A Little bit of entertainment

By KerrianneLupin

Chapter Eight

Confessions and decisions

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"He's in a mood with us James and for once he has absolutely no reason to be, it's not as if we've pulled any major pranks or anything, on the whole we've been very boring and very lame. Nothing we've done recently deserves the silent treatment" James watched Sirius from the position he had adopted in his bed, head buried into his pillow so only his eyes were on show as he lay face down on his bed. The other boy was pacing up and down the hall the same as he always did when he was upset over something. His face stuck in a large frown, his arms crossed over his chest. It had been quite the while since James and seen Sirius this worked up over anything.

"Stop pacing the floor Sirius" James commanded pulling his pillow down slightly so he could speak without sounding muffled "If you carry on pacing like that then you're going to end up wearing the stones away and more important you're beginning to give me a bad headache." Sirius stopped in the middle of the room and glared at James

"What exactly am I meant to do Jim?" he demanded, his hands making their way into Sirius's wavy black hair "I started this whole thing to show Moony that I finally realised how much I cared for him, I even went as far as to give him my favourite picture" he pointed at the picture that now sat on Remus's bedside "And its all seemed to have backfired on me, he's not even talking to me now which in case you haven't realised is far worse than it was before. Why the hell did Lily have to get involved, what's her fucking problem?" Sirius made a deep, growling sound in his throat and resumed his pacing; his movements faster and jerkier then they had been before.

James watched the movements with his eyes, raising an eyebrow as he did. He took it back, he didn't think he had ever seen Sirius as worked up as this, not even the time that Snape had managed to prank them successfully.

"I have a plan Siri" he announced clearly, Sirius turned and looked at him, with a half defiant, half questioning look to his face.

"And what great plan would this be?" he asked, James sat up so Sirius could see his face clearly and hopefully see the serious expression James knew he was wearing.

"Tell Remus the truth about how you feel about him, no more games, no more secrets, just a straight up in your face confession. It's time to come clean my lad and you bloody well know it as well" Sirius eyes widened and it looked to James as if someone had just punched him in the stomach if the way his body sagged was any indication.

"Tell him the truth?" Sirius repeated sounding slightly out of breath "I can't just turn round and tell him James, he'll hate me, he'd never speak to me again, he'd tell everyone, he'd…"

"Never do any of those things you just said and you know it" James interrupted sternly, eyes sparkling behind his glasses "I mean come on Sirius try and think clearly, do you see Moony of all people, telling others a secret that belongs to someone one else? Cause I certainly don't, plus I doubt there is anything you could do that would make him hate you, if that was the case then he certainly would have felt that way before now." Sirius remained silent, his gaze fixed firmly on something in the distance that he couldn't see. His thought whirling round in his head as he went over what James had said. He knew that his best friend was telling the truth. Remus would never reveal a secret Sirius told him, or a secret anyone else told him either. That was why Remus made such a good secret keeper to them all.

James watched him for a second before dropping to his front again and pulling a Quidditch magazine up from where he had dropped it the night before. Sirius needed time and James was willing to give him all the time he needed.

Five minutes had passed in silence, the only sound breaking it being the breathing of the two boys and the sound of a page being turned occasionally. It was so quiet that they could hear the door leading to the common room being opened and the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs to their dorm. Sirius had enough time to turn to James with a panicky look and James managed a quick reassuring one when the door opened and Peter walked in followed by Remus.

Since it was Saturday they were dressed in their own clothes, something Remus had said obviously was funny because Peter was laughing while Remus was grinning easily along with the laughter. James saw Remus glance at him, the smile remaining but as Remus's eyes met Sirius's the grin faltered and slowly faded away. James almost flinched at the look he could see in Sirius's eyes and finally had, had enough. If the pair of them weren't going to sort it out then he bloody was going to.

"Alright Remus?" he asked, moving himself back into a seated position with his arms behind him, supporting him. Remus looked at him and nodded

"Hey James, I'm good, what about you?" James shrugged his shoulder

"I'm fine, where exactly are you buggering off to now? Me and Sirius have hardly seen hide or hair of you for 2 days now, what's up with that?" he asked watching as Remus made his way to his bed and unwound his red and gold scarf from his chair looking uncomfortable as he did.

"I've got to go and meet Lily" he confessed, wrapping the scarf round his neck "We're going to Hogmeads to celebrate the fact that in 2 weeks time we won't have to look at another book till next year" he spoke reassuringly as he noticed James stiffen slightly "and don't worry James, I remember my duties very well, I'll spend the entire time telling Lily how great you are and everything, just like we planned" he grinned at James and Peter and turned leaving the room making sure that he didn't look at Sirius.

Once James was sure that Remus was definitely gone he turned and looked at Peter with a look that made Sirius perk up slightly and turn his head to look at the smaller boy who had just collapsed onto his bed.

"Tired Pete?" James asked keeping his voice social.

"A bit yeah" Peter replied, one hand covering his eyes, he sounded tired as well. James glanced at Sirius then looked blatantly at the door and shook his head. Sirius nodded slowly, casting a glance at Peter as he quietly made his way over to the door, acting casual he got his wand out and muttered the locking charm. Peter was going no where. James began speaking again once he saw that Sirius had done what he asked.

"Poor you, I guess spending all of your time with Remus would make you tired" he had kept his voice friendly and warm but Peter had stiffened anyway. He sat up slowly and looked between the pair of the warily as if he was in a room with a couple of hunters. Problem for Peter was the fact that he was.

"Not really" he answered nervously his eyes moving between the pair of them "We've only been studying really and playing chess little things like that you know" James nodded

"Oh I know exactly what you mean, I used to love playing chess with Remus, so did Sirius for that matter but it's a bit hard now since Remus seems to not be talking to us, since you been talking to him so much would you like to explain to the pair of us why this is, because we're quite frankly baffled by it" Peter frowned

"Yeah I've been talking to him recently, you know I have" the tone of his voice was beginning to become defensive James realised and went in for the kill.

"Good then you can tell us right now Peter, what it is that Sirius has done to make Remus act the way he is towards Sirius. Remus trusts you a great deal just like we do so he's bound to have told you since you're the only one he's speaking to and don't feel nervous that he'll find out Peter, we won't tell him if you don't" James sat back, having successfully finished his trap and waited. Peter looked unconvinced but he had never been able to say no to James before and this wasn't going to be the first time he didn't either. He looked down and spoke rapidly, his eyes focused on his duvet as if it was the most interesting thing in the world to him.

"He's angry at Sirius because he doesn't like the fact that he has been using him"

"Using him" Sirius said, sounding shocked, James glanced at him quickly but remained silent, ironing out a small smile that found it's way to his face "Just how the hell have I been using Remus? Where the fuck would he get a stupid idea like that from?" he watched angrily as Peter's face turned pale and felt his eyes narrow to slits as his anger began to get the better of him.

"What did he say to you Peter? What did you tell him?" James asked quietly

"He wanted to know why you were both paying so much attention to him, you and Lily that is" he said glancing at Sirius quickly before looking away "and we realised together" he emphasised the last word "that Lily probably fancied you and you fancied her back and you were trying to make the other jealous and using Remus because James would mean too much to you to use because he's your best friend. I mean you know what Remus is like, once he gets an idea into his head he broods over it and this really hurt his feelings because he trusted the pair of you, that's why he's giving you the silent treatment as some kind of revenge" Sirius stared at Peter looking like he was ready to explode on the spot.

"I can't believe this" he muttered angrily, running a hand through his hair "I'm going to sort this out once and for all, even if I have to shake Remus to do it" he turned and stormed at of the room, slamming the door behind him. Peter turned to James as they heard the secondary door slam, James could almost imagine the first years scurrying out of Sirius's way.

"Good job Pete, it went exactly how we planned from the sound of it, I still can't believe that you managed to convince Moony about the Lily thing as easily as you did, I would have thought that it would have been much harder, you must be great at deceiving people" Peter smiled under the praise

"You think so?" he commented, "You really think I did a good job" James nodded

"If I wasn't the mastermind behind the whole get Sirius and Remus together scheme then I would definitely have believed you, I almost did in fact" Peter nodded

"It is about bloody time that the pair of them got together" he commented and James nodded lying back on his bed with a large grin on his face. Things were definitely going according to plan, just like they always did.

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