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The Pain of Future Wrongs – Chapter 1

Piper sat in stunned silence as Phoebe and Paige stared expectantly at her. Her mind was reeling from the news. "This doesn't make any sense," she muttered again.

"Piper, we know this is a lot to take in right now," Phoebe said sympathetically.

"How would you know?" Piper exclaimed, her voice rising. "You're not the one who's lost her husband and having to raise her son alone. And now you're telling me that I'm going to have another son?"

"Piper, you need to calm down," Paige said soothingly. "You just need to have time to absorb this. And you won't have to do this alone. We'll be here to help you."

"This is crazy!" Piper exclaimed again as tears of frustration began to fall. "I can't do this."

"Of course you can," Phoebe offered encouragingly. "Remember how nervous you were when you had Wyatt? But look at how much you adore him now? It won't be any different this time, Piper."

Chris orbed into the manor as he headed towards the parlour. He knew that it was time to tell Piper the truth. He just didn't know how she would react. "Well, anything is better than keeping this secret any longer," he thought to himself. No one could have understood that amount of pain he had to endure, having his mom so close to him yet not able to tell her who he really was. As he walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway, he could hear Piper's very agitated tone rising above Phoebe and Paige's calmer voices. He decided not to interrupt them and instead waited by the entrance to the parlour, leaning against the doorframe. None of the Charmed Ones noticed his presence since they were too engrossed in their own conversation.

"Piper, you really need to relax," Paige said, trying not to sound annoyed. "You're overreacting to this whole thing and blowing this whole thing out of proportion."

Piper laughed bitterly, although Chris could tell that she was actually crying. "Out of proportion?" she demanded incredulously. "You're not the one who is pregnant with a baby who you don't want!"

Stunned, Chris had to struggle to keep himself from crying out. Never in his dreams did he think he would hear Piper, his own mother, utter those words about him. He didn't want to believe it, but it was true. For the first time, he regretted coming back to the past. He had accomplished nothing. His mind was still reeling that he didn't notice he was sobbing, albeit very quietly. But Phoebe and Paige were quickly alerted to their nephew's presence. Piper, however, was not finished with her ranting.

"So don't you tell me that I'm overreacting, Paige. I'm telling you, this," she said, pointing to her stomach, "was an accident. Nothing more."

Chris found himself covering his ears, not able to listen to anymore of Piper's voice. To him, her words sounded like a powerful condemnation of his very existence.

Phoebe and Paige quickly ignored Piper and rushed over to Chris. The dazed Whitelighter didn't bother to acknowledge his aunts, his glassy eyes met Piper's steely gaze. As the two stared at each other, Chris' eyes hardened and became icy cold. As quickly as he showed his vulnerability, he just as quickly morphed back into his unfeeling self. His stare was so cold and made Piper so uneasy that she had to break the eye contact.

"Chris..." Phoebe began, trying to find a way out of this most horrible situation.

Without acknowledging Phoebe, he quickly orbed out, leaving three stunned Charmed Ones in the room.

"What was with him?" Piper asked, totally oblivious to the events that had just transpired. "And what's it to him how I feel about being pregnant?"

Paige shook her head as she tried to find the right words to say, but she was saved from this task as Phoebe began to speak. "Isn't it obvious by now?"

"Obviously not," Piper answered with a confused and exasperated tone.

"You just told your son to his face that he was an 'accident' and that you never want him," Phoebe answered flatly. "Clear now?"

"What?" Piper cried out. "Chris? You mean...he...it can't..."

"Chris is your second son," Paige replied.

"That can't be true," Piper rambled, still in denial.

Phoebe grabbed Piper and tried to shake some sense into her. "Chris is your son, Piper. Now deal with it!"

It seemed that reality finally hit Piper as she slowly sank down onto the couch. She buried her face in her hands and sobbed. "He'll never forgive me now," she cried, realizing how much she must have hurt Chris, not only with her words, but also with how she had been treating him for the past few months.

Paige sat down beside Piper and hugged her, trying to offer some comfort. Phoebe sat down on the other side and squeezed her hand. "Everything will work out okay," she added encouragingly.

"Will they?" Piper asked, uncertainty evident in her voice.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Far away, in a dark corner of the world, a legion of demons was gathering to plot strategy.

"We have everything in place for the attack," one demon remarked.

The other demons rubbed their hands with glee. "They won't even know what hit them."

As the demons celebrated, one of group spoke up with a worried tone. "I have some disturbing news to report."

The announcement immediately silenced the room. "What news?"

"A large number of branches have come under attack today. The force was so powerful that none of them survived. In fact, none of them could ever put up any sort of resistance before being annihilated."

Worried and surprised gasps could be heard within the group. "It must be the Charmed Ones again," a demon declared angrily. "They must be destroyed!"

"No, it is not the Charmed Ones. Our sources tell us that they are still in their manor and haven't left since yesterday. The attacks didn't come until earlier this afternoon."

"No matter!" their leader proclaimed as he tried to rally the troops. "We have more immediate concerns to attend to." Again, the demons cheered excitedly.

Then, a foreign voice joined the conversation. "How true. If I were you, I would be more concerned with getting out of here alive."

The demons turned to see who the intruder was. Before they could organize themselves, the intruder had unleashed his fury, completely destroying all the demons in the blink of any eye. After mere seconds, all that was left were the scorch marks that were the remains of the demons.

Moments later, the intruder disappeared in a blue orb of lights.

~ to be continued ~