Ch. 3

(Earth, SGC, VIP Room)

Nicole sat on her bed, watching Evelyn play with some new toys Sam and Janet had bought for her. She smiled as Evey giggled playfully, hitting buttons that made different animal sounds. There was a knock at the door.

"Come in," Nicole said.

The door opened to reveal Daniel.

"Hey," She said.

"Hi," he said. Daniel looked over to Evey as he closed the door behind him. "It sounds like she's having fun."

"Yeah, it's been a while since we had anything that would resemble fun," Nicole said.

Evelyn stopped playing and started to reach up, looking at Daniel. She gave a tiny whimper. He bent down and picked her up. Evey rested her head on his chest. Daniel sat down on the bed next to Nicole.

"She likes me," Daniel smiled.

"Maybe she senses the you are her father," Nicole said. She noticed the confused expression on his face. She explained, "She is growing into her Mutant powers way to young. Younger than I would have expected. So far all I've been able to tell is that she is an Telempath,"

"But she could develop more as she grows up, right?" Daniels said, kissing Evey on the forehead.

"It's possible.," Nicole said. Evelyn yawned. "Time for bed, young lady." she announced to the 13 month old.

Evey stubbornly clang to Daniel. Nicole sighed. Rather suddenly the phone rang. She went over to the phone and picked it up.

"Hello," she said.

"Dr. Allison, General Hammond would like to see you in his office ASAP," a faceless officer said.

"Tell him I'll be right there," she said. Nicole hung up the phone and turned to Daniel. "Hammond needs me in his office. You don't mind watching Evelyn for a few minutes, do you?"

"No, I don't mind," Daniel said.

"Okay, there are some baby bottles in her baby bag, in case she gets hungry. If she gets tired or cranky you could try and put her in the swing or you could try and lie next to her on the bed,' Nicole ticked off several fingers. She kissed Evey on the cheeck. "Be good," Then she kissed Daniel softly on the lips. "Thank you." and left, shutting the door behind her.

(Hammond's Office)

"You wanted to see me, sir?" Nicole said as she entered.

"Yes," Hammond said. "This is major Davis. Major, this is Dr. Allison."

They shook ands and sat down across from Hammond's desk.

"What's this about, General?" Nicole asked.

"The Pentagon is having trouble comprehending that an infant is the key to saving the universe," Davis said.

"Really? I find that a little hard to believe. Considering weirder things have happened on the base alone," She turned to Hammond. "What does the president think of the situation?"

"He wants to come a see Evelyn, and you for that matter, for himself. He says he's been meaning to have a visit, anyway," The good-natured General told her.

"What? He's coming here? When?" she asked.

"He's arriving here and 1500 hours," Major Davis said.

"Excellent," Nicole said. "If that's all you wanted to see me for, may I go now? After all, I do have a daughter to raise."

Hammond nodded, "Of course."

She gave a tiny bow to both men, smiled, and bid them good-bye. Nicole then left to the guest quarters. She quickly walked to the room, wondering how Daniel was doing with Evelyn. Once she arrived she slowly opened the door. The thing Nicole saw made her smile.

Evelyn and Daniel were sound asleep. Evey slept soundly in the middle of the bed, on her back. Daniel slept next to her, on his side with his hand on her stomach. Nicole noticed that Daniel didn't even take off his glasses.

He must have been up all night the night before, working on some artifact, she guest.

Nicole went over to Daniel's side of the bed and gently took off his glasses and placed them on the bedside table. She then got dressed into her pajamas that Sam had supplied, crawled into bed on the opposite side of Daniel, and put her hand on top of the hand that was placed on Evey's stomach.

To be continued . . .