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Rating: pg-13 for some snogging and stuff and for swearing.

Well, here it is.

Chapter 1

"Potter? What the hell are you doing out here in the garden in the middle of the night?" (Draco's on Head Boy duties to check if students are still out.)
The tall figure on the bench made an attempt to get up and walk around, but plopped back on the ground adorably.
"Malfoy? Whatcha doin' out 'ere?" Harry's words were slurred; in his hand, he held a half empty bottle of some thing called Remy Martin.
"I asked you first. What the fuck is Remy Martin? Are you drunk, Potter?" He was amazed at how well the Boy Who Lived held his alcohol. This was not what he expected. Potter should have been all tipsy, regurgitating all over the place, and begging his archenemy not to tell the Headmaster that his Golden Boy got drunk.
Instead, he was sitting here on the damp grass without a care in the world, looking all cute.
"Just got here. This stuff 's like Fire whiskey. Why give me such a name? I call it inebriated. Now, whaddaya doin' out here?" he took another swig of RM. Draco was trying hard not to go ahead and ravish him right now.
Potter looked so sweet and innocent all tipsy, so relaxed, and the good part was that he wouldn't remember a bit of it in the morning. His eyes were a bright brilliant shade of emerald green, his usually tense face all red and happy, his kissable lips pink and swollen from getting sucked into the bottle, the nape of his neck free of love bites and such leaving it looking very edible.
"I'm Head Boy remember? I could take you to that old fool Dumbledore right now and have you expelled for being drunk of school property. Why drink that awful liquid anyway?" Malfoy drawled. Potter still wasn't begging him not to be turned in.
"See if I care. Harry drinks to forget," Harry gulped more of the alcohol down.
"Forget what? Having the perfect life?" What did Potter have to forget anyway? He had it all made. He was handsome, well-built, the most eligible guy in school tied with him, no doubt the best Seeker in Hogwarts, had true friends, and was everybody's fucking hero. What more could anyone want? The world?
"Harry drinks to forget the rest of the world. Harry drinks to forget being the Golden Boy, a hero, the stupid scar on his forehead, Sirius, Voldemort, everything." That was only half the truth. Drinking Remy Martin didn't do shit for him. He remembered all of it at the end. All of it.
"Sirius Black?" Draco raised a graceful eyebrow.
"Don't say his name. Golden Boy doesn't wanna hear it."
"Potter, you know you're talking in third person, right?"
Harry pouted stubbornly. Draco refused to let his teenage hormones get the best of him.
"Am not. Harry is me. Saying 'I' too much sounds conceited and if that's what you think I am, you're very wrong. Golden Boy likes Quidditch, girls, being perfect, and saving the day. Harry likes plain flying, guys, being 'normal, being liked for who he really is, and hanging out with his friends," the drunk Gryffindor explained briefly.
"Alright. Give me that," Malfoy snatched the dark green bottle of Remy Martin out of the raven-haired Gryffindor's hand. "No more of this stuff for you tonight. You just told your arch-nemesis about being gay. Potter, are you even listening to me?"
Harry had fallen asleep on the ground, which left Draco wondering if everybody looked younger and innocent when they slept. ` Fuck. Did I just call Potter innocent? Well, he is gorgeous. Holy shit. I'm falling in lust with Harry bloody Potter! ` [Everybody is in lust with him anyway.] ` Who are you? How did you get in my head? ` [I'm your conscience.] ` Leave me alone. ` [Fine, be like that, but you're going to have to admit it to yourself sometime.]
Angrily, the blonde shook his head to get the annoying thoughts out of his head.
"Potter, wake up!" Draco shook the boy-no, man – gently.
"Hm?" he opened his eyes and found a fairly attractive blonde boy there. "Hey there, gorgeous," the last thing Malfoy expected to hear, even though he know he really was handsome.
Harry rubbed his eyes to see clearly as soon as he heard that familiar voice. "Aren't I always?"
"Just get up before I take points from Gryffindor."
"`Kie. Remy Martin. Hand it over." Harry used that adorable pout against him for the second time that night and it took even more for Draco not to kiss the life out of him right then and there.
"Why should I?" He stuck his bottom lip out even more.
"Cus I drove all the way to Muggle London to get it and I only drink it on weekends anyway. Give." Potter finally pushed himself up.
Reluctantly, Malfoy handed the liquor over. He took another swig and swaggered a bit.
"Err... Help me up to the Gryffindor Tower?" Potter couldn't even walk in a straight line, instead, he stumbled all over the place.
"Fine. Where?" he put Potter's arm around his neck and his own around the other boy's slim waist.
"Seventh floor. Brace yourself for the steps. Lotsa `em."
By the time they reached the top, Draco was out of breath, panting and Harry just took another swig of Remy Martin. `No wonder why Potter's in such great shape. He has to climb all these bloody steps every day.`
"Thanks , cutie. G'night." `Stupid drunk Potter doesn't even know a word he's saying. But I guess he's better off that way.`

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