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There was something different about the house. Well the house was more like a mansion, especially to the small boy who walked toward it, his father ahead of him by a few steps. Its outward appearance was standard for any Wizard house and there was nothing out of the ordinary about it. But, there was a difference… The pathway leading to the front door had a welcoming aura. The curtains were open letting the light in and the young boy could have sworn he heard laughter inside. He was sure this house had no darkened hallways, locked rooms or closed curtains like all the other houses they had visited that day.

He then realized that it was them, his father and him, who were bringing a blanket of suspicion and hatred into this warm lit house. It felt as though they were a dark storm cloud alone in a big bright blue sky. As his father knocked on the door his father stiffened and the boy followed the man's gaze to a gold lion in the middle of a red door.

A pretty woman with wavy brown hair opened the door with a big smile.

"Ah, Mr. Black! Come in, would you like something to drink?"

"I'm afraid I'm here on strict business. If you could please inform Potter that I have arrived."

"Off course. He's out in the back."

Mr. Potter appeared after a few minutes, unlike the woman, he offered no smile.

"Do you have all the information?"

"It's all here," Mr. Black said, disdain for the man in front of him written plainly on his face. He took out a large envelope.

"I don't see why you couldn't have owled it or given it to me on Monday at work."

"Trust me Potter, I'm not here by choice. Apparently, our boss is paranoid…and you are not to bring in these files to work. Keep them here, hidden…a concealment charm I'd suggest."

Potter took the envelope with a nod.

"I don't see why anyone would trust this information here. Security is very lax. I could have walked right in and blasted away your whole dear family."

"The way I decide to protect my family is none of your concern. It will be safe here. Unlike you, my family is well liked, we don't have any enemies."

Mr. Black's eyebrows went up and a smirk played on his face, but he said nothing.

Just as they were about to leave, running footsteps and childish voices were heard. Two boys came barging into the hallway, past them without a glance.

"Give it back to me! That's mine!" the second smaller boy yelled.

"Are those yours?" Mr. Black asked stiffly, not interested but being cordial.

Mr. Potter's face broke into a smile, "Only one of them. The other is my sisters. I see you've brought your son."

Before Mr. Black had a chance to properly introduce his son, the boys came hurling back, this time the younger boy noticed they had guests and one of the guests was a boy his age. He stopped, whatever he had been pursuing momentarily forgotten.

The messy haired boy gave a smile, "Hi. Who is he, dad?"

Mr. Black cleared his throat, "This is my eldest, Sirius Black."

Sirius did a graceful bow as he had been instructed to do all his life when being introduced. The black haired boy giggled.

"No need for such formalities, Sirius," Mr. Potter said softly without reprimanding his own son for being rude. Sirius was confused. Formalities? This was the way you acted in all situations.

"I'm James. I'm six. How old are you?"

"I have business to attend to. Good day, Mr. Potter," Mr. Black said curtly. James frowned upset that his question had been ignored.

"Sirius is welcome to stay and play with James, while you finish your… ah…business. There aren't many children his age around and they'll be in a few years at Hogwarts together. What do you say Sirius?" Mr. Potter fixed his gaze at the small boy, who you could tell even at this age would grow into a handsome young man.

Sirius stepped back. Didn't this family know the rules? Questions concerning children were always directed at the parents.

Mr. Black's eyes turned hard and there was no trace of amusement on his hard-lined face.

"We must decline your offer. Surely our son's contact at Hogwarts will be minimal, unless you expect a Potter to be in Slytherin?!"

Mr. Potter opened his mouth to retort, but Mr. Black, his face indicating that it was taking every ounce of his willpower to stay polite, said "Good day!"

He turned around and Sirius stared at James for a moment before hurriedly following his father. His father was mumbling incoherently to himself and knowing he would regret it later Sirius asked anyway, "Father, why couldn't I stay and play?"

His father stopped midway down the path, his face was livid.

"Have you been listening to anything your mother and I have been trying to drill into your head for the past six years of your life? The Potters are only tolerated because of their pureblood and status. As it is you've been a hopeless case over the years, asking questions instead of just keeping your mouth shut like your younger brother. As if I would let my heir one minute alone with the Potters so they could further poison your impressionable young mind with their ideas and ideals. Their kind is worse then Mudbloods! Pureblood traitors! You shall never speak with that boy again and when you go to Hogwarts you are only to befriend those on the list. And to make sure you don't forget, you will be going to bed without dinner and I want you copy down the family tree 35 times before bed."

"Yes sir."

Now begin listing the names of the approved family or have you forgotten that again?"

"Malfoys, Lestranges…" His dull voice filled the night air as they headed home.

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