Marked by Jutsu

Part I


My name is Uzumaki Naruto, and this is my band, Marked by Jutsu. We all have one thing in common, rage. I suppose that's where our most heartful music comes from. All of us seemed to be cursed in some manner or another as well. Me? Well I was cursed the day I was born, well and so was Gaara, my drummer. Gaara doesn't say much of anything and he always gives creepy looks to everyone. I guess that's why he fits into the rock genre so well. Oh but I'm losing myself. Like I said, I was cursed since the day I was born. Supposedly some legendary demon attacked our Konoha a long time ago, and they sealed it into the belly of a newborn child. I'm supposedly the reincarnation of this demon cursed boy, oddly enough named Uzumaki Naruto. I guess it's real because sometimes I can feel the demon stirring behind that odd scar on my stomach.

Gaara is the same way. Well sorta. His family line had this cursed sand crap that was passed down everytime to the reincarnated form of his predecessor. The sand creeps me out a lot of the time. Shukaku I think he calls it, doesn't let anyone get near it's host if it feels threatened. That's how it reacted to me the first time I met him, moreover reacted to Kyuubi. Kyuubi is always restless within me when Gaara's in one of his moods, but Kyuubi espcially hates it when I share a moment with Gaara, I think it makes him jealous.

Then there's Neji. Hyuuga Neji is from the richest family in Konoha. This whacked out hyper-evolved family believes that the spirit of their prodigy child was reborn into my Neji. They renamed him for it, and of course since he's still from the branch family they sealed his chakra. Like it matters, nobody uses chakra anymore. God Neji has the best hair out of all of his. He looks so hot when it flies in his face while his rocking out. Again not much of a talker, but he does have a nice voice.

Aside from my other two band members there was Uchiha..... He was such a bastard. Somehow the spirit of the long dead Uchiha clan was reborn, scars, sharingan and all. He intriguiged me. I hated him and was entranced all at the same time. Sasuke was so condescending and never was kind to me, but he at least had respect for the fact that I could sing. He never once criticized my singing, except for the fun he poked at me all the time. I never could resist trying to antagonize him after that.

So, how did I, the most ridiculed and scorned loud mouth in the entire world, end up in a band with the most hottest guys and a best selling single? I dunno.
Sasuke and I were in the same class for most of our lives. I was always the rebelious little goth that none of the teachers liked. Sasuke excelled at everything, but was such a bastard. He mostly ignored me. One day though, he happened to cross me while I was in the middle of singing my most favorite rock song by O-nins . Hikou had such poetic lyrics, I wanted to write just like her. Also her band mates were a pretty piece of ass to stare at. Sakuto and Akito looked sinful shirtless and wearing leather. Oh but anyway, I guess I was about 12 or 13 when Sasuke walked into the nearly empty and newly added music hall and found me there belting out the lyrics. He stood and listened for a minute before instigating a fight. Damn bastard just had to say something.

"Who would've thought that dead last could sing." He stated sarcasm dripping from his lips like poison.

"Leave me alone bastard! What would you know about rock music?" I spat back at him. I went back to belting out the words in tune with Hikou.

Sasuke watched for a bit more before walking up to one of the spare instruments and started to play the melody line to the song I was singing. I stopped and gawked at the boy. A smirk crossed his face and he continued to play the song.

"More than you dead last." He retorted while strumming away. Damn bastard. "I'm surprised in you, I can't believe that you can actually sing in tune."

I turned my back to him. Was Uchiha actually complimenting me? Well sorta. Stupid perfect mister popular. I tried concentrating on Hikou's voice again. I wanted to be acknowledged like that. I wanted to be in the spot light voicing my heart to the world. I ignored Uchiha for the moment and followed the music into and especially rageful section led by Sakuto's seducing vocals. He had a voice that could make me.....never mind. I pushed all that rage through my body and moved. I felt the flow of the notes over me, I guess this is what chakra might've felt like. My body move of its volition copying the steps as I had seen them countless times on televised performances. Hikou's voice joined back in with Sakuto's and I started to sing again, but something else happened. Sasuke was singing as well. He knew exactly where the song was at and how Sakuto sounded. I could've killed that snobby bastard for ruining my most favorite band, but I didn't. He interested me now since we had something in common.

Sasuke and I had an unspoken agreement to not notify anybody of this common thread. We both went about the rest of the day pretending the other did not exist, but now I couldn't deny that I was curious about him. Later that day after classes had let out I went back to the music chamber and sat at the lone piano. I knew a little about how to play, so I played a few chords and made up my own poetic words.

I needed a little affection.
Let the words cut to the bone.
I wanted a little attention.
Instead of dying alone.

I wanted the world to recognize me.
And not kick me to the curb.
I wanted to be careless and free.
Instead of feeling hurt.

Somebody come and save me now. I'm drowning in stale waters.
Wake me from the Hurts inside.
Unravel me.........

My song was cut short by soft guitar chords underneath the angst. I turned to see Sasuke sitting across from the piano adding in background music.

"Not bad, dead last. I had no idea you were a poet." He watched me and stepped a little closer. "Keep going, or is that all the stuff your dull mind could come up with?" He hit another chord.

I smashed the keys on the piano and started yelling about how much of a bastard he was. How dare he try to ruin my song with his oh so perfect chords? I emphasized each curse with a dissonant slam of the piano keys. Stupid jerk. After a bit I slunk back on the bench and nervously twiddled the keys. Sasuke was looking at me again with those scrutinizing eyes. I hated his eyes. They were so cold. Finally so fed up with his presence I stood to leave. As I brushed past him he grabbed onto my arm.

"Listen dead last, I'm not the boot of your rage so you go focus it at somebody else because it's not my problem." He hissed and then pushed me away.

I walked on rubbing my sore arm. Damn Uchiha. He had a freaking strong grip. I sighed as I started towards my little apartment. People passed by me on the streets going out of their way to ignore me, or glare at me. I felt so alone. Damn Sasuke had the whole world bowing at his feet and he took it for granted. He was the most cold-hearted jerk off I'd ever seen. My thinking turned to the growling in my stomach. I smiled remembering the taste of Cup o noodles and ran off.

"Eat it ya shit heads!" I yelled as hunger spurred me toward my dump sweet sweet dump.

I sat at the table in the dark letting Hikou's words roll over me while I ate. She was singing about being in love with some one she hated. That's gotta suck. I smiled and started to toss my head getting into the angst. I imagined myself on the stage screaming out lyrics to the world while everyone yelled for me. I wanted to be acknowledged like she was, and when I sang along with her for a moment I was. The spot lights shined on me as I danced. I had my own band and they played, but everyone was there to see and hear me.

I flopped down onto the couch with that vision in my head. As I dreamed the music started to turn to my own lyrics. My band had four people instead of three like the O-nins. I couldn't see any of their faces, they were all blacked out, but it didn't matter. Damn we sounded good. Suddenly my guitarist wrapped his arms around my shoulders and began to croon with me and into my ear. Tingles ran down my spine at his voice, but then I woke up abruptly. I knew that voice. Why was that damnable Uchiha bastard invading my dreams with his sexual voice? Attempting to ignore what I had just dreamed, I blew off moving to my bed and just went back to sleep on the couch.

The next day of school was just as boring as the previous one, or so I thought. Sasuke was especially annoying today. I walked into the room tripping on the hem of my pants like the clumsy fool I am, but today he decided to comment. It didn't help that I was already dripping wet from having to walk to school in the rain because the bus driver wouldn't allow me on. He was really pushing it.

"What kinda moron trips over his own feet?" He smirked and I turned red with anger.

"YOU! You fucking jackass!" I jumped up and leaped onto his desk grabbing ahold of his shirt collar. "You stupid..." I was shaking so bad with rage that I couldn't even say anything.

I opened my mouth to cuss at him again, but to my utmost surprise and dismay the guy that sat infront of Sasuke turned around and knocked me lips first into Uchiha. My eyes widened in shock and I found myself staring into the blazing coal depths of one Uchiha Sasuke. I was almost afraid. I stumbled back falling to the floor with a thud. Uchiha's face seemed frozen in surprise for a moment before is eyes narrowed and he blanched at me.

"I'm going to kill you Naruto." he spat in disgust while rubbing his mouth for effect.

I scrubbed furiously at my defiled lips, "gahh...poison! My mouth is burned!" I rolled my tongue like a cat as if to emphasize my distaste for this certain happening.

The class was silent for a minute, then all busted out in laughter or sympathy for that shit. I glared and sulked to my seat as I derived a few insults and a lot of derrogatory remarks about my sexuality. Fuck that. Like I care. Class droned on with me being at the brunt of silent jokes and notes passed around the room. I sighed and queued up some music by O-nins to listen to. This particular bit had lots of Sakuto's voice, but try as I may I could not keep my dream from surfacing. Each time Sakuto crooned I imagined that damnable Uchiha bastard with his arm around me and whispering into my ear. Life really sucked. I leaned over covering my head with my fishnet adorned arms and drifted into a semisomnia. My dreams were vividly consisting of images of Sakuto and Sasuke crooning to me while I vocalized my anger to the world. Wait......paperwad interrupting transmission.......paperwad that was now laying abandoned on the floor. I was a somnabulist in the lightest of terms. I guess kyuubi made me like that. My senses were always perked when I slept, so I was able to dodge stray projectile objects. Heck he had two millenia to perfect the skill, probably longer. Damn fox. I got an internal bite for the insult.

I had completely slept through class and the teacher was now tapping me on the shoulder with her ruler. I sighed and grabbed the annoying tool and yanked it from her and stuffed it under my lowered face. I was snickering underneath my arms at her chastizing. I could almost feel her eyes burning into my back and then I heard it.........

"Uzumaki! Detention, right now!"

I yawned and then rose from my seat methodically and slunk down the hall to a room I was quite accustomed to. Umino-sensei looked up from his reading of Konoha's history and sighed in disappointment. I took my normal spot next to the window and went back to concentrating on the music while watching the rain. After a bit Umino-sensei came and sat next to me.

"Naruto-kun........I really wish you didn't spend so much time here." He had a soft warm voice, much like I'd imagine a brother or parent to have. "Look I know you don't get along with everyone, but you only hurt yourself by joking around and not showing your true potential." Umino-sensei was kind and shy when he spoke.

He truly cared about me as a person, so I never will understand why I did what I did, especially since I was so much younger than him. His soft ever present blush was endearing and attractive. Maybe I was just wanting to see if it was possible that some one could want me back. I reached up and pulled Umino to me intent on kissing him for his sweetness.

"Ne Sensei....why are you so kind to me? I'm such a jackass....and now I'm a jackass that's going to get you in trouble....." I whispered trying to mimic the silkiness that Sakuto's voice contained.

The door slid open promptly and Umino's student aide Hyuuga Neji walked in just as I forced an open-mouthed kiss to the teacher's lips. Umino-sensei gasped in surprise and blushed darkly. I could feel the Hyuuga boy's eyes on me, but he didn't do anything. He walked over to his desk and plopped down as if this sort of thing happened all the time. I later found out that Hatake-sensei and Umino-sensei had an explicit relationship, but that's another story. In any case Umino-sensei pulled away confused and flustered.

"Naruto-kun, are you so lonely that you need to seek attention out like that?" he whispered to me making me feel guilty. It was several moments before I uttered an apology to him. "I know you're meant for great things Naruto, you just haven't seen it yet."
The next week I tried to avoid detention to make it up to Umino-sensei for the stunt I had pulled earlier, but the plan got kinked when I ended up getting in a fight with Sasuke over something he didn't even do. Since he retaliated I was doomed to sit in punishment with him for the rest of the day. Umino-sensei blushed when I walked in, but was surprised to see Sasuke come in after me. Both of us were marked with bruises and I was nursing a bloody lip while Uchiha had a long red mark across his cheek where I'd scratched him in a ploy to get away. Umino sighed at me and walked over to me after I'd chosen a seat away from Sasuke.

"Naruto....when are you going to learn not to take things people say seriously? What did Sasuke say to you?" He turned the chair around an sat in front of me.

"He told everybody that I had a crush on him because I kissed him! I didn't do it on purpose! I got knocked into him!!" I banged my head on the desk.

"What?!" Sasuke stormed over to my side of the room and grabbed the fron of my shirt. "What did you just say Naruto...?" he asked menacingly anger flaring into his eyes.

"You heard me! For all I know you probably liked it! Jerk off." I turned to face the window while trying to get his hands to release me.

"WHY on EARTH would I degrade myself by associating it with you?!" Sasuke's glare became more vicious if it was indeed possible.

Umino sighed in exasperation at us and pulled us apart. "Look, I'm going to step out of the room and lock this door until you resolve this issue. I simply hate he said she said misunderstandings." Before either of us could protest he was gone and the exit was locked and guarded by Neji.

"Damn...." I turned away from the Uchiha bastard and filled my ears with some rageful rock music. He was watching me intently mouth the words to the song. I could feel his eyes burning into me. "Would you stop staring at me like a vulture fucktard." I snapped at him not able to think of a proper insult for him.

"Idiot..." He muttered and then turned to face the window I had previously been gazing out.

"You like them, O-nin's I mean." I stated after a while. Sasuke looked at me again and slightly nodded. "I mean there's no way you could've known the song if you didn't." I was rambling, I knew it, but I wanted to know why that damn spoiled brat liked their music. "So why?"

He regarded me with a cool expression. "Why what dead last?" he smirked at me.

"Why do you like them? It isn't like you can understand their music." I huffed turning my back.

"Maybe I can...."

I turned to him wide-eyed at the soft admission. Nothing else needed to be said.
A/N: This Naruto fanfic is an idea I got from a drawing I did. The O-nins are a band I made up, they have no real bearing on the story except inspiring Naruto. If you haven't guessed this fic is yaoi. Feedback and constructive criticism is always appreciated.