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Chapter 13 – Devilishly Daring – Part 2.

"WHAT!" Hermione shouted. "Harry is not going to fuck ANYONE! Nor is he to be fucked by ANYONE!" Every single person who just happened to be in the room cringed. And if they hadn't been dreadfully scared of the bushy-haired Gryffindor, they were now. "I wouldn't care if you two snogged the bloody hell out of each other. Shit, I'd even be willing to watch it happen, but NOBODY is going to shag ANYONE for this game!"

Harry pouted. "Yes, I am. But dear Malfoy is going to have to wait until tonight and nobody is going to watch," he declared. A train of groans echoed through the Common Room. "Well, well. Aren't you lot just a bunch of voyeurs? Too bad. Only Mr. Malfoy here is going to be able to see what I'm going to do to him. If he wants to, that is. Don't bother asking for details either."

"But… That's not fair!" Seamus whined. "We should get to watch because it's all our fault!" Ron just rolled his eyes.

"Uh. Hm. That's exactly why you DON'T get to watch," the Mean, Evil, Not So Little Boy Who Lived taunted, smirking playfully. Draco looked purely insulted. "Oh puh-lease. Quit that, Malfoy. It's pure, unadulterated sex and if we let people watch, you can bet all your precious hair gel that there will be more than one person crying my name out tonight."

"My, my. You've gotten pretty damn cocky, haven't you? And just how are you so sure you're good enough to make me let out a sound? Malfoys don't moan," Draco crossed his arms and teased huffily.

Yes they do.

'Who asked you?'

You just did.

'Grow up already, bitch.'

I can't wait until you do, arse.

'Ugh. You're such a fuckwit.'

You've just called yourself a fuckwit. Oh well. At least you're humble now.

"That's not what you were saying the other night in detention or in the Blushing Pervert's private chambers or in the unused classroom, for that matter," Harry provoked mercilessly. Draco glared, while numerous sighs and snickers ran thought the Common Room.

You didn't stay quiet all those times either.

And whose fault is that?

Your own.

"Hmph. Just get on with the game already," Draco demanded crankily. Mr. Potter just smirked some more. 'Smirk stealing bitch.'

"Parkinson, truth or dare?"

"Dare, handsome," she picked confidently. "Let's check out what kind of scare dare Golden Boy here's going to give the big bad Slytherin." Every single Gryffindor and our dear Draco mouthed to her, "You've just gotten yourself in some deep shit, missy." Potter smiled rather insolently. Now, it was getting just a bit annoying.

"This may not sound like much, but I dare you to stay in the girls' dorm with Lavender for fifteen minutes at opposite ends of the room. And keep your hands completely off of each other. You can attempt to seduce each other and now I need a guy to make sure they KEEP their hands off of each other." Ron's hand shot up immediately, looking hopeful. Hermione glared a glare that could compete with Snape's. "Sorry Ron. I need a guy who's actually going to keep them apart, not push them together. Zabini, sweetie, would you like the honor of helping me out?"

"Of course, Potter honeybuns, but what ever will I get in return?" Blaise asked slyly, secretly hoping that Potter would let him watch as his reward.

"Well, since I can't let you watch, you can stand outside the door while Malfoy and I go at it. You'll also be the first one to see us afterwards, and I can guarantee you that we'll probably be scantily clad." He winked at Draco, who had a rather smug countenance. "Have we a deal, pumpkin?"

"Indeed we do." Now, Blaise wasn't thinking too much like a Slytherin right now, instead, he was thinking more like a, dare I say it, Hufflepuff.

Five minutes later, lots of shouting came from the girls' dormitories.

"Blaise Zabini, if you don't get that plastic wall in the room away, once this fifteen minutes is over, I'm going to hex you so hard you won't shag a damn soul for the rest of this year!"

"But Pansyyyyyyyyyyy, baby, dollface, angel, sweetcakes, you do that and I won't give you that Muggle Playboy magazine you want so much. It'd sure be a waste if I had to throw it out, especially since I bought it just for you," Blaise threatened calmly. "You wouldn't want that to happen, would you darling?"

"You wouldn't dare!" A very loud "Meep!" was let out and then someone moaned, mewled, and whimpered. Three minutes later, a body fell to the floor. Blaise had been defeated. Seamus panicked. Did this mean he wasn't going to get any hot tuff for the rest of the year because he definitely couldn't have that. It'd be totally devastating.

The sound of zippers being unzipped and buttons being ripped off could be heard without even trying to hear it. Some groans, sighs, mews, whimpers, and even a scream of, "DAMNIT PANSY! HARDER" made the room shake some too.

"Lucky bastard," Ron muttered.

And everybody knows Harry and Draco secretly wished it was them going it at in there, most definitely without Blaise. The blonde could just picture it in his mind… the two of them (Potter and himself, of course) naked and sweaty and some chocolate…

To be continued…

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