House Base was finally finished.

{It looks great,} she thought, smiling up at it. {We really did an awesome job. I'd like to see any Delightful Dorks try to break this one. It really looks indestructible!}

Number 4 stood for another minute and then walked over to the house. She rang the doorbell and waited for a second. Mrs. Uno answered.

"Hello there, Miss Cloverluck!" she greeted. "What can I do for you?"

"Do you know if Nu-" Number 4 stopped and remembered who she was talking to. She started again with, "Do you know if Nigel and his friends are in the tree house?"

"Actually," Mrs. Uno began, "only Wallabee is up there today. Why?"

"I wanted to know if any of them wanted to come with me to the candy store."

"I'm sure Wallabee would definitely want to go. I'll get him for you. Please, come inside."

Mrs. Uno moved out of the way and let Number 4 or "Miss Tracy Cloverluck" inside. Number 4 sat on the couch while she went up to the tree house. Number 4 scanned the room and remembered the memories.

Without a warning, a different memory came.


"Number 4!" Number 1 called. "I feel like talking. Sit down and let me tell you a story."


"Because I said so!"

Number 4 sighed and sat down on the floor. Number 1 sat across from her and cleared her throat.

"There was once a little girl born to a very rich family many, many years ago," Number 1 began.

"Is this going to be some legend I'm really going to hate and will never use anywhere in life?"

"Yes, now be quiet. She was a pretty smart girl with one parent, her mom, and her older brother. Her dad left her when she was very young, never giving her an opportunity to experience life with a father. How sad. She did get to spend a lot of time with her brother, however. Maybe, a little too much time. See, her brother was weird. It was told that he worked with an evil person. What no one knew was that it was the exact same ruler that took that poor woman from her one true love, and the little boy from his family in the village. It was true. It was all true."

"There was also another little boy living in the same part of the city. He didn't have any siblings, and his parents were really weird. He found his comfort when the girl came by and took him to play. After they played, he practically fell in love with her! Not literally, but enough to come back to her house every single day. For a little while, everything was great. The boy had an idol. The girl had a friend. The brother had a plan."

End Flashback

Number 4 violently shook her head and rubbed her temples. It didn't make sense. She had always thought of that story whenever she was around Numbah 4. Had that happened before? The whole story seemed a bit familiar, as if she had experienced something like that. She couldn't help but wonder that maybe that WAS her all those years ago.

{Nonsense,} she thought.

Suddenly, Mrs. Uno came back downstairs with Numbah 4 following behind. He was looking happier than normal and seemed to have a little bit of a jaunty step as he followed the adult.

"Hi, Number 4!" he greeted.

"Hi. I guess we should be going to the candy store."

"Let's go!"

Numbah 4 ran out the front door. Number 4 smiled sheepishly and followed. Before she stepped out, she turned back to Numbah 1's mom.

"Where are the rest of the kids?" she asked.

"Oh," Mrs. Uno began, "Nigel said he had to go to the moon. I told him to wear clean underwear."

{She's such a flake,} Number 4 thought, leaving the house.

Numbah 4 and Number 4 walked down the sidewalk on their way to the candy store. Numbah 4 noticed that Number 4 had her hands in her pockets, so he did the same. She looked over and watched him. He was walking the same way she was. It was weird. Numbah 4 had always walked with that "tough guy" look. Now, he was walking as if everything in life was perfect, and there was nothing to worry about. It was almost as if he was imitating her.

"So, where did the rest of the team go?" Number 4 asked, trying to make conversation.

"The Moon Base," Numbah 4 replied.

"Why didn't you go?"

"Numbah 1 told me to stay in the tree house. I don't know why. It's not like we've gotten a call for anything lately. I don't even know why the rest of the team went to the Base! It must be for Number 86 or something."

"Maybe," Number 4 agreed. She looked back at the Kids Next Door Tree House Base. She frowned. Nothing about any of this made sense. The entire team had left Numbah 4 all alone? He was imitating her? History seemed to be repeating itself?? "I'm going nuts."

"What was that, Mate?"

"Nothing, but, um," Number 4 fumbled with her words, "are you imitating me?"

Silence. The two operatives stopped. If the world they were living in was an anime, they would have giant sweat drops on their foreheads.

"I'm not trying to," Numbah 4 finally confessed. "I just, uh, I guess I want to be like you. See, we're counterparts, and yet we're nothing alike!"

"That's usually what counterparts do."

"Well, never in my life have any two people been so different!"

"You're Australian, and I'm Brazilian."

"Besides that."

Both operatives walked the rest of the way in silence. When they finally came up to the candy store, Number 4 held her gaze at the man sitting at the front desk.

"What's the matter?" Numbah 4 asked.

"Step back," Number 4 commanded. "It's dangerous."

"No, it's not. It's just the candy store."

"Don't go in!"

"But you need stuff for the TND! I'm going in." Numbah 4 walked into the candy store. Number 4 stood on the sidewalk for a few seconds before she turned. She sighed and started walking back home.

She stopped frozen in her tracks when she heard Numbah 4 scream. She turned around and pressed her face against the window. The place was empty. The lights were turned off. It was weird. Numbah 4 had just walked in there, and now he and the man behind the counter were gone. The door was locked. Shadows bounced off the walls, giving the place an eerie, haunted feeling.

"Something is not right," Number 4 whispered. "People don't just disappear like that." She took a TND Laser out of her trench coat pocket and melted the lock off. She ran inside and looked behind the counter. There was a note.

"If you want Beatles back, you will meet me back here later at eleven P.M. If you don't come back with some friends, I'll wash his mouth out."

"Knightbrace is going to perform dental work on Numbah 4!" Number 4 shouted. "I have to get him back. I can't let his mouth get clean."

She turned and franticly ran back to the Teen Next Door Tree House Base.

~*End of Chapter One*~