A/N: Yup. This idea is a little clich├ęd but I wanted to do it anyways. Hope you like! A/N #2: I edited this a little, to turn it into a series, but it might go a little slow, so bear with me. Disclaimer: NOT MINE! No money. Don't sue. Rating: PG-13 just because Jess has kind of a pottymouth. Summary: Nerves. Literati

How to Plan a Wedding without Killing your Loved Ones in the Process

Pt. 1: Nerve

They sat in complete and utter silence.

He'd cooked for her. All her favorites and that was really saying something, considering how much she could eat.

They sat silently on their favorite bridge, with nothing but a few well-placed candles to light their meal. It was their anniversary. He didn't really remember which one, but she wasn't too concerned about that, as long as he remembered when it was.

Tonight would be special, or so he planned, but she didn't know it yet.

"What's wrong?"

He looked up at her from the food in front of them. He'd probably been looking pensive. He couldn't help it. "Nothing," he told her quietly. "Nothing's wrong."

She tilted her head. "You look kind of sad."

Not sad. Nervous. Very, very nervous.

"I'm not sad," he replied. "Eat up, it's getting cold."

"No, tell me," she urged. "What's wrong?"

"Really, Rory, nothing is wrong," he said, starting to get a little annoyed. "Why would something be wrong? Here we are, it's our anniversary, I'm... happy. I mean we've been together for a long while now."

Five years, since they were eighteen. They'd had their problems, sure, but it had been a good relationship.

"You don't look happy," she replied. "If you're not happy, just tell me."

He didn't reply. He was nervous as hell, and she wasn't helping. Why did she always make things so god-damned difficult?

"Fine. Don't talk."

Still, he didn't reply. His hands were in his jacket pockets, and he was fingering something inside it, thinking.

"Is this it?" she asked him.

His head snapped up to look at her again. "What?"

"Is this it... for us?" she asked quietly. "Things have been great but... you've been really quiet this past week. You've seemed unhappy."

"I'm happy," he tried to reassure her. "Rory, I am, really."

"But you seem so... not happy," she went on. "Maybe we should break up."

Jesus Christ. Now?!


"No," she cut him off. "If you're not happy, just say so."

He sighed. "Please, just eat, Rory. I don't want to fight."

"We're not fighting," she replied. "Tell me the truth."

"There's no truth to tell," he replied quietly. "Why are you pushing this?"

"Because you've been so... pensive and quiet all week," Rory replied. "Especially since we got here this morning. Please, just tell me what's wrong."

He didn't replied, just looked down at the food. Why was she being like this? It wasn't like her.

She stared at him. "If you're not going to tell me what's wrong, then I'm gonna go."

He clenched his jaw.

She got up and walked off.

He sighed and got to his feet and chased after her. She started running.

"Oh, god, not this again," he muttered, running after her as he did six years prior. "Where the hell did you learn to run, woman?!"

She didn't answer, and when he finally caught up to her he grabbed her arm and stopped her, both out of breath.

"Why are you making this hard? Again?" Rory asked, obviously about ready to have a breakdown.

"Why are you making this hard?!" Jess cried. His nerves were catching up to him. "I'm not sad! I'm not unhappy! I've never been so god-damned content in my entire life!"

She was speechless.

He pulled a small, black box out of his jacket pocket. He really didn't know what the hell he was doing. He'd never been particularly romantic.

He shoved the box into her hand and stood waiting.

She stared at the box.

Out of breath. Nervous. Not a good combination. "Well, open it."

She looked down at it and opened it. Her eyes just about popped out of her head. It was a small diamond on a silver band, but it sparkled in Stars Hollow's streetlights. "Jess..."

He bounced on his heals a little, still nerve-wracked and slightly out of breath. "Marry me?"

She looked up at him, looking like she might cry. "Yeah," she nodded.


She nodded again. "Yeah."

He actually gave her a smile. "Yeah?"

She threw her arms around him and kissed him.