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Moving sucked. Especially when you're moving far away from where you live. This was the case of Harry Potter. His father had gotten a better job, which was sending them away from Surrey. Away from friends, away from everything that Harry knew.

"Mum, I can't find the box with all the albums! Where did you put them?" a frustrated Harry yelled from the upstairs corridor.

"Don't you dare shout at me, Harry James Potter! The albums are still in the moving van but you will not touch them until you have everything in order in your room," his mother shouted back.

"Don't you dare shout at me, Harry James Potter! Ugh!" Harry mimicked. This was going to be a long day.

The Potters had just arrived at their new home and the process of unpacking was just beginning. Harry had trouble packing for backyard camping let alone all his belongings. The only thing decent about his new room was the fact that right outside the side window in his room was a he oak tree. The moment Harry set eyes on it he knew sneaking out would be a cinch and right now he needed a break. He opened his window and climbed down the gift God had given him.

"Great! We moved onto an old people street," Harry muttered to himself as he noticed that many of the front lawns of the houses on his new street were being made into flower beds of all colors by women in straw hats that couldn't have been any younger than 60. But Harry soon forgot his thoughts on the elderly as he felt a pressure on one of his legs, a sort of rubbing. He quickly looked down to find a cat using his right leg as a back scratcher.

"Sorry about that! She acts like she owns the whole world and everyone on it," said a voice coming from a boy that looked 16, maybe 17, Harry's age.

Now somewhere in the back on Harry's brain he knew that this was the time to introduce himself or at least say something but no, he could only stand there like an idiot staring at the complete stranger. After being gawked at for at least 3 minutes straight the boy cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably. This, fortunately, brought Harry back to the world of the living.

"Oh, gods I'm sorry! It's just I...I mean you...well, I've never seen anyone with hair like yours. Do you dye it?" Harry stammered out forcing the other boy to suppress a laugh.

"No, it's natural. I hate it though, it couldn't have just come out blonde instead of this whitish silver stuff. And by the way, I'm Draco Malfoy and you are...?"

"Harry, Harry Potter. And I think it's cool. Different but cool."

"Thanks, that's the first time a guy has ever complimented me you know," Draco said with the most charming smile Harry had ever seen causing him too blush like crazy. He hated how he blushed so easily, it always managed to make him uncomfortable so he did the first thing he thought of.

"Well, I really have to go. I've just moved here and I have a lot of unpacking to do. See you around," Harry said as fast as he could and then he turned to leave.

"Really? You've moved to this street? I didn't know there was a house for sale. Which one?" Draco questioned before Harry got too far.

"That last one on the corner. Well, nice meeting you."

"Same here. I'll see you later, Potter," Draco said and then watched as Harry walked back to his house. He also stayed and watched long enough to see how Harry didn't use the front door but climbed up a tree and then into a window. ___________________________________________________________________________ ______

"Harry! Where have you been? Your father and I had to finish all the unpacking, even yours! And since I did your unpacking for you, you can do something nice for your mum," Harry's mother said to him when she heard him shuffling around in his room.

"What?" Harry asked cautiously, hoping the favor he would be doing his mother wouldn't be too bad.

"Well, you know I've been wanting to have a garden for the longest time and I noticed that it's quite popular here...how about it, honey?" his mother asked sweetly.

"Sure, mum," Harry replied with obvious fake enthusiasm.


A week had passed without Harry seeing Draco at all, not that he noticed too much since he had been spending the days outside, working in his mother's garden. Then, a particularly hot day, Harry began to get a little frustrated with the garden. The heat wave had had a bad effect on the little green plants that had begun to thrive. He took of his shirt, not liking how it stuck to his skin with his own sweat and began to water the half dead plants.

Now Draco had known for a couple of months his sexual preference but had yet to act on any of his crushes. Harry, he decided, was too cute when he blushed to not even give a try on so he grabbed a pair of sunglasses and headed down the street to Harry's house. Halfway there, though, he stopped and stared. He saw a boy who looked 16, maybe 17, with a great tan and wild black hair standing shirtless watering plants. He saw Harry.