"What a fool, I'm a god!" Dagoth laughed As Balthazar dived to the side, avoiding a potent blast of Magicka. "How can you kill a god? What an intoxicating innocence, there is no escape" Even from behind the gold mask, Balthazar could see the evil in his eyes. Dagoth, corrupted by power, was no longer lord Nerevar's trusted friend and ally. He had to put an end to this, to settle a dispute centuries old. "No Recall or intervention can work in this place." Fine by him, there was no retreat this time. It was, as he told the Ashlander tribes, Victory or death. And personally, he did not prefer the latter. "Come, lay down your weapons. It is not too late for my mercy."

"NEVER!" Balthazar focused the power of the Shard bolt ring he was wearing under Wraith guard, a powerful focused burst of frost Magicka flying toward his opponent. Who simply laughed as it bounced off him.

Dagoth darted forward his amazing speed, landing a punch directly in the Argonians jaw, knocking him through the air and over the side of the platform. Balthazar landed with a loud thud on the outstretched arm of the partially completed Akulakhan. His sight wavering for a few moments, he remained still until he regained himself. But Dagoth was quickly descending the spiral path toward him, both hands burning with energy from the heart. His thousands of minions crouched in the crevices, watching with sheer delight as the lord of Red Mountain hunted their worst enemy.

With the hammer Sunder tight in his grasp, and the short blade Keening close by. He knew that there was only one chance of defeating Dagoth. As Vivec had said, the bounds the Tribunal had on the great heart also fuelled Dagoth Ur. Free the heart, and the great enemy of Tamriel would be destroyed. However, doing so was proving to be no easy task.

"I really wish Nerevar could had made sure this N'wah was dead before dying." He muttered to himself. Then realized that he was, technically, insulting himself. As he regaining some sense, he realized that the air around him was vibrating in regular intervals. Just like a heart beat. He looked sharply down, and there was the fabled great heart of Lorkhan. Sitting inside the Akulakhans chest, waiting to be put into place. Finally! He pushed himself up, took Sunder tightly in Wraith Guard's grip and leapt toward it.

Dagoth paused. His opponent was going for the heart, probably to take power from it and us it to combat him. He quickened his pace, throwing more magicka in his direction. Balthazar knew that using the tools, he could make himself a god, and he'd by lying if he said that the prospect wasn't tempting. However, the corruption of the heart had gone on long enough. He would not be known for eternity as the destroyer of the world. The Blight had to end.

As he reached ground level, he struck the heart once with Sunder. An almost musical like tone erupted forth, But Balthazar was occupied. He tore Keening from it's sheath around his ankle, holding it blade downward, as if he were going to stab it.

"What are you doing?" Dagoth screamed, reaching the beginning of the rope bridge that linked the end of the pathway to the Akulakhan. He panicked as Balthazar struck the heart with the blade, shattering the musical tone. "STOP!" He cried, racing toward him. But, even with his speed, he was too late. Balthazar withdrew the blade and stabbed it again. His face twisted with effort, as he had not expected the dead to be this difficult. Dagoth staggered, his power was diminishing. Impossible, he was a god. His access to the heart could never be disrupted! He proceeded forward, preparing to blast Balthazar with every once of Magika he could muster. However, he was far too late. With one more slash, the constrictions on the great heart were severed. History marked this moment, Balthazar could feel the significance of it in his very soul.

Dagoth Ur screamed, the great Hearts power severed from his being. Balthazar looked back, Kenning still in Wraith guard's tight grasp toward Nerevar's old friend, mouth hung open as he watched the Tribunals great enemy evaporate, unable to survive without the heart. It was a solemn and very sobering moment. All the conflict he had endured to get to this point that climaxed at this point. Red Mountain, without it's master thundered with rage, Akulakhan, Dagoth's greatest work, crumbled into dust above him. The very world around the Argonian falling into chaos.

As he'd expected, Red Mountain could not hold itself together with the pulsing of the heart. Escape now his motivation, Balthazar sheathed the short blade and started about, turning as fast as his legs could carry him away from the collapsing God. His Deadric armour was heavy, but because of years of training, he didn't feel the weight of his on his muscles. He needed the protection, enraged by the destruction of their lord a multitude of Sleepers, Ascended Sleepers and many powerful Daedra leapt from their hiding places, each hurling powerful destructive forces of magic.

Balthazar just had to make it out of the chamber, and then he could use the Devine Intervention amulet had had tight in the Deadric gauntlet on his left hand to escape. He turned to look back at the endless sea of monstrosities, pushing and climbing past each other to get at him. He needed to slow them down a little. He aimed the right arm toward them; Wraith guards palm open as he ran. He knew few spells, but the ones he did know were potent. This particular one he had made up himself, a focused elemental blast and left enemies incapacitated for near hours on end. It required, however, a great deal of Magicka to cast, and if he used it now he would not be able to defend himself magically from here on in.

However, he was left with little option when he discovered a trio of Storm Atronatchs blocking his path, each ready to blast him with focused bolts of lighting. Without hesitating, he called forth all the culminated magicka in his body and focused it down his arm. Almost all the heart chamber lit up in fiery shades of red, white, green and blue. The Sleepers chasing him fell instantly, their bodies unable to bear the exposure to such extreme force. The other paused, shielding themselves with magic during the spells duration, the Atronatchs, pausing from their attack look enough for the Argonian Warrior to slip past them and up onto the highest level of the chamber.

He threw himself as the Dwemer crank that worked the door and slowly it opened, grinding against the rusted metal. They crowd of Dagoth followers screamed as Balthazar began running towards to opening door, and his salvation. The spell wore off and they were nearly upon him in their thousands, spells of powerful destructive nature flew through the air, all aimed at him. Despite wearing the belt of the armour of god, a gift from the Justice offices in Vivec, Balthazar knew he would not survive the onslaught.

Time seemed to slow down to a crawl, each inch in moved seemingly a lifetime. And then, it sped up.

Balthazar tore through the round steal door, seconds before the fire and ice attacks thrown at him, sealed it shut, closing off the heart chamber forever.

Red mountain screamed and shook furious that its lord's killer had managed to escape alive. Now was the time, Balthazar took the amulet and activated its magic with whatever small amount remained of his own. The spell began working instantly, and he was carried away to safety in a soft white light. As he drifted, the magnitude of the task he had accomplished was finally revealed to him. He'd done it…..he'd actually done it. Dagoth Ur, the curse of Morrowind and all of Tamriel was destroyed, and he had carried out the dead.

"Neveraine…." A voice called out to him from the light. A voice he knew all too well.

"Azura?" He asked, listening.

"Incarnate, hero and Saviour of this noble isle. You are no longer shackled by prophecy, you are free." The goddess said to him, her voice soft and comforting. "Congratulations." She added, her grace smiling on him as he floated in limbo. He basked in the smug knowledge of his accomplishment, before he was whisked away, the spelling delivering him with a loud retry to the nearest shrine of the Imperial Cult.

The loud, distant call of a Cliff Racer forced him to open his eyes, and he was greeted by the puzzled faces of a few Imperial legionaries. He knew exactly where he was. Fort Buckmoth, the legion fort just south of Ald Ruhn.

Balthazar sat up, his weight supporting on his arms. He groaned and then removed the Ebony, Argonian style helm that he had forced himself, showing his face. A short yellow snout, covered in segmented scales. He had two ram like horns coming out the back of his head and one smaller horn on the end of his snout. A thick mess of almost Kajhit like fur grew just behind the two horns.

"Wait, this is the Neveraine. You know, those temple acolytes were talking about. Vivec himself just admitted that he was Lord Neverar reincarnate. I recognise him from the description." One of them, a young recruit barely fitting into his black and silver armour exclaimed. They all looked at each other. "He must have just returned from Red Mountain!" Another added, his weight balanced on his spear. They all stared to look at the Argonian, and the Moon and Star ring he was wearing once he pull of Wraith guard.

"Did you do it?" They al asked at once, more and more guards gathering around him. Balthazar just looked at him with a deliriously happy look on his face. Then he started laughing. He laughed loud and long, falling onto his back, arms spread wide.

"He did it!" One of them cried. They all exchanged glances, but this only lasted for a moment before they all starting cheering. Raising their weapons up high, several of them starting off toward the town to spread the word that the battle of the Red Mountain was a victory.

"Dagoth Ur is vanquished!" Balthazar cried to the wind, as if he were speaking to all of Morrorwind. The Imperials around him gave off a loud cry of joy, picking him up and lifting him up onto their shoulders. Normally he was not one to demand such treatment, but since he was still left in the aftermath of the dead, he allowed himself heroes worship this one time.

He had done it; he had fulfilled the wishes of the Neveraine cult and had bested the evil of Dagoth Ur. It was over, it was finally over.


Azura watched her little hero from the safety of limbo. Smiling pleasantly. The people of Tamrial had been spared from a terrible fate and they had this little Argonian to thank for it.

"I do believe your developing a rather attractive madness Azura." She looked around; approaching her was the Deadra Prince of Madness Sheogorath. "Because you must be insane to think that it is over. He still has many duties to perform, so why did you tell him that he is no longer bound by prophecy?"

"He earned his rest." She replied to the price of madness. "You just don't like him because he helped me win that little wager, you no good cheater." The Deadra prince grumbled loudly.

"I do not dislike him, he has served all the gods. Including Malog Bal, proving that he is just as insane as any of my followers." Sheogorath managed a humoured laugh. "But time will tell, he is Nerevar reincarnate, and as such his destiny is far from fulfilled. He will evict the Empire from Morrowind, whether he wants to or not."