I can't believe it's been so long! All I can do is beg forgiveness. Any mistakes are my own, this chapter is unbeta'ed.

A small smile appeared on Harry's face as he looked away; he knew his cheeks were turning slightly pink in colour. After he took a few bites out of his pizza he began.

"I don't know..we're together now. It all seems to have happened so fast, I can barely believe it." He paused for Hermione's small squeal.

"Ah! This is so great, awww. We all knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time. You guys are going to be so good together! Do your parents know?"

"Yeah, my mom walked in on the two of us. Most embarrassing moment of my life. Then I told my dad, I was a nervous wreck but he took it really well. I actually don't even know if Draco's parents know about us." Harry hoped Hermione would be able to provide some information.

"Draco's mum already knows that he's gay, his father on the other hand, doesn't. If he ever did I don't know what would happen but it would be awful. I don't even want to think about it. Now tell me, what exactly did your mum walk in on? I want every last detail."

Harry watched the sly smile stretch across Hermione's face and told her everything. By the time he was finished they were done with their pizza and after Harry picked up the tab they headed over to Draco's house. Hermione, of course, couldn't wait to see the two of them together.

"You know you're going to let me borrow every single one of these books, right Draco?" Hermioned questioned as her eyes passed over the numerous titles.

"If I said no you would take them anyway so why do you bother asking?" Draco replied with a laugh.

"Well, if that's how you feel about it I just might make off with everything in this house. It's all so lovely." Hermione answered with a sigh then turned around to face the pair. "Now, when am I going to see a little love between the two of you?"

"Hermione!" A shocked Harry couldn't believe she had actually asked. She had seemed like such a reserved girl but before he could think on it for too long he found himself wrapped in Draco's arms with his boyfriend's lips on his own. At first he gave in and happily kissed Draco back but after realizing they had company he playfully pushed the boy away.He turned to look at Hermione who was thinking about saying to Harry that he should simply pretend she was not there. He called her a freak and she tackled him. The three had spent a few more hours together when Hermione's mother called saying she'd like for her to come home.

"Don't forget about me now that you two have each other and thanks for the book Draco! See you two later!" Hermione called out as she stepped down Draco's front steps.

"I should get going too, my mom will want to know how my first day went but I'll call you later, okay?" Harry said as he looked up at Draco.

"Stay a little while longer, it's still early." Draco slightly pouted, something Harry thought was beyond adorable.

"Well if you want to see me so badly then maybe I'll leave my window open."

Draco was completely surprised. It seemed like a new side of Harry was showing; Draco's pupils dialated at the thought of it. He grabbed the dark-haired boy by the shoulders and pushed him behind one of the porch's pillars so they would be blocked from any passing cars or people. Draco pressed his body against Harry's and closed the space between their lips. The kiss was fierce and passionate and part of Draco was worried that he would frighten Harry so before he completely lost control, Draco pulled away and took a step backward. He had to avert his eyes from the sight in front of him: a ravished-looking boy with slightly swollen lips and dark eyes. Harry pulled himself together together and cleared his throat.

"I'll talk to you soon." Feeling particularly bold he gave Draco an innocent, lingering kiss and half-jogged back home.

Draco was in heaven. He leaned against the pillar for a minute, smiling to himself and then turned and opened his door. His smile soon faded was he saw his father standing in front of him, disgust etched across his handsome face. Draco couldn't think of a word to say and the silence between father and son was becoming unbearable. And then there was pain...