Name: Courtney Kathrys

Title: Nascent


Summery: Ginny Weasley becomes Ginerva Molly Black, and Sirius ponders whether this happiness is too good to last. There's also talk of a honey covered Ginny.

Notes: This is the last chapter for this story. However, I will make a sequel... can't very well let it drift off here. But Sirius and Ginny aren't really two anymore, so much as they are two halves of one. So them being only Two doesn't apply. Look for the next installment of Ginny and Sirius sometime in the near... or maybe near... future (

Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters are by JK Rowling. I only own the plot.

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Nas-cent: adjective – Coming or having recently come into existence
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She makes a beautiful bride; but he knew she would. Her Red hair and White skin are stark contrast to the Black name he will give her. She's nervous, and he can feel her hand shake in his as Dumbledore murmurs the binding charms over the two of them. He is shaking as well, but he prays that she thinks the additional tremors are only her own.

Their wedding is small, or as small as a wedding can be with a family as large as hers. A few friends join them, but not the entire order, the less who know of this union the safer it will be. He doesn't hear the charms being said anymore, his own thoughts are driving out every other sound. Except her breathing. He always hears her breathe.

He performs his own charms mindlessly, somehow remembering the intricate incantations, the swift movements of the wand. He is dying to see her face, but the thick white sheet which obscures her features prevents him. The next time he looks into her eyes she will be his wife.

Soon he is hearing her soft words, as she invokes her own binding and protective charms. He feels her magic slide over him like honey, binding them together in its sweet and sticky embrace. He changes his thoughts immediately, it wouldn't be prudent to be caught thinking of her covered in honey.

She stops chanting and he almost cries from the loss of her voice, while she was speaking he wasn't shaking. Dumbledore is speaking again, and soon he hears her father placing the blessing over them. He swallows hard and forces his mind to come back to the present, to capture each moment in his mind. But he is terrified. Happiness has always been fleeting for him, so if he can file this memory under "fear" then he might be able to keep it.

Thoughts threaten to drown him and he is lost in the land of "what if." What if I am a bad husband? What if she doesn't love me? What if we have children? What if we never do? What if I fail her?

He feels her hand give his a squeeze and he is ripped violently back to the present. He cannot see her, but he knows she is smiling at him nervously, biting her lower lip while it quivers sure sign that she is as terrified as he. Somehow he manages to hear the order to raise the barrier between her face, and he cannot hide the trembling in his hands as he clumsily raises the sheet and folds it over. She is smiling nervously, and her lip is red with her teeth marks. Vaguely he hears the cheering from the crowd, and he knows this is his cue to kiss her, and he is glad it has come because he would be able to hold back no longer.

Her lips shake beneath his, and he knows she has the same thought of him. But this is their first kiss as a man and wife, and this kiss is as tentative as the kiss which first brought them here.

They greet the crowd as two of one name, and he notices with a wry smile that they have both stopped shaking. He wonders if she has any recollection of the ceremony, or if, like him, it has flitted away in shaking hands and quivering lips.

They dance late into the night at their party. During one slow number he holds her close and whispers "I love you Mrs. Black." She laughs and he realizes that it is the first time he has heard that sound today.

That night they share their bed as man and wife. It is a new feeling, different, and erotic in its own way. They have always moved as one but tonight they move as two halves of a whole, as if there could never be anything else. Tonight they move slowly and deliberately, prolonging every touch and every moan. Tonight he watches her go first and is astounded at how beautiful she is when she orgasms. Tonight he lets her watch him let go as he spills himself inside of her. Tonight they do a lot of watching, and noticing, and appreciating.

He watches her as she contentedly dreams, her ring glistening on her finger. He idly remembers back to when he thought he could give her up, sacrifice their love to the war. How things change. He could never give her up, it was foolish of him to try and do so. If they could have this one moment of satisfaction, of contentment, and of bliss... then that is one small victory over Voldemort. He could give them hell on Earth, but they still made their own Garden of Eden.

Maybe he will dream tonight. If he does, maybe those dreams will be pleasant. It has been so long since he has had a good dream, one which makes him regret waking up. He knows that if this is one of those dreams, he would die before waking and loosing her.

Right now he is waiting for the bad times to overtake them, to rip her from him. He has gone too long without a nightmare. He isn't wishing for them, but he is wary that they will come.

He feels her body tense and then relaxes against him, and her eyelids are fluttering. She is lost in dreams, and from her small smile he assumes they are pleasant. He hopes that if they are, they are of him. He contemplates sleeping now as well, and lets himself entertain the idea of meeting her in Dreamland. Tonight is their night to rest. They have had a stressful day. Tomorrow they will play.

Tomorrow morning he thinks that he will make her breakfast in bed, and not allow her to move from the sheets that will chain her down. Tomorrow they will spend their honeymoon uninterrupted in their room. The war can survive without them for a day. They have earned a time to themselves in London, a time for pleasure amidst the reality which surrounds them completely. Tomorrow will leave them to the playfulness of newlyweds.

Perhaps he will cover her in honey as well.


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