I Saw Him

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Dedication: To Sweet Cherry Kisses who sort of inspired this pairing (even though I changed the girl).

I saw him. I saw that strange boy on my class trip to Egypt. His white hair was what first caught my eye. He had an older girl beside him, I assumed that she was his sister. I remember on that day I had volunteered to go with five other students and my teacher to the market to buy some supplies. I was the only girl who had volunteered. The other girls stayed back whether to read books, see the sights or to chat about boys or makeup; none of the other girls went. Guess when you experience nearly going blind first hand you realize that it's not necessarily good spend life focusing on just material things or just on yourself. Well whatever my reason, I went to the market and that is where I saw him.

He and the older girl looked rather subdued, but I noticed a wide-eyed amazement in the boy's eyes that made me continue to watch him. It was as if he had just seen the world again after being locked away from a long time. He even looked up at the sky in amazement. His chocolate brown skin and brown eyes fit in so well with a crowd that my white skin alone proved that I didn't truly belong. But he seemed more curious about this world than I was. I watched for a long while but then his sister saw me.

Her eyes grew small with suspicion and she grabbed her teen brother hand. She glared at me and pulled him along into the large crowd not far off. He looked back at me his eyes looking quite curious as he stared curiously at an even more curious stranger. Then he smiled at me. He smiled at me and waved goodbye.

I started to wave to him, but he was already gone, His older sister had pulled into the large crowd and disappeared.

END of Chapter1- This will be a serial, but chapter 2 may take awhile.