Integra slammed her tightly clenched fist into the solid oak desk, not doing a particularly good job of hiding her trembling rage as she read her father's last will and testament. "This--this--"

I kept my smirk to myself, despite finding her irresitably sexy in such an agitated state. " completely true, master. I didn't quite believe it myself, when your father made the offer, but he was quite serious about it."

She glared at me, and for a moment it seemed like her icy blue eyes could set me on fire. "...and naturally, you were so amused that you agreed to his harebrained idea?"

"Of course. I always knew you Hellsings did some rather outrageous things in the name of protecting Queen and Country, but I didn't quite expect him to come after me, or to have such a tempting deal."

I purposely directed a half leer at her, and she actually flushed slightly. So she was not made of stone, after all. "I...I suppose I shouldn't be surprised," she finally said, now mostly recovered from her shock. "I've often wondered what Father did to tame you, the legendary Alucard." She laughed bitterly. "And now I know."

"Come now, master," I chided lightly. "The agreement would not be nearly as interesting if you don't struggle against it."

She raised an eyebrow. "Are you saying that you would serve me even if I said 'no'?"

I nodded curtly. "I gave my word that the choice will always be yours." This time, I grinned at her, baring my sharp fangs. "Besides, I'm infinitely more patient than you will ever be."

She turned to face the window, lighting a cigar. "We'll see about that."

I had to smile again. Now there was the Integra I knew, whose blood had called to me twenty years ago. No wonder her father had dared to offer her in exchange for my servitude.

I was definitely getting the better end of the deal.