This story takes place right after all of the true warriors have been found, kind of like an AU, but not really. Well, I hope you like it!

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It was a stormy day in Konan. The winds were up to 55 mph outside, and it was not letting up. Inside, however, there was a roaring fire and eight people sitting beside it.

Miaka sighed, "Rain, rain, go away..."

"Oh, cheer up, Miaka," Nuriko encouraged. "I'm sure it will let up sooner or later." The thunder crashed loudly, and Nuriko sweatdropped. "Was that a 'no?' "

The others laughed. Chichiri stood up and turned to the others. "There's a way to pass the time during stormy weather, ya know," he advised.

"And what's that?" Tasuki inquired.

"We can tell a ghost story, ya know. I'll start it." He cleared his throat and smiled, beginning the story seriously. "Once long ago in the deepest parts of the woods, there was a lonely old cow, ya know."

"Cow?" the others of the Suzaku Seven chorused.

"What the heck kinda story is this?" Tasuki demanded.

"My unique story, Tasuki."

"Yeah, shut up, Fang Boy," Tamahome said, receiving a glare from the hot-tempered bandit.

"Anyway... The cow was very lonely, ya know. He never got any visitors."

"Gee, wonder why..." the red-head commented sarcastically.

Nuriko knocked him upside the head. "Would you shut up and let him finish? Go ahead, Chichiri."

Tasuki grumbled as Chichiri nodded.

"The cow was actually magical. He could cast spells and plenty of interesting things, ya know. One day, a little boy wandered into the cow's house, since he was actually searching for his sister."

Chiriko blinked. "Was she lost?"

"Why else would that kid be looking for her?" Tamahome answered.

"She WAS lost," Chichiri said happily. "Very good, Chiriko, ya know. And the little boy walked into the house--"

"You said that part already!" Tasuki reminded him.

"Oh, yeah... Well, the boy found the cow, got to see him use his spell powers, and they found his sister. The end, ya know!"

The others stared at him.

"That's it?" Nuriko and Miaka asked.

"That's it, ya know."

"That's the stupidest story I've ever heard!" Tasuki shouted. "What's the point of it? There's nothin' scary about it! It ain't even a story!"

"Calm down, Tasuki," Mitsukake said.

"Well..." Hotohori trailed off. "There was a sort of mystery about it."

"What's that, Your Majesty?" Nuriko asked politely.

"It makes you wonder... Did the boy and girl keep the cow as a pet later?"

The others fell down anime style.

The end! Sorry, I was very bored. I'm so excited! My birthday's Friday, March 5th. I decided to kill some time... Yeah. I know, it's pointless, but I have fun writing, and I just love to share it with all of you. Be kind, please! It's my first Fushigi Yugi fic. And I'll be posting up a Nuriko fic on March 10 for his birthday. I have to, 'cause he's my favorite! So, watch for it! Well, have a wonderful day! ¡Hasta Luego! ~NeptuneLily~