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2 years have passed since Snowboard Kids 2, and Jam (as he seems to be the most popular) defeated Damien's robot. In two years a lot of things have changed…

Jam breathed to himself inside his empty house. His Aunt was out working, and was only home on the weekends and his parents were both dead long ago. However Jam was rarely lonely, his friends were nearly always around and most of them loved to Snowboard. The word snowboard jogged something in his mind; it gave him an urge to Snowboard again. Taking his jacket in one hand and his snowboard in the other he set out for Sunny Mountain, just to have a few runs down the course.

"Hey Kuehnemund" Somebody called after Jam. Jam turned it was Linda; she too had a Snowboard in hand.

"Hey Linda how's it going?" Jam asked.

"Alright, you going to Sunny Mountain?" Linda asked

"Yeah, I got nothing better to do" Jam replied

"Me neither" Linda gave a smile. Two years ago, Jam would have already pulled a prank and Linda would be chasing him attempting to hit him with her Snowboard, however unlike Slash and Damien, Jam had matured over the years.

They arrived at Sunny Mountain, typically empty. Despite the population of Snow Town being 8 times as great as it was 2 years ago, most people didn't like going on the courses and just snowboarded or skied for fun.

"Well, you ready Jam?" Linda asked as she put on the snow board.

"Yeah! There are items on the track too. Did you arrange that?" Jam asked

"Of course I did" Linda replied.

"Hey guys don't go yet" Nancy's familiar voice was heard. She and Slash were running to the start line.

"Nancy, Slash. Nice to see you both" Jam said

"I want my revenge Maltinie. You are going down!" Slash said

"Yeah right, in the last competition you were fifth and sixth most of the time, your best finish was fourth" Linda laughed

"So I had a run of bad luck, and maybe I was a little out of practice, but you stole my win in the final race!" Slash moaned

"For one, I didn't win the race and two it would have made very little difference overall anyway. Jam still would have won the comp, and you would be equal with Tommy" Linda said

"Whoa, you really don't have a life if you can work out and remember those scores Linda" Slash replied

"Well, I'd be lying if I said I alone had bothered to work that out. Michael and I were looking at the scores about 2 days before the final during that blizzard, and worked out that I'd needed a win and Jam would need to finish fourth or lower for me to win the comp, and we also worked out you needed a win to equal Tommy on points" Linda said in a matter of fact way that she knew ticked Slash off.

"Oooo, Linda has a boyfriend" Slash taunted in a sing song fashion. Linda just rolled her eyes

"Guys! Can we please get on with this!" Nancy said in an impatient tone

"Geez, what's with you?" Slash asked caught slightly off guard by Nancy's impatience.

"I'm meeting up with Wendy soon and I just wanted a quick race" Nancy replied

"Then what are we waiting for" Jam said

"2 Laps, I think would be fair" Linda suggested

"For once I agree with you" Slash replied

A/N: You'll have to forgive me, I don't think I am very good at writing races.

They all lined up on their Snowboards, Slash and Linda were put at opposite ends with Nancy and Jam in between them. Since Mr. Dog wasn't present they used a light with a timer that Nancy had set before they lined up. It would turn yellow, then green a second later. When the light turned green it was time for racing.

It turned yellow, Slash and the others were ready to make an early gain. It turned green and everybody jumped from the line, but Nancy had the early advantage with Jam, within half a body length of her. Nancy went through a red shop and Jam went through a blue shop. Slash went through the red shop, and Linda couldn't get anything.

"Prepare to meet your match Linda!" Slash laughed as he threw the bomb carelessly backwards and he didn't notice that Linda was really close up behind.

"Slash what are…" That was all Linda got out before both of them were blown into the air by Slash's bomb.

Jam used the ghost and got ahead of Nancy. Nancy got freeze shots but she held onto them because she wanted Jam to be a safe distance away from her.

"Nice going you idiot" Linda slapped Slash on the back of the head as she got up

"You weren't supposed to be so close" Slash replied

"If you used your eyes instead of your mouth, you may actually win a race" Linda jumped up and tried to keep going, but Slash threw another bomb annoyed at Linda's remark, she heard the shot and jumped deflected it with her board but it narrowly missed Slash.

Jam and Nancy were heading out of the tunnel section and Jam went through a red shop, Nancy figured she'd try her luck with the freeze shots, she threw one and Jam deflected it, but Nancy was prepared and jumped over it. She waited until they were on the final straight and fired two more times, however Jam yet again deflected the first shot and it hit Nancy, but the second shot hit Jam. Both of them were frozen temporarily but then the ice shattered and both of them got up again and headed for the lift.

"Hey Linda! Cop this!" Slash said throwing a parachute shot at Linda.

"No thanks" Linda replied as she jumped the parachute shot and the freeze shot was coming the other way from Jam's deflection of Nancy's first freeze shot, Slash didn't expect that as he took it straight to the face. By the time he got up Linda was a good distance away.

"Doh!" Slash grumbled as he got up once more. He had wondered why he didn't seem to be doing so well recently, had the others really improved that much, did he need a new board, or was he really out of practice, he had to admit that this winter he hadn't been doing as much snowboarding as he usually did, no wonder Linda and Jam were kicking his butt, they practice nearly every day, better not let Linda here that as Slash continued his thoughts as he imagined Linda in an uncontrollable fit of laughter pointing her finger at him. Putting it behind him, he moved on.

Jam entered the lift, followed closely by Nancy and Linda wasn't far behind Nancy. Jam got off, and Nancy followed. Slash finally reached the end and threw pans into the air.

"Ouch!" Nancy said as the pan landed on her head, as she recovered.

Linda breezed past her with the invisible item, and Jam was recovering as Linda came up from behind. The two entered the tunnel and Jam threw a bomb backwards, Linda saw it in time and moved around it. Nancy also got away from the bomb. Slash was still making up ground a good 10 seconds behind Nancy. Jam threw another bomb, but yet again Linda jumped over it, and Nancy missed it as well as both bombs exploded just outside the tunnel hitting nobody.

"Damn, you're good" Jam said

"We'll see" Linda replied as she saw Jam ready his last bomb

Slash was still thinking about how he could get better, definitely more practice, he thought to himself. Maybe a new board too.

"Well at least being in last place nobody can hit you with anything" Slash smiled to himself, but he spoke too soon as Jam's final bomb went right into him.

"Owwwww!" Slash's cry echoed through the tunnel

"Did you hear that?" Linda asked

"I'd take it, that's Slash…poor guy" Jam replied

Slash shook his head, while trying to recover.

"This is not my day" Slash grumbled getting up even though he knew he was going to lose. His parachute shots were useless if everybody else was too far away.

Jam and Linda entered the last straight with Nancy not far behind. Nancy got even closer to the action when she used a speed fan. Linda picked up a rock from the blue shop and growled because it was useless to her as she threw it backwards and Nancy dodged it. She tried to get a red shop, but Jam stopped her by grabbing it first, however freeze shots were not going to be much use to him either.

Nancy however went through the red and got slapsticks, she threw them all in front of her as Linda finally gained enough speed to make an attempt to overtake Jam. Linda got along side him and just when she was going to try get in front, the slapstick hit her down, and Jam as well as they were sent tumbling to the finish line and fell just short. Nancy was coming up from behind but Jam and Linda both made a desperate dive to cross the line before she got there.

"Guys? Who won?" Nancy asked as she crossed the finish line

"Err…" Jam thought for a moment, he wasn't sure. He was too busy diving across the line to stop Nancy taking the win, and hadn't noticed that Linda attempted the same tactic.

"Well… since Mr. Dog isn't here to decide and it's not competition, let's just call it a tie" Linda said "Unless Nancy thinks one of us crossed the line first" Linda added

"No, that's why I asked" Nancy replied

"It doesn't really matter, a tie is fine with me" Jam said

Slash finally came to the finish line.

"Who won?" Slash asked

"It was a tie, between Linda and I" Jam said

"No kidding. Good race guys" Slash smiled

"You seem to be in a good mood considering you got your butt kicked" Linda said

"Meh" Slash merely shrugged ignoring the more than obvious bait Linda gave him.

"Anyway, that was fun. Thanks again guys, I'll see you around" Nancy said

"Cool bye" Jam waved to Nancy as she left, and Linda followed her to Snow Town.

"Well what are you doing?" Slash asked

"Not much, I'll probably end up at Snow town too" Jam replied

Slash and Jam stayed put as Slash had a question that had bugging him the entire race.

"Jam how did you and everybody else get so good? I mean two years ago, you beat Damien and stuff, but it wasn't easy for you, and I gave you really good competition, but now I don't ever seem to be in reach. I only lead one race for about a quarter of a lap in the last comp. Two years ago I was a real threat in competitions we had and stuff" Slash said

"Don't get down about it. I think you are a little unlucky, also you were busy and didn't snowboard as much as you used to" Jam replied

"Yeah but that was my choice, I didn't have to go over with Damien and spend most of the time playing the Gamecube or thinking up new ways to annoy Linda" Slash said

"It could just be a bad time for you, you'll bounce back don't worry" Jam said

"Alright, thanks. Anyway Damien wants to meet up at Snow Town, so I guess I'll see you around" Slash said as he ran off

Jam sighed as Slash ran off, it began to snow lightly. He picked up his jacket that he had left at the start, and threw it on him and drew the gloves out of the pockets. He wondered why Slash had been dropping off the pace, but Jam thought it was a bit of combination due to Slash being a little careless at times and not snowboarding as much as he did usually. He headed into Snow Town.

When Jam arrived he saw a familiar face.

"Hey Jam!" His friend Adam shouted. He was slightly taller than Jam, had short brown hair, brown eyes, and slightly tanned white skin. He wore a red and white jacket that was white on the front with black outline, but with red sleeves and red on the back with a bird in white with its wings outstretched. Adam had only lived in Snow town for about a month after living in Australia, his parents worked into the snowboarding business and had a partnership with Mr. Dog.

"Hi Adam, how's it going" Jam replied as he came to the entrance of Snow Town.

"Quite well. Linda told me you tied with her in a race, must have been close" Adam said

"Well I didn't actually see what happened, but yeah it was close" Jam replied

"Anyway, Wendy wanted to meet up at a place called Wendy's Internet in 30 minutes. Trouble is, I can't find anything in this huge town" Adam sighed

"Well, it is much bigger then it was 2 years ago, that's for sure. By about 10 times at least" Jam commented

"Really?" Adam said amazed

"Oh yeah, but that's cool, there's more to do in this town now rather than just Snowboard" Jam replied

Jam begun to show Adam around the town, they first came to the snowboard painting shop. A girl named Ellis worked there. She was 16 years, but the age difference didn't stop her relating well with the kids, she wore a loose red sweater, baggy blue jeans, brown and black hiking boots. She also had brown eyes, short brown hair and light skin. She also wore a white artist smock as she was working.

"Hey guys" Ellis said as she was working on painting a snowboard

"Who's that for?" Jam asked

"No one, just to improve the store's appearance" Ellis replied with a smile

"Ah, you are doing great as always" Jam replied

"Thanks. Want me to keep your board while you go around the town, Linda told me about your close race" Ellis said

"Sure thanks" Jam handed his board over to Ellis

"Who's your friend?" Ellis asked

"Oh, I am Adam Ferrero, I moved here about a month ago" Adam introduced himself

"Ah yeah, I know your parents, Mr. Dog talks about them a lot, I have a lot to thank them for. Before they came around, Mr. Dog would be over here checking on me all the time, making sure everything was running smoothly, now since they are around he is too busy checking on them. I'm Ellis Wheeler" Ellis said as she and Adam shook hands.

"Yeah well they seem pretty busy, I hardly ever see them these days" Adam said

"You should come around sometimes then. My house is pretty empty too" Jam said

"I'll keep it in mind, thanks" Adam said

"Ellis, are you coming to Wendy's Internet later? She has something to tell us apparently" Jam said

"Yeah, it must be something big because Mr. Dog asked me to close the store and come. In fact that's the only thing he's said to me all day" Ellis gave a smile as she said this

"Okay see you soon" Jam said

"Bye!" Ellis waved as the two left.

Back outside Jam and Adam moved on. A big tall brown building was next.

"Yeah the place where school is held, you could tell it was a school from a mile away huh" Jam said

"Just a bit obvious" Adam replied

"Still though, a good place to go if you want to learn stuff about snowboarding" Jam said

"Why?" Adam asked

"The Library, has stuff on cool techniques" Jam replied

"Oh I see" Adam said

They moved onto the restaurant, Slash was outside with Damien.

"Hey guys, Tommy and Melissa are so sickening" Slash said

"Yeah, I can't believe how long they kiss for" Damien added

Jam shook his head "They need to hear the term get a room"

"Well they've stopped now" Adam said

"Yeah for how long" Slash said

"Let's do something about it" Damien smiled evilly

Jam rolled his eyes "Melissa isn't one to cross, she can get quite nasty from what I hear"

"Ah you are no fun Jam, you used to be, come on join us" Slash said

"No, say what you want I'm not doing anything" Jam said

"Chicken" Slash taunted doing an arm motion like a chicken

Jam just ignored him, Adam followed and they walked away while Slash was enjoying doing a chicken motion and chicken sounds.

"Err Slash, they are gone" Damien said

"Arggh, they really are chicken aren't they" Slash stopped doing the chicken motion

"Yeah, come on let's get on with this" Damien replied

"Just what I was thinking" Slash smiled

Jam and Adam were approaching the shopping centre that was over 5 stories tall.

"Hi Jam!" A girl came running to Jam

"Hey Kat" Jam replied

"How are you?" Kat asked

"Quite well thanks" Jam said

"I got some stuff for you" Kat gave a smile as she handed Jam loads of chocolate and candy.

"Err… thanks Kat" Jam said

"No problem, see you guys later" Kat smiled as she ran off

"Who's that?" Adam asked, until the very end it was as if he was invisible to her.

"Kat West, she's nice enough... I think, but I'm not sure" Jam said

"Why not?" Adam asked

"Because…" Jam started but he was cut off

"Hey Jam!" Yet another girl had come to him

"Hello Erin" Jam gave a slight smile

"How are things?" Erin asked

"Things are good" Jam said and Adam gave a smile to himself.

"That's good, I got some candy and stuff for you" Erin said. Adam tried to contain his laughter as Erin handed Jam more candy and chocolate.

"Well… thanks Erin" Jam smiled weakly.

"Bye! See you at Wendy's" Erin walked off

"Well now I know the problem" Adam finally started laughing when Erin appeared to be out of ear shot

"Yeah slight problem. What neither of them know is there is another girl doing almost the same thing as the other" Jam sighed

"You've got two cool looking girls who like you, what could be better?" Adam asked

"I can't get to know either of them, the only thing I know about both of them is their names, Kat West and Erin Baker. It's frustrating, I don't know anything about them, yet they continually give me stuff" Jam sighed again

Behind the shopping centre wall Erin was listening into the conversation.

"Kat West? Hmmph, another girl huh, I'll have to do something about that" Erin said aloud even though nobody was listening

"Do you hear something?" Adam asked

"Eep!" Erin said quietly as she ran off

"Nope, I don't hear a thing" Jam replied "Anyway this is the shopping centre, you can buy loads of stuff here and give them to people or have them yourself, whatever. Other things can be bought here include newer shots and items that can be used in our races" Jam explained

"Neat what's nex…" Adam started but then was cut off by three people running in front of him, Jam and Adam had to dodge to get out the way.

"You idiots! Why did you do this?" Melissa continued to chase Damien and Slash.

"You guys are gross, honestly, people don't like that kind of thing" Slash replied while still running

"Melissa stop!" Tommy ran after her. He was had lost weight since 2 years ago and was a good deal fitter so was able to catch Melissa and hold her back just as she had cornered Slash after he tripped on a rock and was cowering in fear as he was cornered.

"Don't tell me to stop Mister" Melissa replied as she tried to struggle out of Tommy's grip but it was too strong

"Maybe for once Slash is right. People stare at us you know, and they are staring at us right now" Tommy said, looking around.

"Yeah but at least they don't take pictures, and call us a freak show" Melissa said

"Don't worry about them, let's just go" Tommy said

"Oh… alright…." Melissa said a good deal calmer noticing that there was indeed a crowd staring right at her.

"Anyway Tommy. I think I'll see you later" Melissa said as she walked away really embarrassed. After she left everybody went back to doing whatever they were doing.

"Okay see you around" Tommy gave a smile and a wave as she left.

Melissa walked off and Tommy gave a deep sigh.

"Well hopefully she'll be more careful of how we act in public now" Tommy said

"Wait a tick, if you objected before why didn't you say something" Adam asked

"Did you see how she acted back then? I personally don't want to face that" Tommy said

"True" Adam said "Is there anything else I really need to know about Snow Town?" Adam asked Jam

"Well, the board shop is there" Jam pointed across for the shopping centre and it had a very obvious board shop sign on it. "There is another side of town as well, it's fairly new and stuff. I've never been there" Jam said

"Anyway, I'll see you guys at Wendy's, I'm going to buy some ice cream" Tommy said

"Ice cream? Today?" Adam said as the snow was falling from the sky

"I have strange taste" Tommy replied "Besides after being in Melissa's firing line, I could do with something cold" Tommy gave a smile as he went into the shopping centre

The two of them walked to the place Jam had said. However there was a policeman standing there, he was eating from a box of donuts. Jam was strongly reminded of how Tommy looked two years ago. Jam didn't know this guy, the other policeman he knew looked a lot more fit and was friendly.

"You kids can't go through there" The policeman said

"Why not?" Jam asked

"Because there are arcade machines, special snowboard shops, and other stuff" The policeman replied and Adam and Jam's eyes glowed. "Err… I mean there are gangs, groups, bashings, and weird smelling stuff. You can't go down there" The policeman said

"I don't see or smell anything" Jam said

"That's because they only come out in the night. I'm serious" The policeman took another donut

"Then what's the problem now" Adam asked

"Listen you. Shut it. I'm not letting you through so get lost" The policeman said stuffing his mouth…

"Come on let's go" Jam said slightly disappointed

"Good! Nobody gets through here on Sergeant Pilywinkle's shift" Sergeant Pilywinkle said with a really official tone.

Jam resisted the urge to laugh and he and Adam just walked on.

"Well that was weird, what's with that guy anyway?" Adam asked

"I have no idea, I bet he was just making that up for some reason. Why would anybody place a policeman there, unless all he did say was true by some off chance. Ah well… nothing can be done about it for now at least, and it's almost time to get to Wendy's anyway, so let's move" Jam said

"Okay, this is one weird town" Adam commented

"Yeah, but at least it's not boring, and there is heaps more stuff around, although if I showed you everything it would take all day" Jam replied

"That's cool, thanks for showing me the basic things, I can work out the rest. Not that I couldn't before, but it would have taken me a lot longer" Adam smiled

"No problem" Jam gave a thumbs up as they continued to walk