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Chapter One: Daises

Sesshoumaru Takashi sat in the front seat of the silver Lexus his father had given him for Christmas three years ago. Of course, it was still in perfect condition. He was trying hard to focus on the road and not his brother's whining emanating from the backseat. His little half-brother was such a pain. Sesshoumaru had turned 22 last month and was already the Vice President of his father's company.

"I can't believe dad won't let me have a car! It's so lame that I have to be driven around by you." Inuyasha complained from the backseat.

"Father knows that if you had a car you would wreck it, or go out and get drunk every night," Sesshoumaru replied levelly.

"Feh!" Inuyasha snapped back. However, he leaned back and looked out the window showing he was done with the discussion.

They pulled up to father's company, West Oni, and parked in the space designated for the Vice President. His father's car was not there. It rarely was anymore. He spent all his time with Izayoi, Inuyasha's fool of a mother. Sesshoumaru got out, as did Inuyasha. Inuyasha was 18 and he worked as an executive at the company who basically did what he wanted. His place in the company was simply an excuse for their father to put him on the payroll.

Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru walked towards the rotating doors that granted entrance to the gigantic building. Inuyasha immediately entered so he could go play video games in his office. However, today was a lovely day and Sesshoumaru saw he had 15 minutes before he had to be inside. It was early fall and the day was bright and crisp, a chill cut through the air. He looked at the expensive trees his father had bought to decorate the front. Their leaves had turned a multitude of colors; browns, golds, reds, yellows, and oranges.

Sesshoumaru walked over to lean on the front of the building where he could see a beautiful view of the avenue that crossed in front of the company and the park on the opposite side of the avenue. The park's trees had begun to bear their fall foliage. He looked at all the people walking their morning commute and was very surprised to see a young woman with a basket full of flowers in her hands. She was standing stationary and had set a sign in front of her that read 'dazys 1 dollar a piece'. She obviously hadn't had too much education.

Nonetheless he was interested in her. He wondered why she would choose here to sell the daisies. Didn't she know only rich people lived around here? And they would buy only rare and expensive flowers. She was also obviously homeless. She had worn clothes and was dirtier than most would allow themselves to get. Even her basket looked like it was from the garbage. All the rich businessmen and pampered housewives in furs passed her by as if she were invisible, after all, she was hardly worthy of their attention.

Yet even though she seemed to be in the absolute worst position; no home, no money, no place to go and people snubbing her left and right, she had the happiest smile spread across her face. Even from where he sat he could see her breath-taking smile. How could she smile when there seemed to be little to no joy in her life? Maybe there was something more to her.

Sesshoumaru decided he wanted to see if he could tell why she was so happy. He looked to his wristwatch to see that it was time for him to go to inside and face work, but he had to know. What if she wasn't there tomorrow? So he walked across the avenue. He walked up to her and she turned her attention to him, all the while her bright smile didn't fade. She looked up to him and examined his liquid gold eyes. He looked at her for a while trying to see what could be making her happy. He noticed she had bright brown eyes and her hair was a luminous brown under the dust.

"How can you smile?" Sesshoumaru asked bluntly.

She said nothing but smiled wider and held her sign up in response.

"You don't have to tell me, it's not as if I care." He said quickly.

The corners of her mouth only dropped only a tiny bit as she moved her gaze to the people walking around them. Sesshoumaru looked at his watch and saw he was already ten minutes late. Jakken would send a search party if he didn't go to the office soon.

"Okay I'll take ten," he said as he took a ten dollar bill out of his wallet.

She smiled so wide he thought her face would crack in half. She picked ten flowers out of her basket and handed the brilliant white and gold flowers to him. She grasped his ten-dollar bill and continued to beam at him as he examined the flowers she handed him. They were all perfect and fragrant. Sesshoumaru looked up to see she had picked up her things and began to walk off. He wondered where she was going but his mind quickly jumped back to the fact that he was nearly 20 minutes late for work.

Sesshoumaru marched quickly across the street and flung himself through the rotating doors. He passed security quickly as he flashed his I.D.

"Ah, Sesshoumaru, aren't we a tad late this morning?" said Myoga the lobby's secretary. Sesshoumaru offered him no explanation in favor of hopping on the elevator.

"75th floor please" he said to the young man named Shippo who worked the elevator. Sesshoumaru noticed Shippo was eyeing his daises with suspicion, so he shot him a death glare.

"Yes, sir!" the young man said quickly.

He was afraid of Sesshoumaru. Most were, especially after a death glare. That was another thing, the girl wasn't afraid of him. The nervous fox boy sweated it out till they finally reached the 75th floor and Sesshoumaru got out.

The 75th floor was filled with his and Inuyasha's offices. The main lobby was painted a "relaxing shade of beige" and was centered around the enormous mahogany desk that Yura, the receptionist, sat at. She answered the phone but mostly she read magazines and did her nails. Luxurious overstuffed leather couches sat on either side with a coffee table covered in business magazines for anyone who might have to wait.

Yura interrupted his march to his office, which was to the left of her desk. Inuyasha's, of course, being on the right.

"Uh-oh! Sesshy is late!" she teased. "You know I could do wonderful things with that hair if you would let me." She offered.

Yura, strangely enough, seemed to have an overwhelming fetish with hair, making Sesshoumaru, with his long silver locks, quite a target.

"My name is Sesshoumaru, and unless you would like to live on the streets I suggest you call me by it." He stated icily.

Out on the streets... he thought. Like the girl... why did he keep thinking about her? He was interrupted from his introspection, as Yura had more to say.

"Who are the flowers for? Someone special...? Perhaps Kagura?" she continued in her playful tone.

"No! And I need not explain myself to the likes of you."

"Ha! No he says!" Yura said before settling into a fit of giggles and drifting off into her own insane world.

Sesshoumaru walked through his office door to find Kagura sitting on her desk seductively. The low-cut blouse and high rising skirt she was wearing hardly passed for work appropriate… He rolled his eyes already anticipating what was coming.

"Sesshoumaru, darling! For me? You shouldn't have! Well, actually I prefer roses and tiger lilies to daisies but there is always a next time." She said as she bent down to smell them, but more importantly, to give Sesshoumaru a good look at her ample cleavage.

His lip curled in disgust, he did not want to see the horrid woman's cleavage. Not to mention the fact that he had already had ample opportunity to see it all before. He snatched the flowers away.

"No they aren't for you" He snapped.

He quickly walked into his personal office only to find an incredibly short ugly man standing on Sesshoumaru's chair and shouting into his telephone.

"You have GOT to find him!! He is NEVER late! We are DOOMED!!! The company! Everything is lost!" the toad-man screamed into the handset.

Sesshoumaru cleared his throat.

"Milord Sesshoumaru, sire, I am so happy to have found you!" he shouted as he slammed the telephone down and leapt to his own desk.

"Jakken?" Sesshoumaru asked, seemingly calm.

"Y-yes milord?" he asked shaking in his ugly little loafers.

"Do not touch my things." Sesshoumaru said still staying emotionless.

"O-of course milord..."

Sesshoumaru walked over to his desk and sat down. He reached for a paperweight and palmed it in his hand. He looked at the toad man who was staring at him in fear, knowing far too well what was coming. Sesshoumaru then chucked the paperweight at Jakken hitting him square in the forehead. It felt nice to relieve the pressure by bashing Jakken's brains in. Sesshoumaru looked to where he had set the flowers from the girl. Flowers needed water.

"Jakken?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"Yes milord?" the toad man replied peeling his face off the office's hard wood flooring from where he fell.

"Put these in some water"

"Of course milord!" the toad got up and began to scrabble around.

Would the girl from this morning be back tomorrow? Maybe he ought to arrive a little early at work tomorrow? Just out of curiosity of course. It's not like he cared. Why wouldn't she talk to him anyway? Was she mute? Oh well, he didn't have time to think about it now. A company they did business with was considering a merger. The gods only knows what sorts of problems he would have to straighten out because of that.

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