Chapter two: Crowded balconies

To be lonely was to be surrounded by people. Odd as it sounds, that was Zelda's interpretation of the all too familiar word. Sitting alone on the dais, watching as a sea of different colored gowns and tunics swirled in the popular Hylian Waltz in the great Ballroom of Hyrule Castle.

Dancing made her angry. Not sad, not melancholy; just mad. The eerily close contact, having to look your partner in the eyes… It was just too unnerving for her tastes. She watched as if in a daze as a young man came to the foot of the dais.

"Milady," He murmured lowly. "Will you honor me with a dance?"

"Thank you, but no. I've much on my mind, and I have no time for dancing." Not meaning to have been so harsh, she frowned as she watched the youth's shoulders slump as he made his way back through the crowd. Reaching up to massage her temple with her finger tips, she didn't notice as another male came before her.

"For such a grand ball, you don't seem to be dancing much."

Her eyes rushed towards the calm voice. She only lifted her chin defiantly, eyeing the Hero of Time with her Amethyst gaze.

"True, but only because it lacks true gentlemen to dance with."

To her utter astonishment, he laughed, or rather, he chuckled in that deep baritone of his.

"Might I ask what is so funny?" He gazed at her with cool amusement lurking in the azure depths of his eyes.

"You are…Highness." She arched a pale brow at this.

"Me? I dare say, I find nothing funny about myself, or any other in this room," She tried her hardest to shoot daggers at him with her eyes. "Save for you I suppose."

"Really." He murmured, taking the opportunity to sit in the red plush chair beside her, gazing at the dancers before him. "You don't seem to be laughing Milady."

"Oh I'm positively rolling on the floor." She said dryly, turning from him to watch Willow take the arm of a particularly handsome man in red, and letting him lead her onto the dance floor.

Seeing the coy look of attraction pass over her cousin's face caused a ghost of a smile to flirt with Zelda's lips. Link noticed this and cleared his throat, making her look at him.


"You almost looked happy just then, a rare sight." He looked into her eyes for a moment, then, his face flushed, he turned away, glaring.

"I don't see why you would care." As much as the truth hurt, Zelda had no problem saying it to him. "We both know you despise me, and believe you me; the feeling is mutual."

He didn't agree. Nor did he deny it. That fact made her skin tingle with hurt, for openly admitting her present situation. Rising from her seat, she felt the rush of fear that he might follow as she made her way off the dais and out of the ballroom.

The cool breeze of night felt refreshing against her pale skin, driving the strangled feeling from her body. Wrapping her arms around herself, she moved to the railing of the balcony, letting her fingers glide over the smooth, stone surface.

"Can't cry…" She murmured, looking up at the luminous half moon. "Oh Gods don't let me cry…"

((Link's POV))

I watch silently as my Fiancée flees the ballroom. A small part of me wants to follow…but it's only a small part.

I have to admit, she did look lovely tonight, in her long purple gown, with her hair pulled up, only letting a few wisps curl softly around her face…

Gah! What's wrong with me? I have no intention of caring for Zelda. I never have. At least not intentionally. I'll admit the attraction we feel for each other, even if she won't.

"Link!" A flirtatious voice exclaims near the dais. I look down to meet a pair of sky blue eyes and a tumble of red hair.

"Malon, it's good to see you." I don't bother getting up; I'm not going to dance with her.

She keeps her blue eyes focused on me, begging me in some strange way.

"You've not asked me to dance!" She laughs coyly. I'm starting to get the idea that she doesn't remember my upcoming wedding…

"Sorry Malon," I say, but I can't help but scan the crowd for those eyes…those deep Amethyst eyes. I hate her I tell myself, even as I let Malon drag me to the floor, but where is she?

"You're so quiet Link." Malon murmurs, walking smoothly to where I sit and pulling me to her and dragging me to the dance floor, moving me into the rhythm of a slow waltz.

"I have a lot on my mind." Of course I do. I'm about to be married to a woman who absolutely detests me. Not that I care, this marriage proposal said nothing about love.

"Oh yes. That Princess of yours." I can practically see the venom dripping from the Ranch girl's rosy lips. "Where is she? Shouldn't she be here with you? Or is she too busy?"

"She left." Leaving it at that, I pull away to look into Malon's pretty eyes. Don't get me wrong; Malon's gorgeous, funny, down to earth, but she's just not my cup of tea. Sure, being the 'no strings attached' guy that I am, you would see no issue in getting involved with the sweet redhead. But I do.

I've known Malon for years, all of them to my knowledge, was spent hearing her piss and moan about a certain blond Princess. I never knew much about Zelda, even in the days where we fought Ganondorf through that weird time travel thing. She'd always just been 'Princess' or 'You're Highness' to me.

But never in the whole time I've known her Royal Highness, have I ever seen her smile. Isn't that strange? You'd think a girl who was beautiful beyond compare, and richer than any girl in existence, would at least give a silly grin at her good fortune.

But no; not Zelda. I've never known her to be happy.

But Malon on the other hand has always been happy. Whether it's flirting with the Castle guard, picking apples near Kokiri, or just being with her horses, Malon's never been without a reason to smile. Sure that run in with Ingo during that Time travel thing was a bit frightening, but Malon always had me to back her up.

Zelda didn't…


I look at Malon, and for the first time, I see how cold those eyes of hers really are. The truth makes my mind cloud with confusion as I push her away to seek the cool air from outside.

((Normal POV))

Stars danced above the Princess, magically drawing her into their sparkling ballet. She never even heard the heavy footfalls behind her.

He was entranced. Had he not known that she possessed the power of the Seventh Sage, he would have thought her an enchantress. A wicked one at that he thought, remembering the rough slap she'd given him two nights before.

Not that he deserved it. Her Royal Highness had a horrible temper; one that he remembered to have existed even when he'd first met her. Grudgingly he admitted that was one of the things that made her so fascinatingly beautiful. A smile almost overcame him.

…But he still hated her

She'd loved him at one point. Very much so if he remembered correctly. But then she tricked him, sending him to the one place he'd run from for almost a year after he'd learned to love her.

She'd sent him back in time.

And when he returned to her side…he crushed her. He could still remember the shocked look on her face when she turned her ten-year-old body to face his…


"Link!?" Little Zelda clasped her hands together in happiness at seeing her Love.


"…Link? You're alright?"

The boy cracked his knuckles before raising cold, hate filled eyes to meet hers.

"…I thought you loved me." The once shy, happy voice was dead flat, betraying the emptiness he felt inside.

"Link? What in Hyrule are you-"

"I thought you loved me!!!" Hot, angry tears coursed down Link's face, his body began to shake with rage.

"Oh Link I-" The fear in her eyes intensified as he stepped closer, his ragged breath becoming louder.

"You took away everything I ever loved." He began; a muscle in his jaw twitching as he glared at her. "Everything. And now you expect me to…I don't know, thank you? Well forget it Princess." He spat the last word like it was poison before turning his back on her, ignoring her sobs as she slumped to the ground.

"And forget you."

((End of Flashback))

Just thinking about that day seven years ago made him want to break something. Though he had been young, he meant every word he spoke to her that day. Looking at her once more, he turned and stalked back into the Ballroom.

Too bad, he thought angrily, that balconies were so crowded.

((End of Chapter Two))

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