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            Alexia D. Halliwell stood over the stove mixing potions and muttering to herself about her dysfunctional family. "Most kids get grounded when they stay out late. Me? I get stuck at home mixing potions." Alexia had always been the youngest of the family and defiantly a wild-child. Her aunt Piper was constantly saying how much she was like her mum at her age. But Alexia didn't buy it. How could she, her mum was nothing like her, she wasn't a witch at that age. And her dad was no help at all. Being a regular ordinary human, he ended leaving most of the parenting to Phoebe, afraid that if her got himself involved too much he might end up steering Alexia into using her powers for evil or something. Of course that would never happen since her mum was way too over protective. She had to be involved with every aspect of her life which is suffocating to any 15 year old. But when you add in constant protection against evil magic, and the usual making sure various boyfriends aren't warlocks or demons, she couldn't help feeling like she needed to escape. So when Phoebe walked into the room it was perfectly reasonable that Alexia wasn't all to pleased to see her mom. "You know I'm still mad you." She muttered keeping her eyes on the potion.

            "And you know that there's curfew that you need to keep. Put a little mor e coriander in that, it'll give it an extra punch against this warlock." Alexia glared at her mother, and Phoebe looked up and continued, "Sweetie, I'm doing this for your own protection, there's all kinds of evil out there…"

            "…that would be more that happy to kidnap and kill the charmed ones daughter" Alexia finished for her mother. She had heard that speech too many times. "But I was not out with evil; I was out with my boyfriend."

            "How do you know he's not evil? I was with Cole for months not knowing his real identity."

            "Yeah, but I'm not you. I have common sense and I will dump and vanquish him if I ever did find out he was a demon, something you failed to do," Alexia snapped at her mom. Phoebe couldn't take any more of this and walked out of the room on the verge of tears, how could her daughter be so cruel, and use her past against her?

            Alexia grabbed the final ingredient to the potion and put it in. She quickly bottled and went into the attic to tell her aunts that it was done. Half way up she heard a scream and hurried into the attic, only to see a warlock attacking her aunts and her mother, only this wasn't any warlock, This just happened to be Matt, her boyfriend.

"You bastard," she hollered as she threw the potion and vanquished him, but as she looked around she saw that it was too late, he had killed her family and it was all her fault. She instantly called for her cousin Wyatt, with tears welling up in her eyes, in hopes that he might know what to do. He quickly orbed in and before he could begin a lecture on bugging him at unnecessary times he noticed what was going on and drew his little cousin into an embrace as she cried her eyes out for failing her mom and aunts. They died because of her, If only she had listened to her mom they all would be alive now. But then she noticed Wyatt wasn't crying and before she could ask why he motioned over to the book and told her that there was a way to fix this.

"There's a spell, in the book. Say it and it should take you back in time. You can fix this Alexia, I know you can."

"But why don't you go? Your powers are far better than mine."

"Well, yeah, but your spells are better and more likely to work.  Now I gotta back to work. Good luck." He said as he orbed out leaving Alexia to fix this mess on her own. She opened the book and found a spell, she thought might work if she just changed the wording slightly. "The spell which was not to be done, Give us the power to see it undone, And turn back time to whence it was begun."

 She closed her eyes and the room spun. When she finally opened them slowly she noticed the bodies were gone, and so was the scorch mark. She figured it must have worked and she dashed downstairs in hope of finding help. But when she reached the bottom of the stairs she noticed something very peculiar, her mum and dad's wedding picture was gone. This confused her but she was able to brush it off until she noticed a play pen, containing her 20 year old cousin as mere infant. She wouldn't be born for another 5 years. "Crap!!" She muttered as she dashed into the kitchen in hope that she might come up some one who might help.

 As she barged through the door she saw Piper and Phoebe sitting at the kitchen table drinking there morning coffee. She was thrown aback at how young they looked, But she was soon forced back to reality as they turned around and Piper spoke up.

            "Who the hell are you, and what on earth are you doing in our kitchen?"

            "Oh, god Piper, Mum, You have no clue how amazing it is to see you again." Alexia muttered quickly before remembering that they would have absolutely no clue who she was, but before she could correct herself Phoebe jumped in to question her identity.

            "Excuse me? Did you just call me mum?" At this she turned to Piper extremely confused, "Did she just call me mum." But before Piper could answer she turned her attention back to the girl in question. I'm sorry sweetie, but I think you must be lost, I am no mum."

            "Look I know this may seem unreal and downright insane, But you have to believe me, for your sake." Alexia then turned her attention to Phoebe, in hopes of convincing her mum of her true identity. "Mum, look, I need you to believe me. I mean, how can you not? You saw your future, and you saw that you were gonna have a little girl, and that girl is me." She took a breath and continued talking to the both of them. "Think, you both went back in time with aunt Prue to stop a Warlock. I'm doing the same, only I think I was too enthusiastic about the spell or something, or maybe I worded it wrong, any way I'm here to stop a warlock, now I gotta get back to a little before my time to sort this out. Are you gonna help me or what?"

            "Wait, you're telling me that my very own daughter can't say a spell right? And on top of that why on earth would I let you dress like that?"

            "Sorry for not being the almighty and powerful Wyatt, or the heroic, and brave Chris, everyone wants me to be. I'm just me, no more, no less. And as for my attire…" at this Alexia looked down and examined her oversized cargo pants and the belly shirt. And then thought of the argument she and her mum had had when she died her hair blue, yeah, this right here was definitely her mum. "…lets just say, the two of us are not exactly on the best terms right now, in the future."

            "I can tell." Phoebe replied, shocked at all the information she was receiving and even more surprised that she was starting to believe her. But the one thing that bugged Phoebe the most was the burning question, 'who is the father?'.

            "Wait, a second," Piper snapped, interrupting Phoebe's train of thought. "Did you say Chris? As in Chris Perry Halliwell, my second son?"

            "That's my cousin for you. Of course I haven't seen him in ages since he left to come… Wait. Is he here? Can I see him?"

            "So you're saying that Chris can vouch for your true identity?" Phoebe asked skeptically.

            "Yeah, definitely," Alexia replied. And with out skipping a beat Piper called for Chris who Orbed in with in seconds. Upon seeing his cousin, his jaw dropped and he stood there for a moment staring in awe.

            "Alexia? Is that you?" Chris said breaking the silence. With out waiting for an answer he continued, "You've grown so much, I can't believe it!" Alexia ran over and hugged her long lost cousin, whom she had not seen in years.

            "I've missed you so much." Alexia said faintly with tears welling up in her eyes. After all, he was the only one who ever understood her completely. After a few seconds Chris became puzzled and pulled out of the embrace.

            "Wait, why are you here? Is everything ok? What happened?"

            "I'm her to fix a mistake, partially my fault but that's besides the  point. SO anyway either I was to enthusiastic or I said the wrong spell or something, but anyway, I'm here."

            "Yeah, but why?" Chris asked partially annoyed at how his cousin failed to answer his question.

            "I can't say, 'cause if they hear it might change the future too much." She said motioning over to her mom and aunt.

            "Well maybe we can he…" Phoebe began to say but was cut off by Chris who, along with Alexia, seemed totally oblivious to the rest of the world.

            "But didn't you come back to change the future?"

            "We are the Charmed ones, and we do know what to do." Piper continued only to be completely ignored.

            "You of all people should not be arguing with me about with this." Alexia snapped.

            "Fine," Chris said before turning his attention to Piper and Phoebe. "Will be right back," and with that they Orbed out.

            "Like talking to a wall!"