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Chapter One

All That, and a Bag of Chips


In the wilderness of a Virginian forest, a boy of seventeen, long brown hair pulled back into a serviceable, if not exactly fashionable, ponytail, trudged along. He had abandoned the nature trail half an hour or more ago. His bright blue Hawaiian shirt was a contrast to his somber mood. His first and only girlfriend, his high school crush, had dumped him a few months back and it still weighed on his mind. He had lost the chess championship held between all the local high schools, which he had been favored to win. His career as a Yu-Gi-Oh duelist ended after he lost his card deck, which was worth enough to make its robbery a felony and not a misdemeanor. Nothing ever seemed to go his way. He had always pushed his parents to go on a family vacation up north. Just his luck they decided to take it in summer, which defeats the purpose of leaving their home state of Florida in the first place.

'Gods, I wish my life could be different,' Karl thought. But what were the odds of that happening? Odds were he wouldn't even get into college. He had screwed off instead of sending his applications, and even his near-1500 SAT score wouldn't help him if he had sent his applications too late. He hadn't received word back from his selected colleges - odds were he had sent his applications too late to be considered for Medical school.

'My life is screwed up,' he thought, summarizing his entire existence. "I wish I could just be somewhere else, be somebody else." He sighed after speaking his last statement aloud.

With a start, the ponytailed boy realized the sun was beginning to set. "It's this late already?" His parents would start to get worried; he had left for his walk around noon. "I'd better start going back."

As he turned around, realization dawned on Karl. He had been lost in thought for hours. He had no idea which way he had come from, and he had left the trail behind a while ago.

"God dammit!" He wasn't normally one to resort to profanity, but there wasn't any better way to sum up his situation. "What the hell ELSE could go wrong?!" He stopped and glanced around for a moment, expecting a bear to attack him, or something, after having said that, but nothing happened. Karl resigned himself to trying to find his way back to camp in the rapidly approaching dark.

Four hours later and still just as lost, Karl slumped down next to a large outcropping of rock. It was now pitch dark out. The moon was only a sliver, and even that wasn't visible through the thick branches of the trees.

"I'm exhausted, and no closer to camp than before." His words were forced out as he tried his best not to yawn. Sleep sounded really good at the moment. "Maybe I can nap here until morning." It made sense, really. It'd be much easier to find camp with proper light. As it was, he'd stumble into a tent before noticing it was there.

Deciding upon his course of action, the tall boy stretched and laid back on the rock behind him. Or at least he tried to lay back against the rock, but all he encountered was air, leaving the boy laying flat on his back.

"What the-?" He had been sure, from what little he could see, that the outcropping of rock had been right behind him.

With a sigh, he got up and, on his hands and knees, began to grope around blindly for the rock wall. A bit to the left, and he found it, but the wall gave way right where he had tried to prop against. With a sudden enlightenment, Karl figured out that he had, by blind luck, discovered a cave. Figuring it would be a better shelter than the open night, Karl crawled inside, running his hand along the wall to guide him.

The cave wasn't large by any stretch of the imagination, for he was forced to crawl inside. There was enough room to sit, but certainly not enough to stand, and it was just wide enough for Karl to reach out with both hands and touch the walls.

The exhausted boy continued further into the cave, intent on finding its end before curling up for slumber. With the dimensions of the rest of the cave, he figured it couldn't go back more than four or five feet. But after ten, fifteen, twenty feet, Karl began to wonder when it would end. It was darker inside than it had been outside, which meant that he couldn't even make out his hand if he held it in front of his face.

After what seemed like an hour, light began to glow around him. It was a dim light, so the sudden appearance of light didn't hurt his eyes, but it gave enough to see the cave around him. The cave wasn't nearly as small as it had been moments ago. He was in a large chamber, circular in shape, easily twice his height and thirty feet in diameter. The walls were covered in what looked like runic symbols, which were giving the dull blue glow. With a start, Karl realized they covered the ceiling, too. And the floor as well. In fact, every square inch of the cave seemed to have a glowing rune on it, and also, as Karl watched carefully, the runes would writhe, like something alive, and change into a different symbol, flowing from one to the next without a pause.

The fascination which was aroused because of the symbols was nothing compared to the fascination with what lied in the center of the cave. It was a large pedestal of stone which rose from the ground. As much as the rest of the cave was covered in runes, the pedestal had twice the amount, and they flowed between forms so fast that the boy could hardly keep up.

As he approached the pedestal, Karl noticed that something was lying on it. A small mirror, seemingly made of silver, which was tarnished as if it had sat there, undisturbed, for hundreds of years. With a start, he realized it probably had. Probably since this cave was created with magic, and it was obvious magic had been used to create the cave many years ago. But it also made little sense, barring the use of magic, which Karl had never believed in until seeing glowing runes which would change shape. The mirror was plain and unadorned, a cheap trinket to be left in a magic cave.

With a start Karl realized he was standing right in front of the pedestal, not recalling having walked the intervening space. The mirror looked much the same up close, except that now the teen could see an inscription on the handle of the mirror. Picking up the object, Karl began to read:

"The ties have been forged

The pact has been made

The sides have been urged

The price has been paid

We shall live to serve

You shall live to obey."

As soon as the last word was spoken a light formed above the pedestal. This time the light did blind Karl, as he stepped back and tried vainly to shield his eyes. The light faded, and he had to blink several times before he could make anything out.

Sometime during the flash a young girl, no older than ten, had appeared, standing on the pedestal. She had long hair, down to her waist, and it was blue, of all colors. She was dressed in a pure white gown, which reached down to her ankles. After examining her for a few moments, Karl realized something else; she wasn't standing on the pedestal, she was floating a few inches over it, her toes barely missing the stone below her.

Karl meant to ask who she was, but instead he blurted out, "What the hell are you?!" His voice echoed slightly in the confined area, and sounded twice as loud, and harsh, as he had meant.

The girl smiled. "I am the one who ties the contract." Her voice rang out, sounding distinctly like some sort of music instrument which had decided to talk aloud. A harp, Karl decided. Her voice also didn't seem to be amplified at all by the cave, as Karl's voice had been.

"What contract?" Curiosity was evident on Karl's face and in his voice.

"The contract you hold in your hands," the girl said, motioning with her hand to the mirror Karl held.

Karl looked down at the mirror, remembering the inscription. "So, what are you here for?" he asked after a few moments, redirecting his gaze from the mirror to the girl.

"To fulfill your wish."

Her simple reply sent a wave of disbelief and astonishment through Karl's body. "My wish?!" His feelings were obvious through his voice and posture, until he calmed himself a moment later. "What wish?"

The girl appeared unfazed by Karl's reaction, but replied to his question. "Any wish you desire is within my power. The bearer of the mirror may make any request, and I am obliged to grant."

The boy realized it was too good to be true. He also realized that the cave was magical, the girl had appeared by magic, and who could say whether or not she could grant wishes? He thought back to all his problems. He could wish his ex-girlfriend loved him. He could wish they had never broken up. He could wish for success in college, or for money, or he could just wish for a job. But if he solved one of those problems, the others would still exist. What he needed, Karl realized, was a fresh start. A fresh start somewhere new. So he could go through life, more experienced, and tackle the challenges life sent at him instead of letting life pass him by, as he did this life.

"You've decided on your wish, haven't you?" the girl asked, smiling as if she knew more than Karl himself did.

Karl looked her in the eyes. "If you truly can grant any wish, then I'll ask for this one. I wish for a new life. A life where I can make better decisions, knowing what I do now. Maybe a life with more excitement, too." Other thoughts popped into Karl's heads, thoughts from childhood dreams, and some more recent dreams as well. "A life as a ninja." The last line was added on a whim, but Karl couldn't say he regretted it.

"If that is your wish," the girl intoned, her smile fading, "then so it shall be." She raised her hand, and the world around Karl faded to white.


When Karl opened his eyes, he looked up into a huge face. A woman's face. He realized that he was being cradled in her arms. 'I'm a baby.' Realization dawned on the newly born child. 'The wish worked.'

"Such a cute baby," Karl's new mother said, smiling down on the bundle of joy in her arms.

But in her arms, Karl didn't feel so joyful. He only knew a little Japanese. Not enough to recognize what she said, but enough to know she was speaking the language. 'Damn, this sucks. I'm gonna have to learn to talk all over again. I guess I should have figured, having wished to be raised as a ninja.'

Karl's reverie was halted when he noticed somebody else approach. A tall man (well, everybody was tall to him now) with dirty brown hair pulled back into a large topknot. He was also, Karl noted with disgust, smoking a cigarette. What kind of OB let people smoke near the baby, even the father? The man obviously wasn't a doctor, so Karl had to assume the man was his new father.

"What's the kid's name?" the man grunted to his wife.

The 'baby,' knowing a bit of Japanese, recognized the word "name." Not wanting to be stuck with some crappy new name, he did his best to gurgle out his name. "Karl." Man, it was hard to make any recognizable sound. He had always assumed baby's could talk, if they knew how, but it looked like it was physically hard for them to make any noise but a coo or gurgle.

"Karu?" the baby's father said. "Did he say Karu?"

The mother giggled. "Of course not, dear, babies don't speak. Besides, Karu isn't a good name. How about Kari?"

The father nodded. "Kari."

The newly named Kari stopped a moment. 'Kari? But isn't that...'

"You'll grow to be a beautiful girl, Kari," his, now her, mother said.

Kari didn't know exactly what her mother had said, but she could guess. 'My life does suck,' she realized.


Four years later, Kari Umikage had decided life wasn't quite so bad after all. She was still a girl, true, which was akin to being on the seventh level of Hell, but other than that, life was good. Her parents hailed her as a child prodigy (due to her 17-year old intellect, and even in her previous life she had been known as a genius.)

She had begun her training as a ninja by her father, Shinzumaru Umikage. It ended up that her father was the last member of a ninja clan, who had settled down in Sendai to work as a blacksmith. He was perpetually lazy and a chain smoker, but he was a good teacher. At least Kari thought so. She was learning quickly, but then again, she was older than anybody else believed.

Her mother, Kimiko, was a simple housewife who doted on her only child. Kari loved her, too. She was everything a kid could want in a mother. If only she'd stop treating her like a small child... not that Kari was going to say anything, she didn't want them to know the truth. She had a new life here, so she had to leave her old one behind. If only that didn't mean leaving behind her manhood as well... but she'd find a way around that.

"Kari, dear." Her mother's voice broke Kari from her thoughts, and she looked up from her position on the couch to the kitchen where her mother stood.

"Yeah, mom?"

"You want something to snack on?" Kimiko asked, smiling at her daughter.

"Um, dad said I'm not supposed to eat before training." Kari's tone implied how much she detested that certain request. She blew a strand of blue hair from her face, pouting.

Kimiko smiled even more, if that were possible. "He doesn't have to know, sweetie."

Kari smiled. She LIKED how that woman thought! "All right, then!" Beaming like only a child can, Kari practically bounced over to the kitchen.


A year later saw a five-year old Kari, dressed completely in black, standing next to her somber father. The two were the only spectators at the funeral as the priest read the final rites. Kari tried her best not to cry, because she was a man, dammit, but her body didn't want to listen. Her father had a comforting hand on her shoulder as her body was wracked with sobs, and she read the tombstone over and over...

"Kimiko Umikage, survived by husband Shinzumaru and daughter Kari. R.I.P."

She didn't even notice as the priest finished and left, she simply stood there sobbing like the child she was on the outside.

"It's time to go," her father said, dropping his cigarette to the ground and grinding it under his foot.

"Mom," the girl whispered to herself.

"She wouldn't want you to keep crying over her, ya know," her father said, overhearing the single word Kari spoke.

Kari looked up at him. "But she'd also give me my time."

Shinzumaru didn't reply, but he also didn't leave.

They stood there for an hour, before the rain started.

'At least it hides the tears,' Kari thought.


The years following Kari threw herself into her training. Whenever her father had a spare moment, Kari forced him to train her. When he was busy at work she would train without supervision, going over all the movements he had taught her. Kari had never known the pain of somebody so close to you dying, in either life, and she didn't like it. Her training became the replacement to her mother, to fill the void left in her life.

A year after her mother's death, Kari entered elementary school. She did her work, didn't talk, and practiced the unarmed ninja techniques during recess. The other children ignored her, and she was fine with that.

A year later, Kari decided to skip a grade. Her teacher approved, and she managed to get her father to approve, so at age seven she was in the eight year olds' class.

It was during that year when the bullying started. It started as teasing, which Kari patiently ignored, a lesson gained from her previous life's childhood. But one day at recess, while sitting on a swing, watching the other children play, one of her tormentors approached her.

"Hey, girl," he began.

Kari inwardly groaned. This kid was only eight, but he towered over the rest of the class and used his size to his advantage. Kari could see him growing up to be a street tough. But she pushed her thoughts to the background for a moment. "What'd'ya want?"

He smiled, showing a gap or two in his teeth. Kari was taken aback for a moment, thinking he really WAS a street tough, when she remembered that, duh, he was only eight, and kids lost their teeth around that age. Kari tongued her own loose incisor, as if double checking that.

"I gots something for you."

Kari felt momentarily disgusted. 'Don't tell me this little snot has a crush on me or something,' she thought. 'Aren't boys supposed to think girls are disgusting?'

She was completely caught off guard when he sent his meaty fist in her face.

Kari felt momentarily stunned. Not from pain, but from shock. 'He... he hit me?' It was the first time she had been hit in this life, and for good reason. While most bullies would tease her, they also saw her training every day at recess. Still feeling a bit shocked, she hardly noticed that the boy was doubled over laughing, or even the fact that she was now lying on her back on the ground.

She spat, and the tooth she had tongued earlier came out on the ground, along with a small amount of blood. She could still taste the coppery tang in her mouth. "You, my friend, are dead."

The boy didn't notice what she said, or the way she calmly stood up while clenching a fist at her side. But he did notice when pain blossomed along his cheek where she punched him.

"You little shit!" Kari cried out. The boy was clutching his face, and Kari continued her assault with a swift kick to the boy's stomach. As he doubled over in pain, she kicked upward, catching him in the face and literally taking the boy a few feet off the ground before unconsciousness overwhelmed him.

Seeing that the boy wasn't moving, Kari spat on his unmoving body, a mixture of blood and saliva landing on his shirt.

It was then that a hand grabbed the back of her shirt, and she noticed her teacher. 'Uh oh...'


"So the kid's hurt?" Shinzumaru asked, propping his feet up on the teacher's desk.

The teacher, a balding man in his mid forties, grimaced at Shinzumaru's feet, but didn't say anything about them. Instead, he said, "Yes. It looks like he has a broken rib, and severe bruising."

Shinzumaru considered that a moment. "That ain't too bad," were his words when he finally spoke.

The irate teacher slammed his hand on his desk, making it jump. "He's an eight year old boy! He shouldn't get that beaten up in school!"

A look of total seriousness crossed Shinzumaru's face as he took his feet off the desk and leaned forward, looking the teacher dead in the eyes. "Yeah, and Kari's a seven year old girl. Look, teach, I don't care how ya look at it, he hit her first. He's the bigger kid, he's the boy, and he's the one who started it. He should get in trouble, and my daughter shouldn't." He paused a moment before adding, "She lost a tooth, by the way."

The teacher, who had been momentarily cowed by the ninja-turned-blacksmith, suddenly scowled. "Look, she's the one who injured him the most. I don't care what you think, she's the only one getting in trouble here!"

Shinzumaru's hand lashed out, grabbing the teacher's collar.

The teacher balked. When did the man move?

"Look, I don't care, really, if you get my daughter in trouble. But there's no way you're doing it and letting that snot-nosed punk off with just a warning!" Then, as suddenly as he struck, Shinzumaru was calmly leaning back in his seat across the teacher, both arms crossed in front of his chest. "Damn, I need a cigarette," he added.

The teacher took a few moments to compose himself. "I think I know where my student's violent tendencies come from," he said, obviously referring to Shinzumaru's daughter.

"Look, you're a grown man, you can decide what's the right thing to do." Shinzumaru looked at the teacher, feeling disgust toward the man, but giving him the benefit of the doubt. "What's it gonna be?"

"Your daughter will be removed from the school."


It was that event which led to Kari loathing the other children. While she had ignored them before, after the incident she avoided them completely, going as far as eating her lunch on the roof of the school to avoid the other students.

Her father was concerned, but figured that his daughter would get over it.

Kari didn't. Little kids were the worst, she had decided. 'Middle school,' she thought. 'Then the kids won't be so bad.' She didn't want to be friends with little kids, anyway.

A nine-year old Kari looked at her watch. Lunch should be over soon. She looked over the edge of the roof's railing. Her long blue hair, which had previously hung loose, was now tied back into a long ponytail reaching mid-back, and that ponytail whooshed violently in the air as Kari flipped over the railing and dropped five stories to the ground below. Just before hitting the ground, she lashed her feet out and bounced off the wall, turning he downward momentum into horizontal momentum and landing on the ground with only a minimal disturbance of dirt and dust.

"Damn, I'm good," she said to herself. In her old life, she doubted she could pull off such a stunt. Well, she didn't doubt it, she knew it. "I'm this good already, I wonder where I'll be by the time Middle School comes around?" She turned on her heel and walked into the school building.


Three years later, a twelve year old Kari woke up to the familiar sound of her alarm clock. Her father was much too lazy to wake her up, so she had received an alarm clock a long time ago. She lethargically pushed the off button, yawning as she did so. She was about to pull out a few random articles of clothing, but then she remembered. "Today's my first day of Middle School," she said aloud. Grinning a bit, she pulled out her never-worn-before school uniform. True, it had a skirt, but at least they weren't as bad as she'd thought, from the anime she'd seen (in both lives.) They looked much shorter on TV.

After her morning shower (where she finished waking up) and putting on her uniform, Kari walked into the kitchen, intent on grabbing something quick for breakfast, then making her own bento. She'd never been good at cooking in her previous life, but living alone with a man who'd rather sleep than cook (and couldn't cook even if he did get off the couch) had changed that quickly.

However, as she entered the kitchen, she saw her father sitting at the kitchen table, calmly sipping his coffee. There were two places set at the table, with a plate piled with scrambled eggs and bacon at each.

"Dad," she spoke softly. It was amazing. Her father was awake. At seven in the morning, he was awake. And he had cooked. Not only had he cooked, but the food looked edible. Hell, it looked halfway decent!

"You gonna stand there, or are we gonna eat?" Shinzumaru asked, noting his daughter's shock. He grimaced, arriving at the right conclusion to her amazement. 'I'm not that bad,' he thought. 'Not really...'

Kari took her seat and a wave of sudden fear washed over her. What if the food tasted horrible? It looked good, sure, but looks could be deceiving. What if-

"Jeez, just eat the food!" her father cried, shaking her from her reverie.

She did, however, notice he had yet to touch his.

Deciding to get it over with quickly, Kari quickly ate a bite of the scrambled eggs. "These... these are..."

Her father leaned forward.

"Not half bad," the girl concluded.

Shinzumaru sweat-dropped. "All that work, and all you can say is 'Not half bad?'"

Kari raised an eyebrow. "It's just scrambled eggs and bacon, dad, it's not all that much work."

Shinzumaru sweat-dropped again, looking suddenly nervous as he began to eat his food.

'He probably worked really hard,' Kari thought. 'I mean, he's such a horrible cook, it really must have been hard for him.'

Feeling a little bad, Kari leaned toward her father and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Thanks, dad," she said sincerely. It wasn't manly of her, but hey, it was her dad, right?

Finishing her breakfast quickly, Kari stood up and grabbed her schoolbag. "Well, I gotta go. See ya later, dad!"

"Stop by the forge after school, okay?" the ninja told his daughter.

"Will do, chief!" Kari smiled, giving a mock salute, then left quickly. Out the window.

"The door's only a few feet away," Shinzumaru muttered. "How lazy." He then went about finishing his breakfast at a much more relaxed pace than his daughter had.


Kari entered her classroom with some trepidation. She had decided that today she would make an attempt to be sociable. She would make friends! She would talk with people! She will have a life outside fighting!

Not that ninjitsu was boring or anything.

The classroom was mostly empty, as most of the students were milling around in front of the school before class started. Kari scanned the room's occupants, looking for somebody to talk to, before deciding on a boy with short brown hair sitting next to the window.

Taking a seat next to the boy, she struck up conversation. "Hi, my name's Kari Umikage, what's your's?"

The boy glanced over at her. "Buzz off." He then redirected his gaze outside.

Kari fumed. What a jerk!

She stood up and walked down the row, sitting down next to a another boy, this time with shoulder-length black hair, near the back of the room. He wore a blue armband over his uniform sleeve, which, Kari thought, looked decidedly odd.

"Hello, my name's Kari Umikage," she introduced herself. "What's your name?" She offered him her hand for a handshake, an American gesture she had never stopped using from her previous life.

The boy took the offered hand, smiling a bit as he shook it. "The name's Itachi. Itachi Gatsuhara."

Kari looked him over. He was a bit taller than her, which meant he was short for his age. That was something Kari didn't care for, the fact that in this life she was remarkably short. She had always been taller than most people in her previous life.

"I haven't seen you before," Itachi remarked.

"It's my first day here," Kari replied, before blushing. 'Idiot!' she chastised herself. 'It's the entire class's first day!'

Itachi laughed. "That's a good one!"

Kari chuckled, rubbing the back of her head. 'Good thing he took that for a joke...'

It was at that point that the bell rang. The class filed in, followed by the teacher. One of the students belted out, "Stand! Bow! Sit!"


As the bell signaling lunch rang, Kari contemplated heading to the roof of her new school, but a voice cut her off. "Want to go eat outside?" Itachi asked her, smiling in a way that made all the girls blush. In fact, several girls in the class were glaring at Kari, but she ignored them.

"Sure thing," the girl accepted. "Lead on."

Itachi and Kari walked past a small crowd of girls, who glared at the young ninja even harder than before, and found a seat under a tree as soon as they were outside. The two were silent as Itachi opened his bento and Kari hunted through her bag for hers...

"Crap!" Kari cried out suddenly. "I left my bento at home!" She had been in such a good mood leaving home that she had completely forgot about her bento. Too bad her dad didn't do that for her, too...

"You can have half of mine," Itachi mentioned. "I don't eat that much anyway."

Kari felt herself smile widely. This looked to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Kari hummed a tune as she merrily walked to her father's forge. It was actually in the opposite direction of home, but he told her to stop by and she didn't mind the walk. She leapt up onto a street lamp before vaulting over a busy intersection, not feeling like waiting for the pedestrian crossing. Calmly landing and continuing on her way, Kari went over the events of school again in her mind.

'Itachi Gatsuhara, eh? He seems like a cool guy, I wonder if he does martial arts.' Considering it a moment, Kari shook her head. 'Nah, that'd just be askin' too much. Besides, I didn't notice any calluses on his knuckles.'

Noticing that she had arrived at her destination, she opened the door to her father's forge. A small bell rang as the door opened, telling that somebody had arrived.

Her father looked up from his usual place at the counter, where he had been reading a magazine, which he quickly hid under the counter. 'Porno,' Kari categorized the magazine.

The actual forge was in the back room, the front room being used to sell the various merchandise. It was also notably empty, which was usual for the small business. 'I wonder how dad stays in business," the girl wondered, not for the first time. But she had other things to worry about.

"What'd you ask me to come over for?" She quickly jumped over the counter, landing neatly on the seat behind it, next to her father. She set her bag down on the counter in front of her.

"Got somethin' for ya," her father said simply, standing and walking back into the forge.

Curious, Kari followed, after checking the magazine her father had dropped. 'Damn, it was a fishing magazine. I guess that's just as embarrassing...'

In the forge, Shinzumaru was standing in front of a small table, effectively blocking his daughter's view of the table. Various tools and half-completed projects littered the room, but Kari's eyes were on the table and what her father seemed to be hiding.

"What's up?" Kari tried to twist to the side to see what her father was hiding, but he stepped to the right, effectively keeping her from looking.

"Just a little something I've been working on," Shinzumaru replied, grinning like a boy who knew he had done good. Of course, then he lit a cigarette and started puffing it, ruining the look.

"You gonna show me what it is?" Patience had never been a virtue the ninja girl knew, in either life, and she wanted to know what was on the table.

"Look for yourself," Shinzumaru answered, stepping out of Kari's line of sight. On the table was a small pile of shuriken and kunai, along with a few caltraps and small tablets, which Kari immediately recognized as smoke bombs.

Kari's eyes were widened to anime proportions. "What...?"

Her father grinned even wider, taking his cigarette from his mouth and holding it in his hand. "I made some custom weapons for ya. That crap you keep getting from martial arts stores aren't nearly this good." He seemed pleased with himself. "In fact, I'd wager their even better than the stuff I made for myself."

As pleased as he was, he seemed caught off guard when Kari dashed forward and caught him in a resemblance of the Amazon Glomp. "Thanks, dad."

He returned the hug. "No problem, kiddo."


End Chapter One

To be continued...


Author's Notes: This is my first fanfic to appear to the public. I chose this, a Self-Insertion, because it'll help improve my writing skills and confidence. If you have any comments, please post them.

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