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The Waitress and her Samurai Chapter 3 Kendo Lessons

It had been a busy day at the Ackobecko, Genkia had been working there for a few weeks. Yutaro dropped by regularly, sometimes to eat, other times for sparing with Yahiko. He talked with Genkia nearly every time. Tae sent Yahiko to market to get more supplies.

" Tsubame, how did you and Yahiko get together?' Genkia asked.

" It's a long story."

" I have time." So Tsubame told her the whole story, from when she mended his sandal to when they confessed their feelings.

" That's so romantic. You must be pretty happy." said Genkia.

" Hai." said Tsubame.

" What do you think I could do to spend more time with Yutaro?" asked Genkia.

" Yahiko-chan said he was going to train at the Kamiya Dojo. Maybe you could enroll there." Tsubame said.

" Thanks, I'll do that."

" I'm back." said Yahiko. Tsubame went over and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

" Get everything?" asked Tae. Yahiko nodded.

The Next Day

Genkia walked up to the Kamyia Dojo. She pushed open the door and went in.

" Mrs. Himura? Are you here?" She called. Kauro walked outside.

" You must be Genkia. What can I do for you?" Asked the Assistant Master.

" I'd like to enroll."

" Great!" Kaoru gave Genkia am outfit like her own and a shina.

" Kaoru-Sensei! I'm here for my lesson!' Called Yutaro.

" Great Timing. Genkia just enrolled." Said Kaoru.

" WAAAA!" Kenji wailed.

" Yutaro, would you show Genkia the basics? I need to tend to Kenji." Said Kaoru.

" Hai, Kaoru-Sensei." said Yuatro. He showed Genkia a basic swing. She knew the technique well enough from watching him and Yahiko spar. But she remembered Tsubame's story and intentionally got the swing wrong several times.

" No, Like this." Yutaro showed her again, she got it wrong again. " Let me help you." Yutaro went behind Genkia, she noticed his face was getting red. HE slipped his arms around her waist and grabbed the shina she was holding. " Like this." He guided her along the proper movements. Genkia was so enjoying being so close to him, she didn't realize he was talking.

" The Kamyiakasen Ryu is al about self defense and renewal. That's one of the reasons the followers of this style never use metal swords. Do you understand?" asked Yutaro.

" Uh huh." Said Genkia partly in a daze from their proximity.

"Jou-chan! Jou-chan! Jou-" Kaoru slapped a hand over Sano's mouth.

" Quiet Rooster Head! I just got Kenji to sleep!" She ordered.

" Ok, Got any thing to eat?" He asked.

" What, Megumi kick you out again? She must have been pretty mad if you came here."

" No, nothing like that! Me and my vixen are getting along great. I was out training and your place was closer." Said Sano.

" Fine, It's almost time to eat anyway." She went to call the, but then she saw their position, and dropped back.

" I thought she might have a different reason for enrolling." Kaoru said to herself.

" What did you say, Jou-chan?" Asked Sano. Kaoru went on her tip toes and whispered in Sano's ear.

" Sano, I want you to get some of your friends together." She whispered.

Later that day

" Yutaro, Genkia, I want you two to get water form the river." Said Kaoru.

" Hai, Kaoru-Sensei." They said. They grabbed some buckets and started down the river.

" I didn't think it would be this hard, I feel sore all over." Genkia said on the way to the river.

" Nobody said getting stronger would be easy, but you get used to it after a while." Said Yutaro. They reached the river filled their buckets and started back to the dojo. Someone grabbed Genkia from around her waist and pulled her to them.

" Heyy baby! Wanna go havve somee funn?" He slurred. Genkia could tell by his breath that he was drunk. Genkia tried to get out of his arms but The guy tightened his grip.

" I wouldn't takae no for a anwser." He said.

" Let Me go!" Genkia demanded.

" notuh, not till I havve somme funn." He pushed her down and sat on her. But was soon pushed off.

" She said to leave her be." Yutaro said icily, his eyes narrowing.

" Yooouu can't tell me waht to do, you litle brat!" The man drew a dagger and advanced on Yutaro, stumbling, and hiccuping.

" No problem." Yutaro said to himself. He swung his boken at the drunk aiming for his ribs. The drunk caught the wooden sword and yanked it out of Yutaro's hands. Then he lunged. Yutaro jumped aside, and grabbed the drunk's wrist that held the dagger, and tried pulling it out of his hands. But the drunk was stronger and tried pushing the blade down to Yutaro. Yutaro managed to get away nut his shoulder was slashed and starting to bleed. The drunk lunged again but this time Yutaro wasn't able to get out of the way fast enough, fortunately Genkia pushed him down and he avoided further injury, however now she was in harm's way. The drunk made a grab for her but this time she was ready, when he got close enough she kicked him in his manhood, then gave him a few whacks on the head with her shina. He seemed to be shacking off the blows until Yutaro grabbed his Boken and thrusted into his Stomach recently. Both series of attacks finally brought him down.

" Are you ok Genkia?' Yutaro asked.

" Yes, Yutaro............kun." Yutaro blushed.( BTW I'm not really sure about the meaning of 'kun' I know it's a more familiar term, but I'm not sure if it's for close friends or more like a relationship term like koishi. So forgive me if I got it wrong.)

" Let's get back." Yutaro said, still blushing. When they got back, Kaoru was shocked at Yutaro's injury. She quickly cleaned and dressed the wound.

" Hey Jou-chan! I brought my friends." Called Sano.

" Your friend already was already there and hurt Yutaro!" Kaoru almost yelled.

" But I just got them, none of my friends was at the river."

" You mean..."

" The guy who attacked them wasn't part of your plan,"

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Shina- Bamboo practice sword.

Jou-chan- Little Missys