Whatever It Takes

by Vchanny

Set in Silver Millennium. Venus/Kunzite

All characters (c) Naoko Takeuchi.

Chapter One

Venus opened her eyes and winced in pain as she tried to lift herself from the cold stone where she'd fallen. She didn't need to look, she could feel it, she'd been stabbed in her abdomen. But this wound couldn't stop her. She had to keep going. Unless she was dead she had a job to do. She had to find her princess.

Clutching her side and using her sword as a means to hold herself up, she slowly made her way back up the steps she had recently descended. All around her, screams could be heard. Innocent lives being stolen, she thought. It was almost too much to bear. But she hadn't seen the worse yet.

People rushed past her, trying to escape the palace. The others must have failed to keep them out, too, she thought. The enemy had surrounded them in an instant, and she had ordered that they split up. Stupid. They might have stood a chance had they stayed together... but it was too late for that now. Too late to take back that ill fated order.

As she entered the main hall of the palace, she saw two of her senshi, her friends, laying lifeless on the ground. Mercury, Jupiter, I'm so sorry. A tear slid down her cheek as she passed their bodies, her sword making a sharp noise against the marble floors each step she took.

In the next room, the throne room, she entered just as Mars hit the floor. Enraged, she cried out and shot her crescent beam at the offender and watched his lifeless body fall to the ground. It was gratifying to watch him fall, but using that attack was too much. She lost the strength in her legs and fell back into the wall. Was this the end for her, too?


The voice was faint. Mars was alive! Venus got to her knees and dragged her failing body to her friend, sword in tow. It seemed to take an eternity, but she reached her dying friend. She got onto her knees and pulled the raven haired girl's head onto her lap. "Oh, Mars..." Venus' hand, trembling, touched the wound on her friend's chest.

Mars' eyes were calm. She'd accepted her fate. Death awaited her and she was ready. "Venus... the princess..."

Venus wiped the tears from her eyes. "Where is she?"

"She is on the balcony. The prince is with her," she gasped for breath. "But those vile creatures... they've chased after them. You must help them." Mars rested her hand on her friend's, taking in one last deep breath. From her hand, a light began to glow, and Venus felt some of her energy and strength return. "That is all I have... now go." Mars' eye shut one final time.

Venus felt her heart sink. She kissed her friend on the forehead before grabbing her sword and standing back up. "Until we meet again."

She'd lost much blood, but carried on to the balcony. She had to do what she could.

"Nooo! Endymion!" she heard the princess shriek.

Adrenaline surging, she rushed up the last few steps, but it was too late. As she looked out, Serenity grabbed the sword and plunged it into her chest, taking her own life. Venus fell to her knees. Princess, I've failed you.

She looked around her. Fire had broken out, smoke loomed from the burning buildings. The screams were now being stifled by the sounds of crumbling structures. Their palace had begun to collapse. Her heart ached. How could this have happened? And why? Who would have wanted to see their happiness end?

She did not try to stand again. Her purpose was gone. Serenity was dead. She looked down to the sword she'd been carrying. The tip was covered in blood. His blood. He'd distracted her just long enough for this to happen. She cried, blaming herself. Of all the mistakes she'd ever made, allowing herself to love him was the worst.

I'm so sorry, everyone. I remember a time, a time before we became apart of this twisted fate. A time when we were happy. Let's go back there...

Venus' eyes closed, and she took her final breath.