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The Carnival


The silence was, in all reality, deafening. A kind that would cause one to hear a faint buzzing of the world in general, a kind that could drive one mad. A type of quietude that could have only resulted from the discomfort between two people.

Zelda found herself eventually wishing that she would go mad just so she would not have to hear Link's unending silence any longer.

It was exasperating and completely befuddling the way he was acting that morning. Both he and Zelda had eaten breakfast in silence, carried their luggage downstairs in silence, and were about to leave the inn completely without him saying a damn word! Zelda had the greatest desire to smack Link upside the head with something very hard, preferably some type of metal that could not be dented by stupidity. She doubted such an item could be found, in all reality.

Kafei and Anju bid them farewell with their squirrelly children about their feet, the infant in the arms of his mother, dozing peacefully. Anju had tears in her eyes as she hugged Zelda, and then practically squashed Link in a massive embrace. "It was wonderful to see you two," she sniffled, biting her lip to hold back unwanted tears.

Kafei snaked an arm around his wife and patted her back in comfort. "Yes, indeed, it was a lovely reunion," he added with a smile. "I hope to be seeing more of you soon, preferably at some type of matrimonial ceremony."

Zelda colored deeply and felt her tongue freeze as she listened to Kafei's ringing laughter. Link also did nothing for a moment before stammering, "Uh, thanks, I guess. But I doubt you would see us at a wedding. Unless if we weren't the ones getting married. Not that that would be so terrible but it would…" His voice trailed away as he finally noticed his chattering. Flushing crimson, he looked down at the ground and stared at his boots.

Silence reigned for a moment until Anju spoke again. "Farewell, I suppose. May the Goddesses bless your travels."

Link and Zelda nodded in thanks and turned to leave, their baggage in hand. When they were outside, with the aid of some stable boys, they firmly strapped their luggage onto their mares before mounting. Zelda sighed as they began their travel home, watching the inn disappear in the distance.

The kiss from the carnival the night before had haunted her dreams, but not in a particularly unpleasant way. She simply was forced to relive it time and time again – the sincerity she had felt behind it caused her to flush and feel giddy. Then, when she looked to Link and saw how his brow was furrowed in some type of annoyance, the giddiness faded away until all she felt was hurt. Hurt that pierced her heart more painfully than she could ever have guessed or imagined. He hadn't spoken to her at all; there had not even been a polite "Good morning" uttered from his mouth.

Zelda knew that his mood was due to what had happened. She didn't desire to believe it, but she knew it was true.

Looking to the bright, morning sky she sighed once again. White clouds slowly traveled across the atmosphere's distance – there was no need for haste in their inanimate minds. Zelda stared at them for a while before seeing a rather small brown cloud that was moving rather quickly…

Eyes wide, she watched as what appeared to be Deku scrubs floating in their directions, their propellers on top their heads steering the way. When they reached the ground, Link was already off his horse, as if he knew them.

"LINK!" one of the scrubs screeched exuberantly, literally bouncing with joy. "I had hoped I would see you again! I want you to meet Florilla!" He pointed to the scrub beside him who, in all reality, looked just like the scrub now screeching with palpable joy.

Zelda watched this with a sense of detachment, as if this were just one more situation that Link had kept silent about. Shards of pain continued to latch onto her heart as a result, despite trying to tell herself that she shouldn't really care. For Goddesses' sake, Link was just talking to a bush.

"It's nice to see you, too, Millo," Link replied kindly. Looking to the female bush, he added, "I've heard so much about you, Florilla. It's nice to meet you finally."

"Likewise!" Her screech was even higher pitched than the male's, causing Zelda to grimace slightly at the sound. "I can't tell you how wonderful it was for Millo to come and tell me of his feelings! And all because of a Terminian, who would have thought, bushy-kins?" Florilla hugged her mate closely, squeaking softly in what appeared to Deku euphoria.

Millo was also beaming. "All because of Link! I can't thank you enough, you know. My life is complete!" His mate then began to squeeze him tightly, causing him to squirm in embarrassment. "Bush of my heart, I love you dearly, but you are squashing me!" he cried to his mate. She simply squeezed tighter until his head seemed to be exploding from the pressure. "BUSHY-KINS! YOU'RE SUFFOCATING ME!"

Florilla instantly let go, her Deku eyes filling with tears. "You've never yelled at me so before, Millo," she sniffed, her voice getting steadily higher pitched. "What have I done for you to hate me so? Do you love your Terminian friend more than me? Is that it?! I knew this was too scrubby to be true! YOU DON'T LOVE ME, DO YOU, MILLO?! IT WAS ALL A LIE! I HATE YOU, MILLO!"

"NOOOO, bushy-kins, I LOVE YOU!" Millo squeaked. Florilla began wailing loudly. "DON'T CRY DON'T CRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY-!" His mate left him then, with him in her wake still calling out to her.

Zelda found herself blinking in confusion. Eventually, she burst into laughter. "Who in Goddesses' name were they?" she asked Link, suddenly forgetting his silence from beforehand.

He looked to her, a grin on his face. "That was the bush that I tripped on two days ago. And that was his mate." Mounting Epona, he added, "A rather dysfunctional relationship, ay?"

"No more than ours," Zelda blurted for some reason. She instantly regretted her words and stared down at the saddle horn. Softly she whispered an apology, but when she looked up she saw Link had already left her side, heading for the exit.

With a lump lodged within her throat, Zelda followed, desperately praying the Goddesses would stem the flow of tears that threatened to overflow and consume her.


They were out of the town and on the road fairly quickly. The entire time the only sound that was heard was the chirping of birds and the light trotting the mares made upon the dirt-packed ground. Zelda felt her emotions in such a jumble that she was certain that if she even moved that she would become dizzy. Although tears had never flowed, the princess still felt herself vulnerable and in pain, despite her best efforts to comfort her worried mind. Nothing seemed to work.

When they passed a wooded area with a clearing nearby, Zelda called a halt for lunch even though she wasn't actually hungry. The sun was warm and almost hot in the sky, and Zelda was grateful for a moment in a bit of shade. Staring across a stream that happened to flow westwards across the side of the clearing, Zelda folded her arms and clutched them in a sudden streak of anger. Link had no right to treat her this way, whatever his silly mood swing. She listened for him and eventually saw him out of the corner of her blue eye, standing nearby, silent as always.

Her loose hair was ruffled slightly by the breeze. The stream gurgled happily across it rocky bed. The shade cooled Zelda's flushed face. Then, he spoke.

"I'm sorry, Zelda," Link said quietly, his voice distant.

Zelda turned away a little, her anger sparking into what could quickly become a conflagration. "For what?" she snapped cryptically. "For not speaking to me? For kissing me and then saying nothing? For making me feel a fool?" She whirled around and faced him, her eyes glittering with emotion. "Your apology could be for so many things, Link. You need to be specific."

He sighed, but not without letting Zelda glimpse the hurt in his eyes. "You don't understand," he murmured. "You don't understand what I'm saying at all."

"I don't understand?" she mimicked, blinking in shock. "What in Goddesses' name is there to understand?!" she cried, anger completely overcoming any other emotion. "The only thing that needs to be understood is how you have been treating me lately!"

Link stepped closer to her; she took an unconscious step away. "Zelda, I don't want to argue," he said softly. "I simply need to tell you something."

"What?" Her voice was snappish, unconcerned with what he would say next.

"I love you."

The silence that followed was so filled with immobility of any living creature that one could have cut it with a knife, like butter. Zelda had stiffened into a board, her emotions circling the circumference of her mind in an infinite speed. Link simply stood and waited for her answer.

When she did reply it was not exactly with what he had been expecting.


"H-O-W D-A-R-E Y-O-U, L-I-N-K!!!"

Zelda cursed ferociously, literally panting, for quite a while longer, her fist still crumpled in Link's tunic with such a rage he had never seen before. Link's temper, as a result, reared its ugly head.

"How can you scream at me when you are in the wrong just as much as me!" he yelled into her face, causing her to back away with a huff. "You could have spoken just as easily as me! You have no right to chastise me for my actions when you have done no better!"

Zelda stared for a moment longer; then with a bitter curse she strode away, her back to Link. Her chest heaved in anger and hurt, her head ached, and her eyes stung with tears. The worst thing of all was that he was right. It made her feel no better.

"Damn it, Zelda, I'm sorry for hurting you, alright?!" Link exclaimed behind her, a bit more softly now. He eventually heaved a sigh, and Zelda was certain that he was running his fingers through his blonde hair. "This wasn't exactly what I had anticipated," he grumbled. Then he said nothing, waiting for her answer.

Zelda's anger was still overwhelming, but it was slowly melting; she could feel it. The daggers of Link's words pierced through her heart and caused her to see her own faults as well as his. It hurt, but it was the truth no matter how much she cursed or spat.

He'd said that he loved her...

His words before her outburst had continually circled her mind this entire time. Her rage, she knew deep inside, was a pathetic way to guard herself from any more hurt – shielding and allowing her fears to flourish. The confession warmed her soul like nothing else, and her own love for the man seemed to overflow. But for some odd reason, she couldn't tell him.

Zelda didn't feel that she possessed the needed courage to love this man, and she was ashamed.

As the soft breeze weaved itself through her strawberry locks, Zelda knew her resolve was breaking. She had to confess, she had to tell him, she had to be in his arms, she didn't care if she would be broken in the end… She loved him so much that it filled her entire being – heart, soul, mind, and spirit.


His voice was so soft that Zelda could have imagined it, but then she would be fooling herself. As if unable to dictate her own movements she felt herself turning towards him, inexorably drawn to Link, the man she had come to love over all of these years.

When her eyes finally saw his face, her walls shattered. Stumbling like a fool she ran to him and threw herself into his embrace. His arms instantly came about her, and she trembled.

"Damn you, Link, damn you to the deepest levels of the Goddess forsaken hells," Zelda whispered fervently, her heart beating so quickly that she felt short of breath. She looked up into his blue eyes; they penetrated to her very soul. Whispering, touching his cheek, she added passionately, "Damn you, Link, I love you so much it hurts-."

Her next words were cut off by his lips touching her own, claiming her and possessively telling her how much he loved her in return. Ardent and adoring, the kisses were inescapable; Zelda felt herself literally being crushed by his embrace, but she didn't care. She could feel his heart beating and taste the sweetness of his lips and feel his stubbly cheeks and she didn't care. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she fell passively to his administrations, her body flushing and continuing to quiver at the unspoken love exchanged between them.

Tears formed unbidden in her blue eyes, and Zelda hastily wiped them away when they parted just for a moment. Link continued to hold her close, his cheek against her own. "You're crying, love" he whispered into her ear.

She choked back a sob of joy at his words. Love… How sweet it sounded, how wonderful it was to hear such a word spoken from his mouth. "I never thought, I never thought…you would say, never thought…impossible," she stuttered incoherently. "I never thought you would love me," she eventually blurted, holding him even tighter as a result as if fearing he would let go and leave her side.

Link stroked her face and kissed her ear and cheek. "Of course I love you. Wasn't it obvious?"

Zelda laughed, but it came out more as a snort. "No, yes, not really. You were so distant sometimes, and then other times you would kiss me and it was all rather confusing, you know." She looked to him and smiled, her eyes continuing to shine. "Did you know of this love last night at the carnival?" she asked mischievously. Running a finger over his chest, she prompted, "Huh? Did you?"

He flushed slightly and took her hand. "Yes, and I was a coward for not saying anything sooner. Can you forgive me?"

"There's nothing to forgive, Link. I could have said something as easily as you could have. We were both cowards. And to think of all the kisses I've could have received," she added as an after-thought. "What a shame…"

Link began a trail of kisses down her cheek and onto her neck, causing her flesh to heat. Sighing in contentment, Zelda stayed in his embrace for quite a while, simply reveling in the afterglow of their passions and the feeling of completion that had filled her soul. He was her other half; she knew it for certain now; she could never be parted from this man ever again. And with a smile, she knew it was the exact same for him.

Finally they parted, although their hands were still linked. "I think we have to get going again, Link," Zelda said quietly.

He nodded and sighed happily. "Suppose you're right. We can't very well stay here all night and kiss. Might lead to something else…" Glancing at Zelda's horrified expression, he laughed and kissed her cheek. "It was a jest, my dear."

She waved him away impatiently. "I know that! Just…don't…say those kinds of things, alright? People might think…"

The pair mounted their now fully rested mares and set off onto the road again. "Think what?" Link asked, his eyes gleaming.

"Ack, Link, you're such a pervert!" Zelda cried. "I can't believe I fell for you."

"Me either."

"I don't want rumors to be spread."


"Link, do I have to spell it out for you? I know you're enjoying this."

"Yes to both."

Zelda through her hands up in mock despair. "You're hopeless."

Link suddenly pulled on the reins of Epona; Zelda did likewise. Leaning forward, he caught her in another kiss which practically caused her to fall into his lap. "What rumors were you speaking of, Zelda?" he asked with a grin against her lips.

"I don't…" she stuttered.




"People to think…we're…slee…p…ing… together…"

When Zelda turned a bright crimson, Link simply laughed and kissed her nose. "No chance of that, Princess. Where did you get such dirty thoughts?"

Zelda didn't have enough time to answer with a witty comment before Link started down the road again, smiling back at her.

With a heart full of love, she followed this man – this man who had captured her and not let go. Smiling, she rode off into the sun, wondering if the rumors she had spoken of might become true someday...

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