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Harry leaned back against the marble surface of the prefects bath. He had filled it to be just

a certain depth, since he didn't feel much like having to swim in it this time around. He did

feel a bit guilty, using the prefects' bath, when he wasn't a prefect. And even more so since

this was actually the girls' bath. He'd only accidentally overheard the password when he was

using extendable ears to listen in on a conversation between Ron and Hermione, who had both been

seemingly avoiding him for a time. Now he wished he'd never tried to listen in on at all.

The reason why he was here alone taking a bath was because he had remembered how

soothing it could be in here, from his fourth year, and he had not been able to relax in a very

long time. In fact, he hardly slept anymore, between schoolwork, thoughts of his now dead

godfather, and one Tom Riddle, whom he now knew he would have to face one day. He was very

tired, but he couldn't sleep. His nightmares saw to that. The times he did get to sleep he'd

always wake up feeling worse than before. He'd thought about asking for the dreamless sleep

potion from Madam Pomfrey, but she'd told him it could become addictive and it wasn't a good


As he lay there in the bath amongst all the bubbles, he slowly started to lose

consciousness. His eyes just wouldn't stay open any longer. He wondered for a moment what

would happen if someone found him here, but then realized there was no way. He'd locked the

door and then put a rune warding on it, something he'd learned in the past year, when he snuck

to the Room of Requirement at night when he couldn't sleep. No one could get through the door

unless he let them in.

His dreams were no better than reality. He saw Ron and Hermione standing apart

from him, too deep in conversation, or argument, as they seemed to perpetually be trapped in, in

order to notice that he was drowning what seemed to be less than ten feet away from them. Then

he saw a flash of green light and they both fell, and disappeared into darkness. He saw Sirius,

through the veil, which had been pulled back. Sirius glared at him from the other side, and

then turned and walked away from Harry.

Harry tried to follow him but it seemed an icy yet iron

grip was holding him back. He turned, expecting to see that a dementor had him in its clutches,

but instead only saw blazing red eyes staring back at him from under the creatures hood.

Burning into his skull. Harry, expecting to hear a high, cold voice, was shocked and afraid

when he heard the deep rumble of what sounded like ten voices rather than one "You are weak,

boy. I have snuffed out many meager candles far stronger than your own. The lights within you

humans disgusts me." "Tom?" Harry asked with uncertainty. He had thought the pain from his

scar was proof enough that it was Voldemort standing before him in his dream. The being

laughed. "You are mistaken. I am not Tom. Tom died many years ago. The being known as

Voldemort is a mere shell. Soon I will be awakened within that shell, and your world will know

the same fate as the many others I have returned to their proper state. Nothingness. And there

will be nothing you can do to stop me, boy!"

The being placed the sleeve of its robes in front

of Harry's eyes. Though there was seemingly no hand within the robes, Harry felt tendrils of

thought creeping into his mind. He saw more images of death and pain. Neville under the

cruciatus curse. Ron being eaten alive by some creature he didn't recognize. Hermione being

ripped apart slowly by a dragon, not unlike the one he faced himself in his fourth year, and

eaten. He saw Luna, being sliced in half by a curse he had seen used on Hermione before. He

heard screams and moans of pain from all directions. He tried to wake up. He couldn't. He

tried to pull away from the being, but it's grip only grew tighter. And just when he thought

the pain and despair building within him would kill him, it suddenly stopped. He fell to the

ground. The creature was screaming in pain instead, and fleeing, and he turned his head to see

what it was that had done this. He was greeted with a blinding white light that seemed to have

burned that...thing, and scared him off. The light grew closer to Harry, and he slowly began to

focus on what, or who it was that had saved him. The first thing he saw were the eyes. Bright,

blue eyes stared after the fleeing thing that had attacked Harry, anger clearly evident in them,

and on her face.