Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I own nothing. Just borrowing them, though I'd love to own Chad. He's uber-hot! Anyway, all the chapters are told from the girls' POVs. They'll change every chapter. Here we go...

Peyton's POV:

You know how there's at least one moment in your life that changes everything? One minute things are a certain way and the next they're completely different. For me, that moment came when I found out that my mother died. My dad came out, took one look at me and I knew that she was gone. You know what the weirdest thing is? I always thought that it would only happen once, that gut wrenching pain of knowing that your world has just fallen apart. I was convinced that nothing would ever be able to sneak up on me again because I would be prepared for it. I knew that life could change in an instant, so it wouldn't happen. Turns out, I was wrong. Last night, when I got that phone call, I knew that nothing would ever be the same between our little love-rectangle-plus-one again.


"I can't believe you're actually back," I cheered as I stared in wonder at the man sitting across from me. There he was, my father, and he was going to be living with me again.

"Well," he gushed. "I figured that it was time to come home to my little girl." I blushed. I'm not a little girl, and if anyone else had called me that I would have been offended, but from him, I'm proud.

"I just can't seem to wrap my head around it," I repeated, this is just to good to be true. I hope I don't do anything to mess things up. It seems like for the first time since my mom died, I was happy. As if I were asking for it, my phone rang. DON'T ANSWER THAT! It will ruin this. It's bad news! "I'll leave it."

"No, you already ignored it the first time it rang," he pointed out. "Answer it." Please, daddy, don't make me answer it! I stop as I realize what I'm thinking. I'm overreacting. It's probably nothing important.

"No, it's your first night back and I don't want to ruin it," I argued back, pulling out my phone to refer the person to my voice mail like I had done earlier. "Besides, it's probably just Hales calling to complain about..." I pause when I see who's calling. It's Brooke. My dad catches the panicked look that crosses my face.

"What is it, honey?" I wave him off and slowly answer my phone. If Brooke was calling it had to be important. We haven't talked in a month, despite Haley's best efforts to bring us back together. She's really good friends with the both of us and I think we're tearing her apart.

"Hello?" I answered encase it was someone else using Brooke's cell phone. The only thing I can hear is her quiet sobbing. What the hell is going on? "Brooke?"

"Peyton?" she finally replies. I know that tone in her voice. Something seriously bad has just happened. She seems to finally get herself composed and takes a deep breath. "Come down to the hospital."

"Are you okay?" I demanded. Was there another car accident? Did she run her mouth off to the wrong person and finally get what's been coming to her for years?

"Yeah. No. Not really," she stutters not being able to make up her mind. I'm guessing that means that she's not hurt, but someone else is. But who? Oh, God. Please let me be wrong.

"Brooke, what happened?" I asked her again. My fear is written all over my face and my dad leans forward. "Who's in the hospital?"

"It's Hales," she sobs and I drop my head onto the table. Luckily she explains because I can't seem to find my voice. "I made her go to this basketball thing with Nathan. She said she didn't want to go because he was being an ass lately. She really didn't wanna go, but I made her." I held my breath as I waited for what I knew was coming next. "He raped her, Peyton. He wanted some, she said no, and he raped her!" A single tear fell down my cheek as I realized that once again my whole world has fallen apart.