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Minor note: Kitsune's are fox spirits, who used illusions to trick people to get what they wanted. They were often times males, there weren't many females around, and they mated with human females. Since this is an Inu/Sess fic we know there's no matting with human females. Okay? Good!

Warnings: R/NC-17 (depending on where I go with this...), yaoi, humor.


"...So I'm sitting on my bed with him and suddenly he jumps out and practically attacks me! I was so angry! I screamed until he left..."

I nodded at her story but wasn't very surprising. What did she think with a guy in her room? If it was me I would have been smoother. Then again I can't get a girl alone in her room without her telling me her problems.

"...I thought I had told him earlier I wanted to be friends but I guess he didn't want to listen. Stupid Onigumo now we'll never get this stupid project done. I knew he was such a playboy but I never thought he would do that to me! Honestly!" Kagome huffed.

I don't know why Kagome thought that. Any guy would want to date Kagome. She's pretty, smart, and that girl next-door charm you know? I was going to date her once, but things got too weird so we stayed as friends. Which is my luck, as always. 'Oh, you want to date? That's sweet and all but I just want to be friends. Is that okay?' Why is it that I'm not dating material? Maybe I have a weird smell about me. The dating thing wouldn't bother me so much, if I weren't on this streak for a about year now.

"Yasha? Are you there?" Kagome asked.

I shook my head, driving those thoughts out of my mind and waved my arm at her. "Well Kagome what do you expect? I mean everyone knows he goes after the best looking girls,"

"Yeah but I'm not that pretty," she wondered aloud.

I shook my head; I wasn't going to argue with a girl who had something set on her mind. Especially Kagome, if she had something set on her mind she wasn't going to listen to me.

I really need more guy friends...

Kagome flopped back on her bed and started to kick her legs up and down. I closed my eyes as I rested my back against the wall the bed was on. She had her homework sprawled all over her bed. Normally she would make us finish that as fast as possible but today she did nothing with it. She seemed a little moodier then usual.

"Maybe I should have let him maul me..." she said aloud.

My eyes opened and I looked at her. "And let him have his way with you? Easy way to get a reputation as a slut,"

She turned over on her side and placed her hand on her head. Her face looked a little downcast as she started her explanation. "You don't have to be so rude. It's been a while since I've dated, well since Hojo and you and I both know that was going nowhere. No other guy has asked me out since. I'm being to think no one wants to date me..."

"Stop being so stupid," I replied. "At least you don't have my record..."

Before I could finish my sentence someone else did. "...Well if you stop acting like a friend and actually go out for the girls then maybe you might get a date,"

We looked up to see Kikyou at the door. Her long raven locks were tied back in her usual ponytail. She waved to us and dropped her bags. Kagome jumped up and hugged her cousin.

"Kikyou, how long are you going to stay here this time?" Kagome asked excitedly.

"A week or so. I brought Kaede to play with Sota," she replied.

Kikyou was eighteen, two years our senior, and took care of her younger sister Kaede. Kikyou and Kagome lost their Father's in a car crash, they were brothers, and Kikyou's Mother committed suicide. Kikyou and Kaede then moved in with Kagome and lived there until Kikyou was old enough to inherit her Father's shrine. In his will she was not allowed to inherit it until she was sixteen. As soon as she was sixteen she moved out and took Keade with her. Kikyou was always a very mature girl, even before her parents died. She always put Keade's interests before her own, Kaede and Sota are both the same age, but Kaede can take care of herself more.

During Kikyou's stay at Kagome's house the two of them became very close. They were good friends before but the loss of their family members brought them even closer together. Kikyou made sure to watch out for Kagome, teach her a few things, while Kagome made sure Kikyou thought of herself every once in a while. It was hard to believe the two girls were cousins, they looked more like sisters. Kikyou wore her hair much longer then Kagome, and in a simple ponytail in the back of her head. Her clothes were also much simpler then Kagome's. Kagome was never extremely fashionable but she had nice clothes. While Kikyou liked to keep her simple, almost to the point where she was hidden. It wasn't usual to see her in normal clothes like now. She was usually in her priestess garb, tending to the shrine.

"Yasha, how are you?" she asked.

"Fine I suppose,"

She laughed and sat next to me, patting my thigh. "Keep trying, a girl will have to eventually come to you,"

I shot up. "It's been a year now Kikyou, a year!" I cried.

Kagome laughed at me as well. What is this, pick on Yasha day? Kagome bent down and patted my coal black hair. "It looks like both Yasha and I are having dating troubles,"

"Well why don't I read your fortunes? I can see into your love life as well," Kikyou said and bowed.

Kagome nodded in agreement. "Yeah Yasha let's do it!"

"Well I don't see why not...maybe I'll be able to see when I'll finally have some luck,"

Supposedly both Kikyou and Kagome come from highly spiritual families. Both Kikyou and Kagome's father's were priests in a temple. Kagome's father married into another religious family and inherited their shrine. While Kikyou's father inherited their Father's shrine, because he was the oldest, then married anther woman. Both girls practiced their 'art' as they called it frequently. Each weekend they used to have lessons together. I don't know what their families taught them but whatever they did they have some really good spiritual insight. Kikyou can read fortunes, predict futures, and purify anything. While Kagome can see spirits, premonitions, and all that other creepy stuff. When they were doing this I really thought nothing of it, because I didn't believe it. But when they first purified a house from being haunted I never doubted them again about their power.

Kikyou's fortunes were small, nothing ever reliving the whole future. She could look into someone's eyes and tell them what their personalities were, or look at someone's palm and tell them of their love life. But whenever they purified something it wasn't cute or small. It took anywhere between five minuets to hours. She was known around the city but not mentioned. She was like one of those back ups people have when logic can't solve their problems. She works hard to raise enough money to be able to pay for the temple, send her sister to school and buy food. She has already quit school and won't accept finical help from Kagome's Mom. What's more upsetting is how smart Kikyou is. She could have gone to any collage she wanted to. Unlike myself, who's passing with a C average.

We walked from the house, past the shrine and into the well house. Kikyou liked to do her predictions there because she said it was full of spiritual energy. Kagome hated it because angry ghosts haunted it. Kikyou made sure a while ago to purify the well house so Kagome could go it. But Kagome is still nervous of the well house, only rarely does she ever go in. I could see her already biting her lower lip. Kikyou touched her shoulder to reassure her.

Once we were in Kikyou closed the door and began making preparations. Both Kagome and I sat on the either end of the well, Kikyou explained to both of us that neither one of us could touch anything while she prepared or it would mess up the results. Kagome was looking around the room, waiting for something to jump out at her. I suppose she could still hear the ghosts clawing at the sealed door, trying to get her.

When Kagome was younger, a week after her Father died, her and Kikyou were sharing a bed when Kagome started screaming. Kikyou woke up and tried to settle Kagome down but Kagome kept crying and screaming about something in the room and it was going to kill them. She said it looked like a snake or a bug, like a centipede. Only it had a woman's body and many arms. Her eyes were cold black and she had blood dripping from her many hands. She said that she would kill Kagome. Kikyou told her that she was having a nightmare and that if she thought happy thoughts she would fall back asleep. But every night she kept having the same dream. Until one night Kikyou woke up to see Kagome was bleeding. She had a bite mark on her side, and it was deep.

So Kagome's mom brought Kagome's Grandfather in to check out the situation. Kagome told him that she kept seeing it by the door and it would always leave by the window. They checked everywhere there might be remains or something of this centipede. Their search turned up empty until they checked the well house. Kagome screamed when she found the well's lip open and inside was the mummified remains of a large centipede woman. Kagome's Grandfather did an exorcism and got rid of the centipede woman, but since the well was open more ghosts came out to bug Kagome. Finally when Kikyou became strong enough spiritually she sealed the well closed and stopped the ghosts from bugging Kagome. Kagome was happy and she was left alone, but every so often, when she passed by the well house she said could hear scratching in the well, or a ghostly call.

Kikyou set up a small bowl, filled with water and a few spices. She then light a small fire in the fire circle she created a long time ago. Above the fire was two sticks that held a third on top of them. On the third stick she had her 'sacrifices', which were usually plants or something representing another. She took the small bowl of water and set it before her. Then she turned to Kagome and held out her hand.

"Hand me a strand of your hair," she said.

Kagome yanked out a piece and handed it to Kikyou. Kikyo dropped it in the bowl, closed her eyes and began to do small chant. She then took out the strand of hair and tossed it in the small fire. She then looked at the bowl to see what it read. I never understood how she does this or reads it but if she's correct then I don't care.

"Lets see...the leaves are turning north, that means a straight path, your future is bright. And the cherry blossoms are heading away from the leaves so that means it'll be a happy future, but no harvest," Kikyou joked.

Kagome giggled. "But what about my love life?"

"I'm getting to it. Two leaves are stuck together, that means love is there. You just need to be patient,"

Kagome sighed in relief and sat back. "Well that's good, I'd hate to be lonely!"

Kikyou dumped the bowl and started another one for me. She held out her hand, and I gave her a strand of my hair, which was longer then Kagome's. She did the same as she did with Kagome then dropped the strand in the fire. Just as she was starting to turn to the bowl something happened.

The fire went out completely. Not even the hush of wind or anything the fire just went out. Kagome immediately grabbed onto me and clung tight. The room was silent as Kikyou light another match and lit the fire again.

"That's never happened..." Kikyou muttered.

She stared into the bowl but then pulled back and gasped. I took a peak myself. Everything inside the bowl was still. Everything had moved away from each other, leaving only a single hair in the center. Kikyou reached within and plucked it out. Holding it up to the fire light she inspected it.

"Is that fur from Buyo?" Kagome asked, her courage regained once more.

Buyo was Kagome's fat cat. It was always hanging around the well house so it would be safe to assume it could be cat fur.

"No, Buyo's fur is brown. This looks almost...white. Maybe a gray hair but it looks too white to be someone's hair," Kikyou replied.

"Why was it in the center by itself?" Kagome asked.

Kikyou rubbed her chin. "Well when everything moves away from each other it means something powerful. This piece of fur or hair, is what caused it. It means that whoever the fur belongs to is powerful, but no one put it in, so that means that it'll jump into your life as it did here. But the cherry blossoms decide the love life. If the cherry blossoms touch the leaves it means a bad relationship, or none. If they don't touch it means a good one or the start of one. We have to check the leaves,"

This was making me nervous. Kikyou's never been wrong but what's going on? Her readings have never gone like this. Maybe it was because it was for me. She's never done a reading for me before; I've never wanted to know. But in my desperation now I finally let her do it. But maybe it wasn't such a good idea; maybe you're not supposed to know your future. All together we looked in the bowl.

Two leaves began to float around. Very slowly at first but then they started to head to the center. Along the way all the other stuff began to bump and push the leaves. Suddenly the fire went out again. Kagome screamed this time and grabbed Kikyou. A loud bang and a splash was heard and the bowl full of water spilled all over me. Kikyou, again, lit another match. I picked up the bowl and tossed it back to where it was, Kagome never left her head from Kikyou's shoulder.

"Guys lets go, this is starting to scare me!" she cried.

"I have to go home anyway, mom wanted me to do laundry anyway," I said and started to leave the two.

"We'll see you later then," Kikyou called and went to consol her cousin.

I left the well house and started my way home. I think this is way I never wanted Kikyo to do a reading for me. I didn't want to hear something freaky like this. I only want to finish school with a passing grades, date a cute girl, then maybe go to collage. I don't know about the collage thing but I'm working on it.

When I was born my dad had to go on a business trip after I was born. He went missing and never came back. I never knew him so I'm not sad, but I guess it's a little weird not having a dad. Mom has done a great job of raising me. She was able to use every bit of money that her and dad saved and she got a job. We've never been rich but we're okay. And I really don't mind.

I met Kagome and Kikyou when Kagome was five and Kikyou was seven. Kagome and I became fast friends. It took Kikyou a little longer to warm up to me but she finally did. Then about a year later their parents died and Kikyo and her sister moved in. Kikyou became distant again but Kagome needed me to be her friend. After the wounds healed the girls started playing with me again. I didn't know what to say to the girls since they lost their fathers. I lost my father too but I never knew him so I was never sad.

Then when we entered middle school we met Miroku. Miroku moved in from Kyoto with his great uncle. His parents are very rich and often times away so Miroku lived with his great uncle Mushin. Miroku is the funniest guy I've ever met, but the biggest pervert. He can't go five minuets without hitting on some girl. He remains the same, even in high school. His father came from a very important Buddhist family and he is to inherit their family shrine when he turns twenty. But the way he's going I doubt he'll make a good monk.

But with all these friends with interesting backgrounds it puts my family to shame. Mom never really talks about dad's family and mom's family has been here in Tokyo since...forever. I've never seen anyone from my dad's side. Mom says that they live very far away and can't come to visit us. But I really don't care. My mom's family is crazy enough for both of them. But finally something interesting happens and I run off. What kind of guy am I?

I growled and kicked the dirt under my feet. As the dust flew up into the air something shinny caught my eye. Once the dust cleared and the dirt was out of my eyes that I looked down and noticed the shinny thing on the ground.

It was a small stone, or gem. Grey in color, but as the light hit it shined silver. It was no bigger then a marble or maybe a coin. Reaching down I picked up the stone and held it to the light. Maybe I can make a necklace out of it or give it to Kagome, she likes jewelry.

But before I could do anything with it the stone started to glow in my hand. I yelped and tried to throw it. But it had already started to float out of my hand and in front of me. The light emitting from the stone froze me in my place before I could run. The light grew brighter and brighter until it started to blind me. I tried to move my arm to cover my eyes but it wouldn't move. The light itself kept me in my place. The stone started to move forward to me. I tried to struggle to keep away but my body still refused to move. Panic was starting to overcome me as the stone moved up to me and was pressed to my chest. I tried to cry out for help but my voice wasn't working either. Then in another flash the light was completely gone, along with the stone.

I touched my body to make sure everything was okay. Nothing was out of place or missing. The stone was nowhere to be seen. Not even a trace of it or where the light flashed. I looked around. I could feel something watching me. Someone watched me touch the stone. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a flash of red eyes. A low growling began to emit from the spot as it started to draw closer.

Finally the panic wore off and I bolted home.


"Mom I'm home!" I called.

"Yasha? Oh good your home!" she called.

I dropped my things and my shoes and leaned against the door. I gripped my head as I sat on the floor and tried to collect myself. What the hell happened? Something was watching me then I ran. But what about that stone? Where did it go? And what was following me?

Mom came up to me and hit me on the head with her wooden spoon.

"What are you doing sitting on the floor? Come, dinner's ready," she said.

Dumbly I nodded and followed her to the kitchen. "I'm surprised that Miroku didn't come over, did you not see him today?"

"Yeah but he went with this girl, so I hung out with Kagome and Kikyo,"

"Oh is she back? She's such a nice girl, and so mature,"

Miroku usually comes over and eats with us. It's known around the neighborhood that my mother has the best cooking. I've even seen a few neighbors' come and try to pry her recipes out form her.

"I guess it's just us tonight, too bad. I guess I get so used to having so many people over," mom said and laughed.

Miroku's has always been a funny guy to be around. He always tried to make everyone laugh, but the guy can get an ego sometimes. It can really piss a guy off. But as annoying as he can get he's a good friend, I guess.

As I sniffed the air I started to calm down a bit. The warm smell of food will do that. I sat down and had mom serve me some of her noodles. As she started poring some for herself something made a large crash. We got up and ran to the sound.

On the floor, surrounded by glass was a white animal. When I leaned in closer I could see it was a fox. There were markings or scars on its face, and a moon shape on its forehead.

"Yasha honey, don't get to close. It might have rabies," mom warned.

It picked its head up and looked me in the eyes. I felt like I could have been staring into another person. It's eyes narrowed as I reached over to touch it.

"Yasha it's hurt, let me take care off it," mom said.

Slowly I let go of it and let my mom take care of it. She gently scooped it into her arms and started carrying it off. I glanced at it as it looked over its shoulder. I took a double take as I could have sworn it glared at me. Mom began to whisper soft words to it as she turned the corner to the kitchen.

This night is getting too crazy for me. I rubbed my head as I slowly made up way upstairs and into the shower. I needed a long hot shower. After I stripped myself I slipped into the shower. I let out a sigh of relief as the hot water hit my body. My hands ran through my semi-long black hair. Mother hates it that I kept my hair so long. But I found a picture of my Dad when he was younger and his hair was longer then mine now. So I don't see why she's complaining.

Steam was already starting to fill the bathroom. I turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around myself. Crossing the small hallway I made my way to my room and collapsed on the bed. The water cooled quickly and I started to shiver. Why is it that today that weird things start happening to me? Hanging out with Kagome and Kikyo you'd think something weird would have started sooner, but no, not until today does something happen.

I heard the door creek open but I didn't look up, it was mom probably telling me about the fox.

"How's the fox? Is it alright?"

"Why don't you ask him yourself?"

The voice that responded was a lot deeper then my mothers. I jumped up and saw before me was not my mother but a man. He looked young but older then me, his white silver hair almost glowed in the half-light in my room. His face was thin, and his golden eyes were narrowed in a glare. I could see the same scars and moon on his face like the one on the fox. Not only that but he had the same ears and tail as the fox mom took care off. Ears and a tail, what the heck?!

"Who are you?"

"I don't think it really matters, boy," he said coolly.

He moved from his position from leaning on the door and started walking to me. I froze again, not only was I half-naked in front of some I don't know, I don't even know how he got in the house. And did he touch Mom?

"You have something of mine and I want it back," he started. "Give it to me and I'll leave you and your Mother alone,"

My Mother...He does know about my Mom. "Don't you touch her!" I shouted.

He raised a slender eyebrow at me. "You're not in the position to threaten me now are you?"

He was right. I didn't have anything to attack him with nor was I going to remove my hand from my towel.

"Just give me what I want,"

"What do I have that's yours? I don't remember stealing anything from you, I don't even know you!"

He narrowed his eyes. "At sundown, today, while you were walking you found a stone. You picked it up, and then ran off. It belongs to me, where is it?"

"I don't know,"

"What do you mean by that?" he said and leaned into my face. "How could you not know, I saw you with it,"

"I'm telling you I don't know! I touched it and it disappeared! I'm telling the truth!" I exclaimed angrily.

I was feeling very cold and very naked as he glared at me. He took a few steps back and breathed deeply.

"Disappeared did it? Maybe I wasn't making myself clear," he said and extended a claw. "I want it and I want it now, and I will get it back any means necessary,"

With his claws extended he started walking back to me. Fear was starting to settle in as I saw how sharp those claws were. I pressed against the back of the wall and covered my face.

"Stop!" I screamed.

I waited for him to make the final blow but nothing happened. He wasn't moving any closer and I didn't feel his claws cut through my body. I moved my arm and took a peak at him.

He stood there, frozen to the spot he was standing. His claws were still extended, waiting to tear through me, but they were frozen in the air. His face still moved as he growled at me.

"Damn it! Stop this now boy or I will kill you!"

What am I doing? Was I really controlling this? "Sit down," I told him just to test it.

He relaxed and sat down on my bed. It really was me! I smiled triumphantly at the guy before me.

"Now. Tell me who you are and what's going on?"

He bit his tongue as he tried to keep his mouth shut but with no avail.

"My name is Sesshoumaru. I am a Kitsune; the stone you stole contains my powers. Without it I cannot control my powers. Who ever has the stone controls me,"

Kitsune? A fox spirit? And I control him? "Well I don't want to control you so you can leave,"

"I can't," he said gritting his teeth. "With out the stone I can't control my powers or myself for the matter!"


"Yes! What else? My illusion magic, how do you think I got into your house?" he asked.

It makes sense with the fox downstairs. His white, silver hair matched the fox perfectly. They both had the same moon shape on their forehead and the scars or marking all over their arms. I remember my teacher telling me about Kitsune's when I was younger. But I never paid too much attention. All I remember is that they are very sly, masters at illusions, and they can tempt any man or woman...

"I'd love to give you your stone back but I can't. It disappeared as soon as I touched it," I said.

"Disappeared," he said flatly. "It must be within you. Damn it. That means I can't leave until it comes out of your body...So I'm stuck here with you," he grumbled.

"Stuck here? You can't stay here! I don't want some fox in my room," I growled.

"Let me cut you open and we can fix that..."

"Gah! Sit!"


"Go away!"

"No, not until you give it back,"

"I told you I don't know how to,"

"Then let me cut you open, I bet I can find it then,"

"No! Stay put!"

His body froze again as I spoke the command. He growled at me but said nothing, as I continued to get ready for school.

"A powerful Kitsune like me should not be commanded by a mere boy," he muttered.

"Well it looks like you don't have a choice. Since I have your stone and I don't know how to get it out of me then you're stuck. Trust me, I don't want you here either," I replied.

"It'd be better if you just let me cut you open and I can find it myself," he said.

I narrowed my eyes. "No. It's your own fault that your keep all your power in some stone that some one could easily pick up and take,"

"It's not something I can help, it passes down throughout my family. You shouldn't be so foolish to pick it up," he huffed.

"How was I supposed to know it would glow and disappear in my body?! It looked like a regular stone!" I yelled. I sighed and rubbed my head. "I don't have time for you I have to go to school. Just stay out of sight and don't get me into trouble,"

"Not like I can! When you have my stone!" he shouted after me.

I bolted from my room, past my surprised mother, and ran to meet Miroku. I usually walked to school with him then meet up with Kagome along the way. I saw him waiting at the corner, tapping his foot impatiently for me. He kept his semi-long black hair tied back in a small ponytail. Where I kept mine down.

"Hey what took you so long?" Miroku called.

I stopped caught my breath. "Complications at home, but it doesn't matter now. Let's go,"

"Fine. There's supposed to be a new girl coming to school soon," Miroku started as he raised an eyebrow.

"Wanting to sink your claws in already?" I asked.

He chuckled and patted my back. "But I must! If not then some other guy will, and then I'll loose my place among the women,"

"As the biggest playboy?"

"If you must call it that. Anyway it's better then what you've been having," Miroku stated.

I smacked him upside the head. "Bastard!"

Again he laughed at me and tried to comfort me. "Relax, you know what, maybe I could help you with this one. I'll let you have her,"

I rolled my eyes at him. "Thanks, but I can handle it myself,"

Miroku's expression then went from pitying, to amused. "Well I guess I can see that," he said and pointed behind us.

I looked at where he was pointing and froze. There, behind me was him, that stupid fox, in the pain daylight. Tails and ears exposed to anyone. He grinned at me and waved to Miroku behind me.

"Hello there,"


Kikyou is a little OOC but you got to think of her as the Kikyou before the whole Naraku pretending to be Inuyasha thing. She was a very nice sweet girl who just wanted a normal life. In the later episodes she became...well the Kikyou we knew today.

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