Digiquest for Glory: So you want to be a hero

Chapter 1

By Time Lady


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Author's note: Thanks everyone for your kind notes. After a week, I'm feeling a little better. You guys are great. Now if only I could find a guy like Takeru (though closer to my age) in real life. . . .


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"So ye laddies think ye're ready to become heroes?" asked Geoff, master of the Adventurer's guild. "Are ye properly equipped?"

"We each have a protective leather jerkin," said Yamato. "We each have a weapon, and we have packs with traveling rations and healing potions."

"But have ye a quest? Do ye know where ye are going?" returned Geoff.

"Well, we hadn't quite gotten that far," admitted Daisuke.

"Which is why we came to see you," said Takeru. "We were hoping for a bit of advice."

"Ach! Advice now is it?" The elderly guildmaster stroked his gray beard. He walked over to a board where notices were posted and took off a paper. "This just came our way. In the town of Spielburg, the baron is in sore need of a hero."

"How come?" asked Ken.

"He had the misfortune of running afoul of an evil hag. As a result of her curse, the Baron Stefan von Spielburg has lost both of his children. The baron has become rather disillusioned and has secluded himself in his home. Monsters and brigands run rampant in the forest surrounding the town. People are afraid to leave the town. Finally, Starmon, the sheriff of Spielburg, sent out a call for help," explained Geoff.

"That sounds perfect!" exclaimed Daisuke.

"I don't know," said Yamato. "It sounds rather tough for our first adventure."

"The travel should toughen ye up," said Geoff. "There is a caravan leaving in two weeks that will pass near Spielburg. I'm certain the caravan master wouldn't mind 4 strapping young men along. He's willing to pay for extra guards."

"I guess we'll talk to him," returned Yamato.


Two weeks later, Daisuke, Yamato, Takeru, and Ken said farewell to the few friends and acquaintances they had, then shouldered their packs with all their worldly possessions. Between the four of them, that wasn't a lot. Yamato shouldered the lute his father left him. Then the caravan master gave the signal. Monochromon pulling carts moved forward. Takeru looked back at the town for what would be the last time.

The next month fell into a routine of walking and stopping. They passed through a few small towns and encountered bands of brigands along the road, breaking up the monotony. For the first few days Ken's muscles, unused to the constant walking and occasional fighting, protested constantly. Gradually all four of them began to toughen up.

An old Monzaemon traveling with the caravan told the would-be adventurers what he knew about Spielburg. "Be careful," he warned. "Last I heard, there were bandits, as well as marauding Goblimon, wild Tyrannomon, lethal Cheetauromon. . . Spielburg isn't the safe place it was before Babamon Yaga showed up."

"Who is Babamon Yaga?" asked Yamato.

"A dangerous, evil Babamon. I'd heard that Baron Stefan von Spielburg made a mess of trying to force her out of the area and was cursed for his trouble. It's a shame, because Spielburg is a beautiful area," said the Monzaemon.

"Oh yes!" said Daisuke. "Action a plenty!"

"Haven't we had enough action so far on this caravan?" growled Ken. He had been itching to snatch a few items from some of the carts but refrained. It wouldn't be hard to figure out who was responsible. Besides, Yamato and Daisuke were becoming lethal with those swords.

Takeru didn't pay attention to Ken's griping. He sat on the back end of the cart reading a book he had managed to find in the last town. Spell scrolls and mages had been non-existent in the last few towns, but this book had a few suggestions regarding learning how to use magic.

"What nonsense are you filling their heads with now Monzaemon?" asked a Parrotmon who traveled with the caravan.

"No nonsense," said Monzaemon. "Just warning them what they're in store for."

"If they had any sense, they'd stay away from heroing," said Parrotmon. "Plenty of adventure to be found on the caravan route." The young men exchanged embarrassed looks as the two Digimon began to debate the merits of being a hero versus traveling with caravans.

After one more week on the road, the caravan stopped at a fork in the road. The caravan master called them forward. "Here is where we part ways," he said. "That road will take you through the mountain pass to Spielburg." The man pointed down the north fork. "Make sure your packs are stocked with supplies before you leave, and that each of you has a warm cloak."

"Yes sir," said Yamato. The young adventurers checked their packs. They bid their traveling companions farewell, then set off towards Spielburg and their destiny.


The hike through the mountain pass felt like it went on for weeks, though it only took three days. It was the beginning of spring but snow still covered the sides of the mountains. "It looks like the thaw won't be for another few weeks," said Takeru.

"I don't care," muttered Daisuke. "I _hate_ the cold."

"We know you hate the cold," snapped Ken. "You've only said so a thousand times in the last three days! You're the one who wanted to become an adventurer!"

"NO ONE EVER SAID WE'D HAVE TO FREEZE TO DEATH!" shouted Daisuke. He ignored Takeru and Yamato's frantic attempts to get him to lower his voice. "I'M COLD AND I'M HUNGRY AND I WANT A NICE WARM BED AND BATH!!!!"

Takeru cringed as he heard a loud rumble. He looked behind them. "Run! Avalanche!"

They ran for their lives as the snow began to slide down the mountain. Rocks followed adding to the ruckus. None of them looked behind, just ahead to what looked like a forest. RUMBLE! CRASH!

Daisuke ran. "Why did I ever think I could do this and become a hero?" he thought. "I could have stayed in my little shack and been safe. . . ." He tripped over a rock, falling into Ken, who knocked over Takeru and Yamato. All four of them rolled to the ground.

Covering his head, Takeru expected the worst. When the worst didn't come, he opened his eyes, sat up, and looked around. "Guys, we're still alive," he said. The others sat up as well. They were still on the dirt road. Behind them a huge pile of rocks and snow blocked off the exit to the valley.

"Oh great," said Yamato. There was no turning back now. He stood and brushed himself off. "I guess we keep going."

"It looks like it started thawing here," said Ken. There were still patches of snow on the ground and in the trees, but for the most part the forest around them was turning green with the spring.

"Well, this isn't as bad as the mountains," admitted Daisuke. "Let's keep going."

About a half hour later, they reached a town surrounded by a high stone wall. An enormous wooden gate was wide open, inviting visitors. A wooden plank sign said "Welcome to Spielburg."

"We made it," said Takeru with a sigh.

The adventurers felt a sense of accomplishment and relief as they entered the gates of Spielburg. A few yards ahead they saw a Starmon sitting on chair outside what was labeled the Sheriff's Office. Next to him a Deputymon was playing with a deck of cards.

"Ah, strangers. . . Welcome to Spielburg," said the Starmon. "You have the look of adventurers about you. Spielburg could use a few good heroes right now. I am the sheriff. This is my deputy." The Deputymon didn't even look up from his cards.

"Thank you sir," replied Yamato. "Could you tell us a little about Spielburg?"

"Well, this is a small town," replied the Starmon. "Over that way you'll find the guild hall. If you're thinking of becoming a hero, talk to Gennai over there. The magic shop is near the guild hall."

"A magic shop?" Takeru's ears perked up. This was the first time since they set out on their journey that he had encountered a place where he could find out about magic.

"Yes, but that Sorcerymon's a strange one," said the sheriff. "We've got a few other shops, but a lot of them are closed, 'cause the brigands cut off their supply. There's still the dry good store, and the Pferndernfern's fruit and vegetable stand."

"Is there any place we can get something to drink and a hot meal?" asked Daisuke, his stomach rumbling.

"Over yonder," the Starmon gestured in one direction, "is the Aces and Eights Tavern. Not much on food, but plenty of drink. A word of advice though. Don't drink the Dragon's Breath."

"Dragon's Breath?" asked Ken.

"Don't ask," said the sheriff. "If it's food and a bed you want, try the Hero's Tale Inn just over there." He pointed to a sign a couple of doors down.

"Food and a bed, exactly what I had in mind," said Daisuke. "Thank you sir." Before Yamato could ask another question, he found Daisuke shoving him towards the Hero's Tale Inn.

"Hey!" protested Takeru. "I wanted to check out the magic shop!"

"We can check everything out _after_ we eat," said Daisuke. He opened the door to the inn and drew his friends inside.

Once inside, the scent of spices assaulted their noses. A being that appeared to be a cross between a Gatomon and a human sat on a cushion by the fireplace writing on a scroll. Its fur was a sandy color, with darker stripes and spots. The strange creature wore loose fitting clothing like Takeru had seen in some storybooks. Seeing the visitors, it stood. "Welcome to the Hero's Tale Inn," it purred. "I am Shameen. May you find what you seek. If you wish food or drink, you need only sit at the table and my lifemate Shema will serve you."

"What are you?" asked Takeru.

"I am a Kattamon," replied Shameen. "Kattamon come from a land far to the south known as Shapeir. A land of golden deserts, where Kattamon bask in the sun as they sell their wares. A warm and comforting land where Shema and I wish to return but can not."

"How come you can't return to your homeland?" asked Yamato.

"Alas, the caravan carrying that which we hoped to sell was ambushed by brigands," lamented Shameen. "All we have left is the inn. Our friend Abdulla lost everything. And as the brigands have taken over the southern entrance to the valley, caravans from our homeland can not pass."

"No wonder the caravan we traveled with refused to come this way," said Ken thoughtfully.

Suddenly, a loud rumble interrupted the conversation. Daisuke's face went red. Shameen smiled understandingly. "Please be seated. Shema will serve you shortly." As the four sat at one of the tables, Shameen rose and clapped three times. A slender female Kattamon stepped out from behind a beaded curtain and approached the table.

"Welcome visitors. How may I serve you?" she purred.

"Four meals please," said Ken.

"I shall return shortly with your meal," replied Shema, who returned to the kitchen.

While they waited, Yamato asked Shameen more about his homeland. "Shapeir is the sister city of Raseir," explained Shameen. "Many Kattamon have been driven from their homes. We had journeyed to this land to try and help some of our people. But this is a cold land for Kattamon."

"Shapeir. . . . nice and warm sounding," agreed Daisuke.

"Doesn't sound like we're going to get out of this valley any time soon," said Ken.

Before Daisuke could come up with an appropriate response, Shema returned with a large tray. She set an enormous plate in front of each of them filled with a savory chicken and rice dish. As she poured strong Shapeirian coffee, they hungrily began devouring their food. Shema cleared away the plates when they finished.

Daisuke patted his stomach. He was warm, he had a full belly, he was ready for adventure. "So what do we do next?"

"I think we should check out the adventurer's guild," said Yamato. "It's getting late and we should stick close to town."

to be continued

Author's notes: For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Quest for Glory series of games, you might not be aware of how it works. In game play, you chose one of 3 types (fighter, magic user, thief). That's it for your choices (though at the end of the second game, there is an additional option).

Before some of you start complaining, yes, I know I'm mixing Japanese and English names. I'm using two or three different sources for my Digimon names. For characters, I'm sticking purely with Japanese. Digimon will go either way.

Kattamon are a made up Digimon. I could have used Gatomon/Tailmon, but for some reason that didn't work for me. The race in the game is known as the "Katta" and they feature prominently in the series. Katta appear in almost every game (except the 4th). They typically dress in Arabian styles of clothing (think of Shema's outfit as a variation of a harem girl outfit) which are rather out of place in a town like Spielburg.

Cheetauromon are also made up. They are based on the Cheetaurs from the game. I just couldn't come up with a Digimon I felt was good for the part of the Cheetaur. But yes, in Digimon there are Goblimon, who will be playing the part of the goblins, and Shamamon, who are taking over for the trolls.

Spielburg _is_ the name of the town from the game. It is something of a provincial German town.

There are Digimon known as "Babamon." One will be taking the part of "Baba Yaga," hence the name "Babamon Yaga."

This story will take me a longer to get out than "A Digi-Tale". I am playing QFG as I write this to refresh my memory of little details. However, I'm going to have to get the updated anthology version of the first and second games. I've been playing the first one fine, but then ran into a bug that I think has something to do with the speed of my computer (when this game was updated, 386 computers were considered _fast_). But since it's at the end, it shouldn't affect my writing. However, the second game was made when 286 computers were top speed, everyone had 5.25" floppy drives, and you were lucky if you had an EGA monitor (which ran at an amazing 16 color resolution). Needless to say, it won't run on my computer. So I will have to get the anthology version (all games compiled into a couple of CDs), which I'm sure had to have been updated to deal with Pentium computers (since the anthology came out only a couple of years ago).

And, before anyone asks, my favorite type to play in the game is magic user.