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Harry behaved himself on the ride home with the Dursleys, not really saying anything at all. The Dursleys were just happy that he was quiet; especially after the 'freaky' look that Harry's friend had given him. Harry just waited until he got home.

The first thing he did when he got home was take his trunk out of his car. It still had a lightening charm on it, so he was able to lug it upstairs before his relatives even realized that he had brought it into the house.

"I want you to put your trunk in the cupboard, boy," Vernon said, his face reddening when he realized that Harry had taken his trunk upstairs. "I don't want anything funny to happen, not after what happened last year."

"I already put my trunk in the cupboard," Harry replied.

"No, you didn't," Vernon said.

"Yes, I did," Harry replied. "Remember, you told me at the station that I needed to put it away, so I did so as soon as I got home."

"No, you didn't," Dudley protested. "I saw you take it up to your room."

"No, you saw me take my backup trunk up to my room," Harry said.

"Why do you have a backup trunk?" Dudley asked. "And when did you get it?"

"I got it right now and I needed a backup trunk so that you guys would have something to stuff into the cupboard," Harry answered. He grinned at Dudley.

"Did you hit your head at that school of yours?" Dudley asked, giving Harry a suspicious look.

"Well, no, but I hit plenty of people over the head," Harry said. "And I turned people blue."

"Really? What for?" Dudley asked.

"Because they kept taking a friend's stuff," Harry said. "Of course, that's nothing compared to what I did to some other bad people."

"What'd you do?" Dudley asked.

"That's enough," Vernon finally choked out. "There will be no more talk of anything unnatural here in this house."

"All right," Harry said. "Come here, Dudley."

"What for?" Dudley asked, but he followed Harry out of the house.

Harry sat down on the porch steps and continued. "You see, there's this Dark Lord who tried to lure me into a trap."

"What for?" Dudley asked.

"He wanted me to do his errands for him," Harry said.

"He wanted you to buy him snacks or pick up his dry cleaning?" Dudley asked.

"No, but that's rich," Harry said as he laughed. "No, he wanted me to pick this up for him." Harry took out the prophecy orb from his pocket and held it out for Dudley to see.

"What is it?" Dudley asked, giving it a wary look.

"It's a prophecy," Harry said. "That one of my professors gave about me."

"Like what's going to happen in the future?" Dudley asked.

"Here," Harry said as he activated the prophecy orb. Professor Trelawney could be seen within the globe, exactly as she had been shown by Professor Dumbledore in his memories.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..." The image in the prophecy orb recited before fading away.

"Wicked," Dudley said.

"Yeah, it's basically just saying that I need to defeat Voldemort with some special power or something," Harry said as he put the prophecy orb back in his pocket. "I'm thinking pink fur and a ball gown."

"I think that would defeat anyone," Dudley said with a shudder.

"Yeah, not many people have the kind of mind that I have," Harry said with a nod.

"You always were special, Harry," Dudley replied. "So, what happened when you went to go do this guy's errands?"

"Well, we set up the floor of the place that he tried to lure me to," Harry said. "So that when the Death Eaters finally showed up, they were trapped instead."

"I thought I told you to stop talking about this Nonsense," Vernon said, appearing at the door when it finally occurred to him that the boys had left.

"You said to stop talking about it in the house," Harry pointed out. "This isn't the house. This is outside of the house."

"You're still on my property, which means that you need to listen to me," Vernon said.

"All right, Dad," Dudley said as he stood up. "I'm going to head out, since Harry can't talk to me right this second."

"That's a good boy, Dudley," Vernon said, smiling at his son.

"And I'll just make myself scarce," Harry said. The two boys walked down the pathway together and went their separate ways. Harry ducked down at the hedges of their one next door neighbor while Dudley did the same at the other neighbor's hedges. They waited until Vernon had disappeared back into the house before Harry darted across.

"All right, now continue," Dudley said as he made himself comfortable on the neighbor's lawn.

"Right, so first we covered them with pink goo and we made most of the original team sound like animals," Harry said, keeping his voice down. "And we were all dressed up like mutant clowns, so we were able to confuse these other few Death Eaters."

"You have a strange mind, Harry," Dudley said.

"Thanks. Anyway, we managed to de-age most of the Death Eaters who were after us," Harry replied. "And the best part about it is that no one really knows that we were the ones behind the whole thing."

"Wow," Dudley said. He shook his head. "I had no idea that magic could do something like that. From the way that Mum always talked about it, it seemed like it was mostly bad magic."

"There are some bad wizards out there," Harry said. "But then there are some good wizards and witches out there and then there's some wonderful magic."

"I bet," Dudley said. "So, this girl that you turned all of those people blue for, are you together?"

"What?" Harry spluttered out. "What makes you so sure that she's my girlfriend? Or that she's even a girl?"

"Well, a bloke would be able to take care of himself, yeah?" Dudley reasoned. "And you'd run to defend a girl, especially if you like her. So, do you?"

"Yeah she's a girl," Harry answered. "And yeah, we're kind of together."

"What's she like?" Dudley asked.

"Odd," Harry answered. "But in such a good way."

"She would have to be, to put up with you and your face," Dudley said.

"Look who's talking," Harry protested.

"What are you two boys doing?" the next door neighbor asked as she came out.

"Run for your life," Harry called out as he scampered away. He chanced a look back to see Dudley running off as well, while the neighbor just stared after them in bewilderment.

Harry's Aunt Petunia gave the two boys odd looks when they finally returned to the house, but she didn't say anything. She halfway figured that the next door neighbor must have been seeing things if she thought that her Dudders and her horrid nephew got along.

Harry had a pleasant night's sleep that night and came downstairs lugging a book with him. "I want to study," Harry said as he plopped it down on the kitchen table. "You see, my potions professor told me that I would get points if I finished this whole book by the time the summer ends."

"I forbid you from reading your freakish books at my kitchen table," Aunt Petunia hissed, eyeing the book with disgust.

"Oh, this book isn't freakish at all," Harry said. "Look, it's about ordinary things such as roses and other flowers. It also has gardening tips."

"Something that you could use in our garden?" Aunt Petunia asked, still sounding a bit doubtful.

"Absolutely," Harry said.

Dudley came and started to read over Harry's shoulder. "It says that rose petals are good for making sleeping potions in this book," he pointed out in a low voice when his mother went back to the stove.

"And if you plant them by the light of the full moon they will bring sweeter dreams," Harry* replied, also using a low tone of voice.

"Hmm, that looks really kind of simple," Dudley said as he continued reading. "I might even be able to do that, if I could get some explanation about these terms."

"And you'll need the ingredients and you'll have to have decent equipment," Harry said. "But, this seems simple enough that you don't have to have a cauldron per se. We could always go through and see what kind of pewter we can find at the store."

"Second hand could be cheap," Dudley mused. He gave Harry a grin as he sat down and served himself breakfast.

"What are you talking about?" Aunt Petunia asked as she approached the table with some more bacon.

"I was just telling Dudley that I could teach him how to cook," Harry said. "They've actually got some pretty neat recipes in this book."

"Recipes in a gardening book?" Aunt Petunia asked, giving the book another suspicious look.

"They tell you how to grow herbs and vegetables," Harry said. "And then recipes that go well with the kind of things that you grew."

"What kind of herbs?" Aunt Petunia asked.

"Oh, you know, things like basil and rosemary," Harry said. "Speaking of which, have I told you about Rosemary yet?"

"Rosemary, who's Rosemary?" Aunt Petunia asked, turning back from the stove.

"Is she that girl that you like?" Dudley asked.

"Nah, Luna's the name of the girl that I like," Harry said. "Nah, Rosemary's Draco and I's daughter."

"You have a daughter?" Aunt Petunia asked, her eyes wide.

"With another bloke?" Dudley asked.

"Well, she's not exactly a baby," Harry said. "It's a war kitten."

"A war kitten?" Dudley asked. "What's a war kitten?"

"Don't you go scaring me like that, boy," Aunt Petunia snapped. "Good lord, the things that they're teaching you in that school. I should write a letter."

"If you write one, I'll send it to a professor," Harry said.

"Never you mind about that," Aunt Petunia replied as she went back to the stove, muttering furiously to herself.

"What's a war kitten?" Dudley repeated himself.

"Oh, it's a ferocious kind of a cat, attack cats, basically," Harry answered. "Though, they're nice if they like you."

"So where is it? I only saw your bird come back through the window," Dudley asked.

"Luna took my attack kitten along with her own at the end of the school year," Harry answered. "I'm going to be picking Rosemary up when I leave here."

"And when's that?" Dudley asked.

"I don't know, it kind of depends," Harry said.

"Depends on what?" Dudley asked.

"On when my godfather finally gets off on his murder charges," Harry said. "Or when I get fed up and go rescue him."

"You're godfather's getting off of his murder charges?" Dudley asked, his eyes widening in surprise.

"They just recently found one of his supposed victims, who is very much alive," Harry answered. "So that's brought some questions up."

"I'll say," Dudley said, shaking his head in amazement.

"Anyway, if things go wrong I'll have to go back to the Ministry and rescue him," Harry said. "I hope I won't have to, because then he'll be back to being on the run and he's never very happy when that happens."

"You live the most amazing life," Dudley said. "I'm glad that I'm not a wizard."

"Yeah, my life is pretty strange," Harry replied. "But then I can just drive people mad and everything evens out again."

"Only you, Harry, only you," Dudley said.

Harry continued to read his school books around the house, actually doing his homework ahead of time. He was greatly pleased with the spells that he had applied to his books that basically hid anything magical about them. Potions turned into chemistry, Charms turned into a course of manners and Transfiguration turned into English. His Aunt was absolutely bewildered, but she couldn't quite say anything about Harry reading absolutely ordinary books, so she let it go.

Dudley could always see through the enchantments on his books, which were based on a muggle repellant charm. Harry neglected to tell Dudley of the fact that he shouldn't be able to read it unless he had at least a little bit of magic in him. He didn't feel the need to stir the pot that much when he was already causing most of them to shake their heads.

A week later, Harry had gotten the Dursleys to relax around him. Or, at the last, he had gotten his Aunt and cousin to relax around him. His uncle still that he was up to something. Of course, Harry had taken to reading his book outside, playing around with the perfectly ordinary sticks that were in the lawn. Vernon really couldn't say anything about it, as Harry just looked like he was playing around with something that on the ground next to him. But, Harry was able to practice many of the spells that he wanted to use in his next year at Hogwarts thanks to the use of the sticks.

Dudley joined him out on the lawn half of the time, doing his own summer homework while Harry worked on his extracurricular reading. The neighbor still gave them odd looks every time she spotted them, but they just ignored her. Harry quite liked getting odd looks for things that he had actually done and Dudley just didn't care what his neighbor thought of him.

The two boys were sitting out in the shade on Monday when a man came strolling across the lawn. "Hello, boys."

Harry glanced up and dropped the stick that he was practicing with. "Sirius!" He shouted as he scrambled to his feet. He practically flew across the lawn and hugged his godfather.

"So, guess who is completely pardoned of all wrong doings?" Sirius asked.

"Remus finally got off that streaking charge?" Harry asked.

"What?" Sirius asked.

"So, the Ministry finally found their heads?" Harry asked. "Were they in their butts all along?"

"Now, now, be nice," Sirius said as he laughed.

"So, this is your murdering godfather?" Dudley asked as he stood up. He paced around Sirius, inspecting him. "He doesn't look very murderous."

"That's because they made me spend a week in St. Mungos," Sirius said. "I had to get some help from the mind healers before they would let me go free."

"But you are free?" Harry asked. "They're not going to arrest you because you're wearing purple socks?"

"I told the Ministry that I wanted to go out to the muggle world first," Sirius said as he gave his socks a rueful look. "And they got me this outrageous outfit. Luckily, another mediwizard was able to get me this outfit, but we couldn't find any other pairs of socks."

"I think they're brilliant," Harry said. "I'm glad that I didn't have to rescue you, Sirius."

"So am I, because that means that I get to rescue you," Sirius said. "Now, let's go get your trunk."

"Where are we going to stay?" Harry asked.

"Dumbledore thinks that we're going to be living in Grimmauld place, so he's cutting back on meetings there," Sirius said as they all started walking into the house. "Truthfully I think that everyone's just plain sick of that house, which is why we're going to be staying at my other house."

"What other house?" Harry asked.

"The house that I bought with the money that my uncle left to me," Sirius said. "I had thought that the Ministry had sold it, but they only boarded it up. It needs a lot of work, but it's not as dark as Grimmauld place is."

"That sounds great, Sirius," Harry replied as he skipped up the stairs.

"Oh, hey, I'll fetch your books that you have lying all over the place," Dudley said, heading into the living room instead.

"I've been driving Aunt Petunia nuts with my reading," Harry said. "It's unnatural, you see."

"It is unnatural," Sirius replied. "You're almost a sixteen year old boy; you shouldn't be reading during summer break."

"Ah, but they're mostly all pranking books," Harry said. "Or books that will help me with my pranking."

"Hah, that's my boy," Sirius replied. They entered Harry's room and Sirius frowned at the state of the room. Harry just waved him off as he started packing up everything. "Here, let me," Sirius said as he waved his wand. Stuff started flying into Harry's trunk, packing itself.

"Brilliant," Dudley said as he entered the room. The books that he was holding flew out of his hands and into the trunks with the rest of the books that were strewn across the room.

Finally, the trunk was packed and Sirius showed off once more by shrinking it down until it was the size of a match box. "Now, Dumbledore doesn't know that we're not staying at Grimmauld place, so do you think you can keep it a secret, Dudley?" Sirius asked as he put the shrunken trunk into his pocket.

"Like he's going to ask me?" Dudley asked, raising his eyebrow. "Mum's in the kitchen if you want to say goodbye."

"Yes, I think that'll be a good idea," Sirius said as a grin spread across his face.

They headed down to the kitchen, where Aunt Petunia dropped the knife that she was holding onto the floor when she spotted them. "You!"

"Me," Sirius said. "Anyway, I'm a free man now, so I'll just be taking Harry. Ta."

"Bye, Aunt Petunia," Harry called out. "Dudley, I'll be back to visit soon enough."

Before Aunt Petunia had a chance to react, Sirius put his hand on Harry's shoulder and apparated them away. Summer was just beginning and Harry was going to have a good one.

*=* Chapter 50 – The End *=*