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The Carnival

A Tale of Cheese and Lust

Atop her gray mare, Zelda felt her stomach rumble in hunger. She blushed when Link, atop his mare Epona, laughed. "Hungry?" he asked, grinning.

Zelda snorted. "Obviously," she drawled. When Link didn't reply, she asked, "Seriously, could we stop for luncheon? I really am quite famished."

"Anything for you, Princess." Guiding them to a nearby willow tree, Link hopped off of Epona and then helped Zelda off of her own horse. "I'll get it ready." He was still grinning.

Zelda plopped onto the ground and began to unbraid her strawberry blonde hair. The two had been on a journey to Termina for the Midsummer Carnival that was just about to begin. It was a sort of holiday for both, a time to relax and have a little fun for the first time in a while. They were, at the moment, just a few hours ride from Clocktown.

Combing her waist-length locks with her fingers, Zelda couldn't help watching as Link took the food out of his saddlebags and unwrapped the articles from their oilcloths. The slight breeze pushed strands of his golden hair into his deep blue eyes; his silver earrings glinted in the sunlight. Zelda wouldn't deny to anyone that he was terribly handsome, not to mention kind, funny, intelligent, talented…

"Hey, Zelda, do you want some cheese?" Link asked, oblivious to her reverie. She continued to comb her hair, deep in thought. Waving a bread roll in front of her face, Link asked, "Zelda? Hello? Earth to Zelda!"

She jumped a little. "What!" she exclaimed, slightly embarrassed. "What did you say?"

Link plopped down in front of her and tore of piece of bread off with his teeth. "I said," he replied, his mouth full of food, "do you want some cheese?"

"Yes, that would be fine." He handed her a roll with the silly cheese.

Link continued to eat rather loudly. "What were you thinking about, anyway? Sheesh, I thought you were a Redead or something." He swallowed.

Zelda blushed. She most certainly couldn't tell him that she was thinking about him! "That," she replied stiffly, "is none of your business. I would thank you to keep your rather rude inquiries to yourself." She took a bite of her roll. When Link began to laugh, she asked, "What is so funny now?"

"You," Link replied, grinning, "can't hide anything from me."

Zelda frowned. "And what are you implying, exactly?"

"It's completely obvious, Princess. Every time you're embarrassed, you talk with those fancy words of yours, thinking that I'm too dull to understand." He ripped off another piece of bread, rather brutishly. "You are only implying that you were thinking about something that you have no wish to tell me."

Zelda kept silent, frowning severely. "Shut up, Link," she eventually muttered.

"You were probably thinking about me."

"Shut up, Link."

"Yes, you were thinking of how you'd like to be with all of the time."


"And of how you think that I am the most handsome man in the world."


"And how you'd like to shag me-"

"LINK! SHUT UP RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" Zelda shrieked, thoroughly humiliated. She shoved him onto the ground, her face right above his. "I AM GOING TO HURT YOU VERY BADLY, LINK!"

Below her now, he simply grinned impishly and began eating his last bite of bread. "Told ya you can't keep your hands off of me," he replied. "Sheesh, Zelda, can't you at least wait until we're in a room? People might be watching us."

Zelda smacked him, hard, on the arm. "You think too highly of yourself, Link. As if I would, how did you put it? shag someone like you." Standing now, she began braiding her hair once again. When she was finished, she mounted her horse. "I will be waiting for you at the inn."

With a flick of her head, she left Link there, still on his back and grinning widely. "You know," he eventually said to Epona, "Zelda is such a liar. She really can't keep her hands off me." The chestnut mare snorted, not believing him for a second. Link got to his feet and packed the remaining food. "Yup, that's it exactly. The Princess of Hyrule is madly in love with me."

* * * *

Zelda was fuming. How dare he! As if she, a Princess! would actually disgrace herself with bedding a man before marriage, especially one such as Link! He was the worst man she had ever known! Uncouth, presumptuous, irritating, outspoken, perceptive...and completely right. She put her face in her hands. The man was right! She had been thinking of him, she had been thinking of how she did want to be with him, that he was a very handsome man, and, well…it was not as if "shagging" him had never come to mind, but…

Dear Goddesses, how humiliating! What was she thinking? That she was falling for Link?

Zelda turned a very bright red. No, no! No, no, NO! Dear Din, Farore, and Nayru, no!

Sighing, she had absolutely no idea how she was going to spend a week with Link during the Carnival. Alone. With Link. For seven days. And she was lusting (no!) after him. Oh, my.

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