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The Waitress and Her Samurai

" Little Yahiko! Breakfast's ready!" called Tsubame's soft voice.

" Five more minutes Ugly." Yahiko mumbled in his sleep.

" WHAT?!" Tsubame asked in mock anger. Yahiko jumped out of bed.

" Gomen Tsubame. I thought it was Kaoru." Said Yahiko, bowing apologetically. Tsubame giggled, making the young swordsman's heart flutter.

' How can do this to me by merely giggling?' thought Yahiko. ' Because she's a breath taking beauty that stole your heart years ago.' Said a voice. Yahiko could clearly remember when he defeated the thugs trying to steal from the Ackobecko, when he risked his life for Tsubame.

" What are we having?' asked Yahiko.

" Rice cakes." The two walked down to the kitchen. On the way down the stairs, the two teens hands brushed against each other and as if on reflex, intertwined themselves. Tae toke one glance at their intertwined and smiled.

" Did I miss something?" She asked. Yahiko and Tsubame then noticed they were holding hands, blushed bright red and let go. Tae chuckled. Yahiko had moved in with her and Tsubame when Kaoru Himura became pregnant. Something about Ugly's mood swings and horrible cooking. Yahiko had worked in the Ackobecko since then. Tae was constantly trying ways to get the waitress and swordsman to admit their feelings, but both of them were too afraid. Yahiko heard someone call him and followed the voice.

" It's about time you got here baka-densi." Said Kaoru. A vein poked out in Yahiko's forehead

" I'm not your student anymore!" he said.

" Old habits die hard." Said Kaoru.

" You two shouldn't fight, that shouldn't. We came to see you're doing all right." Said Kenshin.

" I'm doing great! I don't get food poisoning anymore." Said Yahiko with a smirk. A vein poked out of Kaoru's forehead and pounded Yahiko.

" My cooking never gave you food poisoning!" she said. Kenshin slipped his arms around his wife, pulled her back to her seat, and made circles on her back.

" Koishi you need to relax, that you do, Dr. Gensai said you might hurt the baby." He said trying to soothe her.

" Oh look its little Yahiko." Said a voice. Yahiko turned around and saw a lanky man in a white jacket with the symbol for "bad" on it. The man also had spiky brown hair and a red bandana.

" Don't call me little, Rooster Head! Nobody can call me little." said Yahiko.

" Little Yahiko could you give me a hand?" asked Tsubame.

" Tsubame please don't call me little." Said Yahiko.

" Please?" she asked, starring at him with puppy dog eyes.

' No! Not that! Anything but puppy dog eyes.' Thought Yahiko. He just couldn't refuse her when she starred at him like that.

" Alright, you can call me little." Said Yahiko. Tsubame hugged him around the neck. His arms went around her waist automatically.

" Arigouto( I know I didn't spell that right) little Yahiko." Tsubame said happily. His friends laughed.

" Little Yahiko has a girlfriend!" Teased Sano as he elbowed Yahiko lightly. He and Tsubame blushed. When everyone had gone, Yahiko went out back and practiced swordsmanship. Tsubame watched as usual. This time she should got up and walked towards him.

" Could you teach me?" She asked.

" Sure." He said. He handed her his boken and she swung it awkwardly. " No like this." Said Yahiko. He took the boken and showed her the right way, but she still didn't get it right. So Yahiko slipped his arms around Tsubame and guided her along the correct movements. At first both were blushing a lot, but soon they both fell into synch. Each thrust, powerful and focused. It was as if both had their minds had merged and were joined as one.

" I hope I'm not interrupting anything." Said a voice. Both instantly turned red again. They turned to see Marom (I don't think I spelled her name right.) the Cannon Girl.

" Of course not. I was just showing Tsubame the basics of Swordsmanship." Said Yahiko. 'But it did feel good being so close to her.' He thought.

" My Father and I were wondering if you would like to join the Cannon Company." Said Marom.

" No thanks." Said Yahiko. Marom was shocked.

" You'd rather be with that plain waitress then the Amazing Cannon Girl?" she asked.

" It's just I need her,,… I mean she needs me,…. I mean" said Yahiko blushing more each second.

" Ok, stay if you want but you're missing the chance of a lifetime." Said Marom and left.

" Little Yahiko, You didn't need to do that." Said Tsubame.

" I wanted to stay here with you." Said Yahiko, then blushed more at his own words. On the way home, A couple thugs their blocked their path brandishing metal swords. Yahiko moved in front of Tsubame protectively.

" Hand over your girl and any money you have and we might spare you." he said.

" Not a chance! I Yahiko Miyojin son of a Samurai will defeat you! "said Yahiko and he drew his boken. The first thug charged and stabbed Yahiko in the shoulder. Yahiko winced in pain then kneed him between the legs. The thug's eyes rolled backward and fell.

" Your going to pay for that gaki!" shouted the second thug. He swung his sword horizontally, hoping to chop Yahiko's head off. The Young Samurai ducked under the blade and thrusted into the thug's stomach. Then Yahiko gave him an uppercut and the thug fell backwards.

" What's going on here?" asked a squad of policemen.

" These thugs attacked me and my friend, so I defeated them." said Yahiko.

" Do you have an prove it was self-defense?" asked the officers.

" I saw the whole thing officers, It was self-defense." said Tsubame.

" Very well, These men will be arrested." said the officers. On the way home Yahiko was clutching his shoulder.

" Little Yahiko! You're hurt!" said Tsubame in a very worried tone.

" It's just a flesh wound." said Yahiko, then he winced in pain.

" I'll be able to treat it at home, let's hurry." said Tsubame. Once they got home, Tsubame got some bandages and Iodin and walked over to Yahiko. He winced every time she touched his shoulder. When she had finished cleaning the wound she wrapped the bandages around it.

" Not too tight is it?" she asked.

"No, just right. Thanks." said Yahiko.

" I should be thanking you for protecting me." said Tsubame.

" I was just doing my duty as member of the Kamyia Kashing style." said Yahiko. There was silence for a few moments. " Tsubame, I hope you know that I would do anything to keep you safe." Tsubame's eyes light up.

" Oh Little Yahiko!" she threw her arms around his neck.

" Time for bed, got a big day tomorrow." said Tae. Tsubame let go of Yahiko and said goodnight. But before she left she pecked Yahiko's cheek. Yahiko raised a hand to his cheek, smiled and went to bed.

Later that Night


" Come in." said Yahiko, who was in bed. The door opened and Tsubame was there.

"I had a nightmare." she said. Yahiko was about to tell to shake it off when he saw tears in her eyes.

' Crying is blackmail.' he thought. He opened his arms toward her. " Come here." he said. Tsubame put her hands on his chest and rested her head against it. Yahiko wrapped his arms around her and rubbed it soothingly " Do you want to tell me it?" he asked.

" The bad people who you beat today escaped and killed you right in front of me." this statement brought on tears from the waitress. Yahiko did his best to sooth her. He said "Everything is alright." over and over again softly in her ear. When she stopped crying she spoke up.

" Not everything is all right Little Yahiko. When I saw you dead in my dream, it made me realize how horrible it would be to be apart from you. I realized that I need you with me. What I'm trying to say Little Yahiko is that I...I .... I....."Yahiko put a finger to her lips.

" I love you too Tsubame." said Yahiko. Tsubame hugged Yahiko tighter and surprising Yahiko and especially herself, she kissed Yahiko right on the lips. Yahiko kissed her back gently. They soon broke the kiss.

" I love you, my little Yahiko." said Tsubame before falling asleep again, knowing her samurai would never leave her, She went to sleep knowing her samurai would protect her form everything, including nightmares. Yahiko didn't want Tae to see them in this position in case she thought he forced himself on the waitress, but didn't have the heart to wake Tsubame. He pulled Tsubame close, not wanting her to get cold and drifted off into blissful dreams about himself and his girlfriend Tsubame. Tae watched just outside the door.

'Finally they admitted it. I was beginning to think they would never confess their feelings for each other.'

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baka densi(I don't know If I spelled that right)- Stupid student, dumb apprentice

Gomen- Sorry

Boken- Wooden Sword

Gaki- brat

Koishi- Wife, lover, girlfriend etc.