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Kerri Anne Lupin

Chapter One

Prongs the least tactful person in the world strikes again Mr Padfoot


AUTHOR NOTE – I love long chapter titles, I won't tell you anything not even if you force me, you'll just have to read and find out. Enjoy the first chapter of what I hope will be many

SUMMARY – OWLS are coming up and Remus Lupin, like so many other students, is studying, studying, studying, this however does not go down with a certain Sirius Black who becomes determined to get his old Moony back no matter what! But how far is he willing to go? Well bloody read it and find out you lazy buggers I'm not telling you everything! :0D

            "I'm bored" Sirius Black announced, a frown coming across his good looking face, he was sitting in one of the comfy chair by the fire in the Gryffindor common room, one legs hanging over the side of the chair the other resting on the oak table, his arms were crossed over his chest, as he looked at his best friend moodily. James Potter glanced up from his potions work and laughed as he saw Sirius's face

            "Are you?" he replied, the laughter reflected in his deep voice "Why don't you do something, like study maybe? I know it's a far out concept to you but you never know you may just enjoy it " Sirius snorted at the suggestion and unfolded his arms to fling one out.

            "All we ever do now is work, just work and study, it's boring," he corrected

"Look Padfoot, You know as well as I do that it's only Peter who has to work, Remus will do fine but he doesn't believe that and nothing we can say will move him from that view he'll just continue working himself into a frenzied fit but that's Moony for you. You and me both know we'll pass without studying but it doesn't hurt to look every now and then, imagine how embarrassing it would be if Snape beat us in anything at all" James said he took a glance at his face before he said the next words "Just chill ok Padfoot, if we don't even look at a book then you know as much as I do that Moony will glare at us until we do, this way it gets him off our backs and saves us all a lot of unneeded stress" Sirius frowned at the words

"Exactly" he said "It's all about work now with Remus, he doesn't want to do anything else. He's the mastermind behind our greatest schemes in case you've forgotten that, when we made all the teachers hair turn neon colours that was Remus, When we made all the Slytherins from the youngest to the oldest sing for 24 hours that was Remus when we…." James held up his hand and laughed

"Chill there mate" he said soothingly "I know all the pranks Moony's done just as much as you do"

"Yeah well you might as well remember them because he can't be arssed for them anymore oh no everything's about work now with Mr Moony" Sirius stated bitterly. James looked at him with a raised eyebrow but Sirius ignored the look settling for glaring into the fire instead. If James hadn't of known better then he would have said that Sirius was unhappy that Remus had been ignoring the three of them, nowadays he spent most of his time with Lily Evans and a few Ravenclaws he had befriended through her, studying. He now set to sooth Sirius's wounded feelings

"It's only till the end of the exams Padfoot then we'll have Moony back where he belongs, with the three of us, its good that he's friendly with other people you know" Sirius remained in a glare, if anything the mention of Remus having more friends made the expression worse "Look if I know Remus he'll mark the end of exams by coming up with a prank that will blow our socks off with it's genius and simplicity and then Padfoot we'll have him back, he just needs to study ok?" Sirius shrugged

"I guess so" James smiled as he spoke

"I know so" he turned back to his work, quietly confident that he had sorted his stubborn friend out. Sirius picked up his charm textbook and opened it and stared at the page. It wasn't the pranks that bothered him, that was just an excuse, what bothered him was the fact that Remus didn't seem to have time for him any more, before the exams Remus was always available, even when he had his girlfriends he was always willing to talk and to listen to whatever Sirius wanted, he'd be involved in the pranks and had done several other things as well, included the inevitable kitchen raids, he was truly one of them. Now all he did was ignore Sirius, when Sirius wanted to talk Remus would smile vaguely in his direction and ask him to come back later. Sirius had soon found out that later never came Remus was either studying or sleeping that was all he did now and Sirius hated it, he wanted the Remus back who'd drop everything for him without a second thought. The door opened but both James and Sirius ignored it until a familiar voice, with an Irish trace to it, spoke

"Fellas" it remarked "You're actually studying, this is a dream isn't it, you bastards what have you done with my best friends" both James and Sirius looked up to see Remus Lupin looking down at them with amusement, he had about 15 books in his arms from the look of it. James laughed out loud

"Brought the entire library with you by any chance Moony? Or did you leave a book or two for some other sap to use?" he demanded, Remus grinned back

"Prat" he said affectionately "Half these books are Lily's" he commented nodding at them, he placed them down on the table and then spoke directly to Sirius.

"And how's my favourite star today?" he teased, Sirius looked up ready to glare but that melted away as he was face with the smile he loved and the amused amber eyes of Remus

"Your favourite star is fine" he said lazily "How's my favourite moonchild?" Remus rolled his eyes

"Your favourite Moonchild has to go in a minute to go and study more I'm afraid" he sighed and rubbed his temples slightly, he glanced at them with an envious look "I hope that the pair of you once again know just how lucky you are" he remarked sternly, James nodded as he saluted the younger boy smartly

"Yes Sir I am indeed thankful for my superior intelligence Sir as is Lieutenant Padfoot Sir"

"At ease men" came the amused reply. He looked slightly guiltily at the pair of them "Look guys I'm sorry I haven't been round much but…"

"Remmie are you ready? We got to get on with Herbology or we'll never get it done in time" Remus stopped his speech and nodded to Lily Evans who was waiting patiently for him, she smiled sweetly at him in response before glaring at James who was watching her with a love sick look on his face

"Evans my day is suddenly brighter than ever now that I've seen your radiant beauty, how about you make it even better and go out with me tonight" Lily sighed in annoyance bringing a hand up to her forehead, not this again.

"No Potter" she snapped, "Not ever, just stop going on about it please" she turned to Remus "I'll meet you outside Remmie" Remus nodded and picked the books up again placing them so they were comfortable in his arms

"Well I guess I'll see you soon ok? Probably tonight some time, If I'm late I'll be sure not to wake you" James nodded

"Don't work too hard Moony" Remus laughed

"If you say so, remember both of you to keep studying hard I just heard Snape gloating how he was going to beat the two of you in the exams and we can't have that can we. Seeya Later Padfoot" Sirius muttered something that Remus took as a goodbye then walked out unaware of the fact that more than one pair of eyes were following his movements. The minute he was gone Sirius exploded

"See what I mean, that witch has him wrapped around her finger and calling him Remmie that's our name for him not hers, why couldn't they have stayed here and studied? No they had to go off for a cosy study date, just the two of them alone together" James looked slightly startled at the outburst then smiled

"Sirius mate" he said clearly keeping his voice down "Firstly it's the two of them plus some Ravenclaws and some Hufflepuff so I hardly think it's a date, Moony would never do that too me, secondly Green just isn't your colour in fact it looks extremely unattractive on you and if you don't want anyone else to notice them I suggest you stop screaming" Sirius blinked at him

"What? What are you talking about?" James smirked

"Give me a little credit mate, after all It's kinda obvious that you fancy Moony you know, just give it a rest, ask him out after the exams if it's annoying you that much but shut up about it please" Sirius stared blankly

"I don't fancy him" he said faintly, James patted his arm

"If you say so" he smiled as he watched his friends pale face. If Sirius didn't fancy Remus then he was never going to get with Evans and of that he was certain. He shook his head and returned to his work giving his friend the time he needed to admit to himself the feelings he was experiencing, he was going to think of more important things, like how to get Evans to go on a date with him.

There you go chapter one. I'm Irish so Remus my fave character automatically becomes Irish. Poor confused Sirius he never realised he fancied Remus before not until James opened his big mouth. Oh well. Please review but as my mother always says, if you don't have anything nice to say the say nothing at all.

Next chapter – Sirius comes to term with his feelings and Peter gets into a tight spot with some Slytherin, James to the rescue!