a little ficlet that kinda just begged me to be written ^^;;

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-by: sl-sama-

It hurts and he swears that it shouldn't because it's been so long, but still..... Even now, years afterwards, he wants to just die. Wants to just end it all because there's nothing worse than finding your soulmate then loosing him because of what they both would've thought was a stupid mistake. It hurts so much, and even now every smile is false, every laugh is hollow, every emotion is empty.

Sometimes she asks why he looks so sad and he can't tell her. All he can do is look away then force another empty smile and change the subject. It's times like that that he'll sometimes make an excuse and spend hours alone in his room, the words to destructive spells on his lips, prescription pills that never worked close enough for him to swallow, and his fingers caressing sharp knives, their blades parting his skin and letting his blood weep for him because he no long remembers how.

Sometimes he almost goes all the way, but when he even comes close he remembers him, and remembers his promise and he curses and blasts everything far away from him. He's never broken a promise, not to himself, not to her, and never to him.


So he can't kill himself. Instead he forces himself to live. Wakes up every morning and smiles at her and tries to feel guilty for wishing he was smiling at his other. Tries to feel something, anything. Everyday he fails, and every day he wakes up and tries again.

There are a few times that that chasm is actually bridged. When his son smiles at him from behind his face and his ancestor's eyes, or his daughter from her ancestor's face and her mother's eyes. Then he feels pride, love, and affection- because his children are his, Sakura's, and somehow Eriol's. So he wakes up every day for them.

And he wakes up because Eriol had told him to live and goddammit he would.

He'd live until he stopped breathing because he loved him and he never broke a promise.


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