Prologue 1 - It's a Sen to Kill?

The silence in the dark had become almost unbearable. It allowed the mind to focus on other galactic traces, signatures, and even stupid intuitions. 'Damn, there they are again.' Sen felt another growing ki. 'What the HFIL was that would-be Saiyan up to?'

Keeping track of Goku wasn't difficult at all. He had been the strongest being that could be sensed in this dimension, but when he left, more powerful ki's were felt. Sen had high hopes that the remaining powers would eventually eradicate each other, thus saving this warrior the trouble. The fact that Goku had returned to the living frustrated Sen to no end.

'It cannot be put off any longer. I have to make a trip to Earth. That damn planet must somehow influence superpowers.' The warrior concentrated harder and discovered yet another! Sen sensed Goku and this other... ('another Saiyan!? It could only be the Prince.) Vegeta. They were in battle with...each other! 'Humph. Maybe planet Earth wasn't big enough after all.' Sen suppressed a chuckle but soon lost the humor.

Something else was happening, Sen with eyes closed, focused harder. There it was...another being, powering up.

'What the HFIL is going on? Damn! Is there no rest for me? Must the Gods plague me with more stumbling blocks? Well, they will all end in HFIL before I'm through...except maybe for that idiot Goku.'

The surrounding room seemed to disappear as Sen concentrated mental resources on the conflict on Earth. More and more ki's were becoming evident with one quickly surpassing them all. Sen never felt such a being and questioned if it was actually a life force at all. Sweat formed on the warrior's forehead as Sen continued to monitor the now escalating struggle. Then after a time, the eavesdropper noted that Goku no longer participated in the fight. 'Odd.' These developments, the warrior sensed, became increasingly disconcerting. For a moment, it crossed Sen's mind to abandon this mission and flee to Earth. Sen deliberated on the idea of crossing paths with the remaining Saiyans. Who would the fighter face first?

Sen knew a lot more of Goku. Some of his history was easy enough to obtain. The Yardra inhabitants were very much intrigued with the oddity and Goku's simple nature allowed him to speak freely. Goku actually had done Sen a favor. The Saiyan had earned the trust of the Yardrats who extended that same trust to this visitor. Sen was able to learn much of Goku's self and admittedly found little one. The dim-witted Saiyan denied his heritage and had forsaken his people. However, Sen consciously offered redemption to the lost soldier. Goku had in fact killed the beast that destroyed the warrior's planet.

Then, there was Prince Vegeta himself. Though Sen kept constant track of his excursions, little else was known of the elite Saiyan. 'Now, there was a formidable being!' The warrior had heard many a tale from Frieza's henchmen. True or fabled, Vegeta was a legend in his own right. So, other than being a bit of a disappointment to his race, Vegeta was a true prince of a fault! A smirk formed on Sen's face.

'Yes, I will meet this elite son of Vegeta, Conqueror and ruler of planet Vegeta, heir to the throne of the lost Saiyan race.'

The warrior shifted, slightly and caught a sigh. A feeling of loss slowly crept to consciousness. The planet and its people were gone and nothing in this dimension or the next could bring them back. Anger followed and Sen worked to refocus; pushing down the useless emotions. Vegeta's ki had dropped significantly. Two more impressive ki's drew near him. Sen's concentration intensified on the two as there was definitely more to see, or in this case, more to...

Sen's train of thought was broken and the warrior's eyes shot open. The victim approached. Sen suppressed all motion, ki and life functions including heart and breath (a trick learned from the Gejdorian race).

The female cyborg entered and thoroughly scanned the dark room with her laser eye. The beam of light brushed over Sen several times, but without detection. Satisfied with her scan, she moved over to the far wall and laid her humanoid hand upon a recessed identification plate. The wall's structure began to glow and it reshaped itself into a large capsule like container. The introduced light did little to illuminate the rest of the room. No matter, Sen had made a mental map of the cyborg's current habitat. The fortress was impressive, but obviously penetrable.

Unlike her mate, this particular cyborg used the pod to regenerate her cybernetic components. She powered down before lying in the tilted capsule. Instantly, the mechanism took over, inserting tubes and wires. The top hatch, hovering above, lowered to seal her in. With Sen's keen eyesight, the undetected intruder could see the cyborg's humanoid eye begin to flutter. This was Sen's cue. The cyborg was incapacitated and would remain in this state until her regeneration was complete.

With a smirk, the intruder's heartbeat and breathing returned to normal. Sen stood and walked over to look down upon the victim's face framed in the view shield. The half android would be oblivious to her executioner's presence but Sen knew when the time came to power up, the victim's mate would be upon them in a matter of seconds. That's who Sen was really after. Hamod. Now there was a waste of combination spare parts and DNA. The sole purpose of the semi robotic dimwit was to rein over all things mechanical in nature. Hamod disregarded his own humankind focusing on an illogical cause. Who had ever heard of the strongest mechanizer in the universe? Their people gained nothing from helping this sorry excuse for a Deliverer. Yes, wiping this worthless half being from the face of humanity would be Sen's pleasure.

The death of the she cyborg was not so clear cut. With that thought, the warrior noticed the frown on it's reflection in the glass shield. Looking back at the reflection, Sen self remarked: "There will be none of tha...." The sound immediately set alarms and flashing lights off. "Damn it!"

Without further hesitation, Sen powered-up and sent a hand through the shield to grasp the female's throat. Seals were broken and hydraulic gases were released through the damaged area. "Come on..." Sen breathed through clenched teeth and willed the cyborg to become conscious. Her awareness was necessary to taste her ki for compatibility and it would most certainly intensify the dire situation to Hamod.

Her bio eye fluttered, while her cyber eye remained lifeless. When she comprehended her dilemma, fear crept into that eye and Sen saw it. The cyborg's lips began to form words but no sounds came out. Then, Sen's acute hearing picked up a barely audible click. The warrior looked up to face Hamod, the capsule was the only thing between them. The cyborg's arm was raised and extended with barrel exposed, pointed directly at Sen's temple. The alarm's flashing amber light played on the polished metal. Hamod's advance without detection infuriated Sen.

"Say your goodbyes Hamod. You or she will be entering the next dimension, before long...if there is such a place for freaks," Sen announced coldly with narrowed eyes. Hamod remained motionless for a moment and then began scanning his mate's pod, assessing her predicament. His mate's eye made contact with the searching cyborg's. Hamod replied with no emotion, "She will recover from this. Leave now and no harm will come to you. If you choose to further pursue this course of action you will be terminated."

Sen's grasp tightened around she cyborg's neck. A small gasp came from her whitening lips. Her fear seemed to mirror itself onto Hamod's face for a moment, and then his emotionless expression returned.

"You have control of this situation, what is you intention?" questioned Hamod. Sen answered.

"Die Hamod. Terminate and she will live."

"I cannot. You will be the one to die."

"Not the way I see it, I can smell your fear. No, Hamod you will cease for her and the Universe will be a better place. So what's it going to be? Her life or yours?"

Hamod looked upon his mate and then at Sen, his emotions finally surfacing, "Saiyan, I will meet you in the other world and make you pay for this!"

"Take a number, you waste of a being," smirked Sen.

Hamod's eyes narrowed, "I will take more than that."

They both heard a weak "No" coming from the female cyborg, which immediately got their attention. Sen looked again upon the victim, whose pleading eyes stared at Hamod. Then, unexpectedly, the male cyborg's arm dropped to its side as if all energy ceased in his limbs.

"What claim do you have on my life?" voiced Hamod, as he continued to look upon his mate.

"You betrayed the trust of our people."

"I have had no dealings with Saiyans. Your claim is false."

"No your perception is...your death is for the Tsufuru."

"The Tsufuru!" Again, Hamod looked upon his accuser with searching eyes. "Why is a Saiyan avenging a race that they themselves eradicated? You're mad!"

Sen glared at the cyborg. "Again, you have misjudged your enemy, Hamod. I'm only half Saiyan!"

Hamod continued his stare with disbelief. "It can't be..."

"Enough, she's fading fast. I suggest you terminate now before she does." Sen's last threat pulled Hamod back to their current dilemma.

"Wait!" cried Hamod then quietly, "Let me speak to her one last time......please."

"What do you take me for, you worthless heap of junk? Someone with sentimental tendencies?!" But as Sen spoke, the grip around Hamod's mate lessoned and the female cyborg whispered his name. Something from Earth tugged at Sen's thoughts. Hamod moved closer to her.

"Not so fast traitor! Know that I'm a millisecond from shutting her down permanently, so don't be stupid!" Sen took this brief opportunity to mentally scan the outer perimeters and to pinpoint Vegeta's location. The Prince's ki levels appeared to be returning to normal.

"My love, we will fare far better than this one. I shall not leave your side....not for all eternity. Be brave!" His mate, eye wide, tried to swallow, then speak, but could not be heard. Hamod stood up to his full height, his body becoming rigid as his ki began to emanate from him. "NOW WE ALL DIE HALF SAIYAN!"

The heat from the cyborg powering up was enough to exterminate the average life form. But Sen was not average and with the help of the gathered ki, powered-up simultaneously. The ki would temporarily protect the warrior's body. This would give Sen just enough time to escape. Sen placed two fingers to the forehead, and with head raised, the half Saiyan, peered down its nose grinning at the inflamed cyborgs. "Sadly, I must say's just not my time." Just as Hamod went to reach for his foe, Sen released the victim's neck and faded out.

Sen rematerialized outside and hovered above the compound. The warrior wanted to be sure that Hamod completed his own destruction. Hamod's energy soon engulfed the fortress. Suddenly, the building imploded then released such an explosion that sent tons of fragments racing toward Sen. Instinctively, the warrior turned and rocketed to the sky. "Next stop, planet Earth...Look out Vegeta, here I COME!" Sen yelled over the deafening blast, and before the debris reached its target, the warrior dematerialized again. The next face Sen expected to see was that of the Prince.

Prologue 2 – Last Stand

"Trunks. Listen. You need to take good care of your mother." Vegeta gazed upon his son, as though it were the first time. Trunks had his mother's coloring, but his face mirrored his own. From the beginning, Vegeta doubted the boy's abilities. Clearly, Trunks had his mother's heart. But as the boy grew, the Prince realized that his son had his father's spirit. The combination had turned out not to be a detriment but in fact to be something positive. Trunks was a true prince. Royal Saiyan blood ran through those veins...he was Vegeta's legacy.

"Why would you say that? Dad, why do you want me to take care of mom? Are you going somewhere?" Trunks was apprehensive of his father. He suspected that the last bit of pounding Vegeta had taken from that fat pink blob, jostled his brain. Goten, watched the two. He didn't feel comfortable here, but he would not leave his friend Trunks.

Vegeta sensed that Majin Buu was on the move again. He turned and watched for the freak. The monster would not have the upper hand again. He also felt Piccolo and Krillin near by. "I want you two to leave and get far away from here. As for Buu, I'll fight him alone."

"Don't do that!" If there was one thing Goten had learned from his father it was to 'defend to the end.' Vegeta would not fight this thing alone.

"Goten is right. We'll fight with you. You don't want to get killed do you? You've got to let us help you, Dad." Trunks glanced over at Goten, "Are you in?"

Goten balled his fists, "Yeah."

"See, we're with you!"

This was taking too long. "Stop it," he scolded. "It's too dangerous for you two. I will finish this by myself." Vegeta would have liked to continue bantering with his son, HFIL, if there was any other way, he mused, the Prince would have enjoyed spending the rest of his life as the boy's 'royal pain in the ass father.'

Now even Kakarot's baka son, was trying to reason with him. "Come on it'll be easier to beat him with me and Trunks."

"We'll gang up on him he...he won't know what hit him," Trunks joined in.

"Yeah, we're tough. We can even beat that big blob without your help. Right Trunks?"

"You bet!"

"Might do better than you did!"

Both boys cupped their mouths. Normally such insolence would have resulted in a severe pummeling either verbally or physically. No child was going to fight his battles. He was the Prince of all Saiyans. He was the strongest. After this was over, no one would doubt his what cost? He turned, and again focused on Trunks.

"Trunks, you are my only son and yet I haven't held you once since you were a baby, have I?" Vegeta smiled and held out his hand. "Come here, son." Shocked, Trunks stepped back as his father stepped forward. He gently held his son's arm to prevent the boy from retreating further. Trunks' eyes became wide with disbelief.

Trunks was really confused now. "Dad, what's wrong?"

Vegeta was only able to make use of one arm, the other hung lifeless. But the injury would not stop him. He would do this for his son...and for himself. Gently, he pulled Trunks to his chest. The Prince held him as tenderly as he knew how.

"Ahhh, this is embarrassing. Dad, come on. Cut it out." Trunks continued to whine but remained in his father's embrace.

Goten wished he was not the only witness to this display. He looked for personal solace, sticking his thumb in his mouth. If only he could understand. Hopefully, Trunks would explain it to him.

The Prince looked down at his son, his dark heart filling with regret. 'Dende, why must I let go?' Would Trunks understand? Would Bulma? She would. His onna knew him better than he knew himself. 'Kuso.' he was definitely going to miss them both. There will be no reunion for them. Where Vegeta was going, they would never follow. If only one sacrifice could erase a lifetime of sin. Certainly not in the next dimension. But this final atonement might be enough for those he cared for in this one.

"Trunks. There's something you must know." He smiled again at the boy. "You made me proud, my son." Trunks couldn't believe his ears. His every goal was bent on getting his father's acceptance and approval. He turned his head up to gaze at his father in astonishment. All of his life, he wanted to hear those words. Many times, his mother spoke on his father's behalf, "You can see it in his eyes..."

Vegeta let go of his son and without warning delivered a judo chop to Trunks' neck. The boy fell to the ground unconscious.

Goten gasped. "What did you do to him?" With his teeth clenched, he ran to Vegeta. "Why'd you do that? What's wrong with you? Why did you do that to Trunks?

The prince considered Kakarot's brat for a moment. He tolerated the boy's friendship with Trunks only because he was a half Saiyan like his son, and they were the last of their race.

"You might have killed him! Why? Are you crazy? Why!!?" He grabbed Vegeta and tried to shake an answer out of him. "Why did you do it, tell me!? Why did you do that to Trunks? You're his dad. Dads aren't supposed to do bad things to their son. Why did you hit him? Why did you hurt him like that! Why, why WHY!!??

'Damn, the brat carries on like his baka mother.' Vegeta thought, then sent a fist into Goten's stomach. The boy staggered back and dropped face down in the dirt.

After witnessing Vegeta's confrontation with Trunks and Goten, Piccolo decided to have a face to face with the Prince. He lowered himself to the ground, walked over to Vegeta, and stood in front of him. He studied the Saiyan, trying to discover his motives. They were interrupted by Majin Buu. The Pink freak was heading there way with that ridiculous strut...humming no less.

Vegeta regarded the Namek. "Take the two boys, as far away from here as possible. Go now." It was then that Piccolo knew what the Prince had in mind.

"Of course." Piccolo walked past Vegeta to retrieve the young Saiyans as Vegeta walked ahead to make his stand with Buu. The Namek gently lifted the children, one under each arm.

Vegeta did not look back but warned Piccolo, "It's time, hurry."

Piccolo glanced over his shoulder then turned to regard the Saiyan once more. "You'll die you know that."

His back was to the Namek but he could feel Piccolo watching him. "There is one thing I'd like to know. Tell me, Will I meet that clown Kakarot in the other world?"

"I'm not going to lie to you Vegeta, although the answer will be difficult for you to hear, this is the truth. Goku devoted his life to protecting the lives of others. Because of his selflessness, when he died, he was allowed to keep his body and to travel to King Kai's planet. You on the other hand have spent your life in pursuit of your own selfish desires. You've caused too much pain. When you die, you will not receive the same reward."

Vegeta smirked to himself as the words sunk in. "Oh well, so be it." Piccolo would see to it that his son would be taken to safety and Vegeta would ensure that he and others remained safe. "That will be all...Get out of here and hurry!" Majin Buu was now upon them.

Majin called to the Namek as he turned and took to the air with the boys in tow. "You stay, you fight Buu!"

"YES! That's right!" The Prince retorted forcefully to Majin Buu.


"Your fight is with me. Thee others are of no concern to you. Got it?! You big blotted balloon freak!"

At that, Buu clenched his fists and steam poured from spouts on his body. 'It seems I've made the fat bastard angry,' Vegeta thought to himself and let out a snicker.

"You talk mean to Buu! Me make you hurt bad"

The Saiyan Prince chuckled again. "I think I finally understand you. Let's go!"

For a moment Buu seemed more confused than angry. "Huh?"

Vegeta raised his right fist and powered up to his Ascended Super Saiyan stature. The electricity crackled around his body as he began to glow. The energy that emanated swirled the dirt around him causing the earth to be swept away from were he stood.

Majin Buu grinned at his shiny new play thing. "Oh, you look tasty; I make you chocolate or maybe make you butter and cheese."

Standing proud, Vegeta laughed at the pathetic creature. It was time to end this. "You are a fool. I'm going to crush you and throw you into the wind."

Taken aback, Buu checked himself over wondering what the shiny golden man was talking about. He looked at each of his hands and then back to Vegeta "Huh?"

For the last time, Vegeta search for his loved one's ki. He desperately wanted to sense them once more. No barriers this time, their warmth rushed over his soul. His expression became one of contentment and then he smiled. 'Trunks, Bulma, I do this for you. And yes, even for you Kakarot.' The Prince held tight to this feeling and let everything else go; his power exploding with the newly found energy.

Out of nowhere, Sen appeared between Buu and Vegeta surprising the pink monster. But Vegeta did not see as he was looking within himself, concentrating, finding the strength to complete his task. The Prince clenched his fist and shouted his battle cry. His whole body arched, straining from the massive ki building inside of him.

Sen turned and looked at the super Saiyan, 'what in the HFIL was he doing?!' Then it hit. Vegeta's aura expanded, engulfing all things around him. The energy seared Sen's flesh and it began to rip away. "VEGETA! NO!" '...not like this, not by him!'

Vegeta heard Sen.'s scream and spied the figure caught between him and his enemy. 'The fool!' What was he supposed to do now? Buu was breaking apart but he still could sense the freak's ki. The Prince was too far gone to turn back. Nothing could stop him now. The blinding ball of energy continued to grow, as he expelled his last reservoir of energy. As his body slowly levitated towards the sky, he watched the two disintegrate before him, his own body failing as well. Then everything went white.