I Saw Him

Chapter 6: How it all turned out.


Four days later and back at school. Back as if nothing had happened. We had all returned to our homes last night and had to rest up for school on Thursday. I still thought about him. Marik2. He and Ishizu never returned to the Ishtar home. When I had left them behind in Egypt Marik still hadn't woken up. I wondered if he ever would. I wondered until I bucked into a student while still stuck in my reverie.

"Watch it!" an older boy cried angrily and stormed off, his soda now on the floor and on his shirt thanks to my wandering mind.

"Sorry!" I shouted after him and winced inwardly when he in turn threw a few expletives at me and walked off in a fury.

"Hey Serenity," Kyle said as I entered our first class Geometry, "how's everything?" he asked as I sat down at my usual seat behind him.

"A bit tired," I said with a laugh hoping to keep him from seeing how unnerved I really was.

"Me too," Kyle responded simply, "I'm glad Mr. Wong's sick today," he said suddenly.

"He's sick!" I cried in surprise, "what happened?"

"Minor food poisoning from some poorly made Mexican Food," Kyle said dismissively, "anyway we're supposed to read up on Chapter 4 for our test tomorrow," he told me.

"I already did that," I answered with annoyance.

"Me too," Kyle said and turned himself to face me, "do you think they're okay?" he asked me suddenly and I was a bit surprised to see him look worried.

"Of course," I said trying to hide my own uncertainty, "why wouldn't they be?" I asked some of my concern becoming apparent.

"Because we're in a new place," a voice said from behind me and I turned and saw Marik smiling at me, "I'm the other one," he said and blushed.

I couldn't move for a moment. I barely knew Marik2 now I was put face to face with the original in habitant of Marik2's body?

I noticed the other girls looking at Marik in almost blatant flirtatious ways.

"Is he going to be in our class?" I heard some girls whispering and giggling as they waved him to him and he smiled and waved back as I started to feel jealous.

"Do you want to talk outside?" I asked a bit loudly and even Kyle looked at me with a raised eyebrow, "come on," I said firmly and grabbed his arm and hurried out the classroom.

I hurried down the hall and up two flights of steps 'til I found an empty classroom. I quickly pushed him in and closed the door behind me.


"Wow," I said after she closed the door behind her, "I didn't know you were so aggressive," I pointed out and gasped and suddenly started to blush, "I didn't mean to upset you," I told her quickly, "it's just that I've never spoken to you before now and from what I've seen of you, you've been rather meek."

"I'm not an aggressive at heart," Serenity responded softly still blushing, "you came here to see me?" she asked and I noticed that from when we entered the classroom she hadn't looked me in the eye.

"Well I certainly didn't come to see Kyle," I said frankly and she looked up at me and soon we were both laughing.

"Good," Serenity said to me as we continued laughing, "his girlfriend would murder you," she added and continued laughing while I on the other hand stopped abruptly.

"You mean he's..." I started to ask and Serenity nodded and laughed even harder, "I wouldn't have guessed that," I said feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"But he's much more into girls," Serenity told me and I felt very relieved.

"Maybe I should let you hurry back to class," I said and turned to leave but I felt her grab my hand.

"Why did you come here Marik?" Serenity almost whispered.

"Because I ...." I started but stopped, "wanted to say that I feel the same way that my split personality feels about you," I blurted out and she gasped, "I know that you've been nervous because you don't want to impose because even though you and my other half like each other you respect me to make my own decision.," I continued, "and I have," I said and leaned in to kiss her.

When my lips touched hers it felt like liquid fire. I never got the opportunity to kiss a girl before and I always knew that from what I heard that kissing was great. But I never knew that you could feel fire roaring through your blood and your lips could make you so wild and primitive. When we separated I realized that it wasn't just me that kissed her but my other half as well. It was like for a moment we became one person. One person to share the first kiss with the one we both loved.

Serenity looked into my eyes and smiled, I knew that she saw both my other half and I and that she loved us both equally. As I felt my other half and I fusion fade I knew everything would be alright and my other half knew that I wasn't trying to steal her away.

"I may not have seen you first," I whispered to her as I now held her in my arms, "but I love you just as much," I said and kissed her on the head.

"So do I," Marik2 said as he took over for a quick moment and he and Serenity kissed lightly on each other's lips, "don't you have a class?" he asked suddenly.

"Do you really want me gone?" Serenity asked in a teasing voice and she and my other half kissed again and he gently rubbed her head.

Suddenly I was in control again and I hugged her even tighter.

"I remember when I first saw him," Serenity said suddenly, "and I thought I couldn't see anything just as if not more wonderful," she said softly and I knew that she was talking about my other half, "but then I saw you and I knew that I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have two of the most wonderful things in the world all packed into one package," she whispered and hugged me tighter, "is it too much if we go steady now?" she asked suddenly.

"The only thing better would be marriage," I and my other half said in unison and we both hugged unto our favourite treasure that we both knew we'd have forever and ever.


I Wonder how will I tell our children years from now how we me? I know! On a warm day in Egypt while I was at the market helping out in buying supplies, something unusual to me caught my eye. White hair caught my attention first and I realized that this strange boy had a bigger protective sister with him. She's with Caesar now you know. Anyway back to the story. I saw him first that day my sweet children. Yes darling that was the first day that I saw him. Marik Ishtar. I saw him. (Serenity's thoughts)


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