Digiquest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero

Chapter 14

By Time Lady


Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or Quest for Glory


"I don't like the idea of the two of you going in there alone," said Yamato as the group stopped a distance from Babamon Yaga's gate.

"I don't like the idea of the two of us going in there, period," returned Ken.

"The reason you're coming along is that the gatekeeper knows you," explained Takeru. "He won't just let me through."

"So why don't all of us go in?" asked Daisuke.

"She might be more aggressive if all four of us enter. Then I don't know if my plan will work."

"You don't know if your plan will work now," muttered Ken.

"We have to try something. Let's go." Takeru grabbed Ken's arm.

The mage and the thief walked up to the gate. Pumpmon's head glowed happily, until it saw Ken. "You again?"

"Yeah. I, uh, left something inside," lied Ken.

"You really want to go back in there?" asked Pumpmon.


"Well, it's your future at stake. Or should I say "steak," snickered Pumpmon as the gate slid into the ground.

"Hut of brown, now sit down!" called Ken. The hut flittered down to the ground, then squatted and opened its door. "There you go. You can take it from here."

"Oh no. You're coming too," returned Takeru. He took Ken by the arm and half-dragged the reluctant thief inside. Takeru looked around and blinked. "I wonder how she does it?"

"Does what?"

"Make this place bigger on the inside than the outside."

Ken glared Takeru. Suddenly Babamon Yaga appeared. "You again? And you've brought a rather tasty looking little friend with you," she cackled. Takeru grasped the handle of the mirror in his pocket. "Well, the more the merrier. And since I still have a taste for frog's legs. . ."

"Powers that rule over regions soggy. . ." As the witch began gesturing and saying her incantation, Takeru pulled out the magic mirror. . . "Change this creature back into a froggy!"

Babamon Yaga aimed at Ken. Takeru was faster. Using the mirror he blocked the spell and reflected it right back at Babamon Yaga. The old crone shrank, her dry skin becoming slimy.

"How dare you!" shrieked the witch-frog as she hopped up and down on the floor.

"Daisuke would say you made her hopping mad," said Ken as he let loose the breath he'd been holding since Babamon Yaga had begun her spell. Takeru glared at him. "What now?" he asked the mage.

"How dare you use my own spell against me!" yelled Babamon Yaga. "I'll, I'll. . ." Takeru held up the magic mirror protectively. The witch, seeing attacking the adventurers would be useless, rapidly changed her mind. "Hear me o elements of air and wind, give me the power to save my own skin!"

Suddenly, Ken and Takeru found themselves outside. The hut spread its wings. Flapping as hard as it could, the hut began to rise. Daisuke and Yamato came running.

"What happened?" asked Yamato.

"We did it! The mirror reflected the witch's spell back at her," replied Takeru. "Turned her into a frog!"

"Yeah, she didn't seem to like the taste of her own medicine," added Ken.

Daisuke shaded his eyes and looked up at the hut flying away. "Boy. Looks like you two really made her soar. Soar, get it?" The others groaned. He turned to look at the others. "Does this mean we're done?"

"Yeah. That was the last part of the countercurse," said Takeru.

"So are we heroes yet?" asked Daisuke.

The others began laughing. "Yeah Daisuke. We're heroes," chuckled Ken.

"Come on," said Takeru. "Let's head back to town. I don't know about you guys, but I'm starved."

"What about going to the castle?" asked Daisuke.

"Right now, the baron probably has other things to worry about first. I'm sure he'll send for us when he's ready," said Yamato. "Let's go."


The four heroes arrived to find the town in a state of excitement. People in the streets were all talking about the return of Catherine von Spielburg and the baron's raid on the brigand fortress. Inside the inn, they found Sheriff Starmon talking to Abdulla Doo.

"Everything stolen over the last few months was still there," explained the sheriff.

"The goods from my entire caravan?" asked the merchant in surprise.

"Every last trinket," replied Starmon.

"Do you hear?" Abdulla turned to Shameen. "We shall be able to return to Shapier soon!"

"Yes," said Shameen. "That is truly wonderful news."

Starmon turned and saw the adventurers standing in the doorway. "And here are the fellows responsible," he said. "The news is all over town."

"Sheriff!" Deputymon pushed past Yamato and ran up to Starmon. "Me an' half a dozen people just saw Babamon Yaga's hut high-tailing it out of here! The darned thing didn't look like it was headed south for the winter. It sure was in a hurry!"

"You boys definitely have been busy," said Starmon. "As soon as things calm down and the brigand band is rounded up, I'm sure the baron will be readying a ceremony."

"And in the meantime, we celebrate!" exclaimed Abdulla.

"Celebrating sounds good to me," said Daisuke.

"Shameen, have Shema prepare a feast!" Abdulla said to the Kattamon. "Tonight we celebrate the return of our goods. And soon, I am certain, we will be celebrating again to honor these four heroes."


Epilogue. . .

About a week after Catherine was returned to her father and the brigands were all captured, the baron ordered a celebration of another kind. All of the townspeople gathered in the great throne room of the castle. The baronet stood to the right of the baron, Catherine to the left. "Approach," said Baron Stephen von Spielburg. "Approach and kneel." Fighting back nerves, the four young men approached the baron and dropped to one knee before him. "Yamato Ishida, Takeru Ishida, Daisuke Motomiya, and Ken Ichijouji, you have defeated the brigands and forced the foul sorceress Babamon Yaga from our lands. We are forever in your debt. You have truly become heroes of Spielburg."

The baron stood and gestured for Gekomon, who brought forward a red velvet box. Opening it revealed four gold medallions. Catherine stepped forward, lifted the medallions from their box, and hung each one around the necks of the heroes. If asked at that moment to describe their feelings, none of them would have been able to form a coherent word.

"Stand, Heroes of Spielburg," commanded the baron. The four stood and turned to those assembled. A rousing cheer sang out from the crowd.

Gekomon cartwheeled into the center of the room. "Thus the heroes from the east freed the man from form of beast, saved beauty from brigands band and forced the ogress from the land!" he exclaimed.

"And now, let us celebrate," proclaimed Baron von Spielburg.

With another cheer, the people all circled around Takeru, Yamato, Daisuke, and Ken offering their thanks and congratulations. Several minutes later the crowd dispersed and everyone descended on the tables laden with food. Daisuke made a beeline for the table and instantly began stuffing his face. Takeru stood off to one side, talking to Wizardmon, Chuumon, and Sorcerymon about magic. Yamato and Ken found a quiet area to talk.

"When we left home, did you ever think we'd make it this far?" asked Yamato.

"No. When Daisuke first opened that adventurer's kit, I thought he was crazy." Ken took a sip of ale. "And now. . ."

"Now no more sneaking fruit from the shopkeeper's cart, eh?" Yamato chuckled.

"No. Now I'm on to bigger and bolder things."

"Unless it involves hero type stuff, try not to get the rest of us involved."

"You got a deal."

Daisuke approached them with a plate full of food. Abdulla Doo, Shameen, and Shema were with him. "Hey guys, Shameen says someone wants to buy his inn."

"Why would you sell the inn?" asked Yamato.

"We wish to return to our homeland of Shapier," said the Kattamon as Takeru joined them. "Now that Abdulla has sold the goods from the caravan, we can all return."

"Come with us," suggested Shema.

"Us? Go to Shapier?" Ken stared at them in surprise.

"Yes," said Abdulla enthusiastically. "Shapier, when I left, appeared to be in need of heroes. Now I am certain you will be welcomed."

"I don't know," said Yamato.

"I say go for it! Sunny Shapier, here we come!" replied Daisuke. "What do you say Ken?"

"Might not be a bad idea. We don't want to wear out our welcome in Spielburg."

"I think we should go," agreed Takeru.

"You too?" asked Yamato in surprise.

"Wizardmon and Sorcerymon said one of the entrances to the Wizards Institute of Technocery is hidden in Shapier," explained Takeru. "If I want to be a fully accredited wizard, I have to go there."

Yamato shrugged. "I guess that settles it. Once everything's settled here, we're off to Shapier."


And so with Kattamon and Abdulla Doo
We bid Spielburg a fond adieu. . .

-The End. . . for now-

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