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Chapter 4: Runes of power (part 2)

Harry, who had been walking towards the door, stopped, seeing as the door had just dissapeared. He tried to will the door to appear, but he couldn't really concentrate on it that well. So instead he somehow ended up on the floor,
leaning against the wall where the door should have been, doing his best to keep from making any noise while crying,
as if it would have been less noticable to the room's other occupant.

"Harry, I know you don't want to think about it. That you want to run away from the painful part of it, but you have to remember that even though you've lost someone, it's because you had them in the first place. You can always cherish that fact. The memory of their friendship, and their love. And through that, you will always have them by your side, even if not in the way I am about to now."

Harry looked up and saw that she was now next to him, clutching something in her right hand, and smiling slightly,
though she also had tears shining in her eyes. She then did something he hadn't expected, and wrapped her arms around him.
Somehow, this calmed him, while also lessening the pain he felt, and his breathing returned slowly to normal.

"You know, before she died, when I was younger...my mother made this for me."

She pulled back and showed him what was in her hand. It was a rune carved onto what looked like some kind of wood, probably from a magical tree like the ones they used for wands. The wood had a bit of leather attached to it so it could be worn around the wrist or neck. He looked more closely at the rune, and realized that it was the same one she had just made herself through the one in the book he'd been studying. There were also smaller carvings around the outside, which formed a chain he was familiar with, one for protections from various curses and other things that could cause harm.

"It's a protective seal, but you don't normally see this as the base for the protection" he pointed at the 'love' rune in the center. "Usually there's fire there, or wind or some other basic element..." suddenly something clicked into place in Harry's mind, and he remembered how Quirrel was burned by touching him, and how Voldemort was forced to flee...because of his mother's love. This was the same thing. of course it would work...

"It's not just to protect me, Harry. Every time I hold it in my hands I can feel my mother's presence around me. Almost like she's hugging me again. It's very calming, to wear it. I thought about giving it to you, to help you to feel better,
and besides I know you need the protection more than I do, but unfortunately I learned that it will only work for me, because I was who she was thinking of when she made it. The thoughts and feelings that went into this were meant for me, and me only. So that's why I snuck in here to make my own. The rune from the book was the last piece I needed."

"You're making one for me?" asked Harry, now actually blushing slightly. "Well, yes. Although, with us just being friends,
I imagine it won't be as strong, but I suppose as our connection grows stronger, so will the charm in the amulet, probably." Her smile grew as she slipped the amulet over her head and under her robes.

Harry was somewhat in shock from the sudden affection he was recieving from the Luna. He had recieved very few hugs over the course of his life and this one had somehow reminded him of that, and he longed for her to do it again, but he also didn't want to appear weak to her.

Somehow Luna must have known what he was feeling and wrapped her arms around him again. This time he returned the embrace. "Come on, lets go over to the couch, it's more comfy than the floor." she said, smiling. Harry stood and pulled her up with him, and suddenly he was tempted to carry her over to the couch but he shook the thought from his head.