Prelude and Author's Note


I have decided to not write a sort of prelude to this story because it technically would ruin the story if I do. Its a story about Mewtwo after the "disappearance" of Amber.

Author's Note

This story was brought on by my friend, Amethyst Wings of Chaos. She had just seen Mewtwo's Return and his origins and called me to talk about it. After I listened to it over the phone, a sudden thought hit us at the same. I don't really want to discuss the idea, considering it would ruin the entire story, which is told through Mewtwo's point-of-view. I will tell you, though, it was very difficult writing this because the two timelines had to coincide for it would work properly and sound good. After some twisting and tugging and a little editing, this was written. It was a joint idea so it has joint credit...though I was the one stuck writing it (Amethyst had buried herself waist-deep in ideas and figured I should write this one). A good portion of this is in italics, considering the two characters are communicating with telepathy. Well, I hope you enjoy Mewtwo's Dark Angel! PS: I will be updating periodically. Let me know if you like it or hate it!