Summary: for five hundred years, demons have ruled.  All humans are slaves...Until one woman sought to change it. 

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A Slave's Tale

Chapter 1—Humans, disgusting?

The sun had barely come up over the horizon. The slaves quarters located down in the very lowest section of the palace was quiet.  For the last five hundred or so years Humans were property to be sold and used any way their masters wanted. Some were even killed.  It didn't matter, they were replaceable. Little did the Youkai community know that nestled between the warmth of two males lay the woman who would change it all.  

A loud… I mean extremely loud banging rang through the slaves' quarters.

"Up everyone up," a pleasant but authoritative female voice yelled. She heard some groaning and smirked. "Get up you lazy asses," she snickered. The woman walked over to her cousin who was sleeping between two males. "Don't you three ever sleep apart?"

Seventeen year old Kagome Higurashi opened her eyes and mock glared at her cousin. "They provide good warmth in the night." She sat up stretching her arms up.

"I bet they do." She wiggled her brows suggestively while grinning.

"Ooh you." Kagome grabbed a beat up pillow and threw it at her cousin. "It's not like that Kikyou!" she yelled laughing as Kikyou ducked out of the way of the pillow.

"Well I for one think it should be that way," a tired sounding male voice said on the floor right next to her.

Kagome looked down at him as she saw his hand lift. "Don't even think about it Miroku." She narrowed her eyes at him and he immediately dropped his hand with an exaggerated sigh.

"Very well then." He sat up and ruffled his hair out of his eyes. "Ruin my fun why don't you."

A slight annoyed voice from her opposite side decided to make its presence known to Miroku that he too was awake. "Not only that, we all know how Youkai Kouga is taken with our Kagome. I don't think you'll want your insides ripped out of your body," He said rather smugly.

"Ah Hojo, he wouldn't do that to us. He likes us," Miroku said back.

Hojo's eye brow arched, "Yes, but he likes Kagome more. We are mere ants to him. He'd squish us flat without a thought."

Miroku suddenly grabbed Kagome's hand, holding it tenderly in both of his. "Aww you wouldn't let that wolf Youkai hurt me would you. I come from a long line of monks you know. We are peaceful and…" he was cut off by Kagome's palm against his lips.

"Oh save it for someone who will buy that 'peaceful' nonsense of yours. You are a damn Hentai and you know it." She grinned.  Not a moment later her face contorted in disgust. "Ugh, gross." She pulled her hand away from his mouth. "You licked me you sicko."

Kikyou was tapping her foot against the wood flooring. "All right you three, enough playing around we have much work to do," she said and looked down at her clipboard.  Kikyou looked around at the many slaves who were dressing and brushing their hair and standing up. Some hadn't even opened their eyes yet. She was getting frustrated. It was her job to see that her fellow slaves had gotten up in time or else she would be punished.  It was then she pulled her blow horn from off the rickety table and turned it on. "I SAID UP!!" she shouted into it and that certainly got some people to jump out of their blankets and off the floor. "That's better." She sat the horn back in its spot.

She tapped the clipboard. "As you all know, Inutaisho has been very ill. That bout of purification is finally doing him in after fifteen years of heavy exposure. He will be cranky this morning."

"When is he not cranky?" a voice said within the crowd.

"I don't think I've ever known him to not be cranky," Kagome said. Taking a deep strangled breath as Hojo behind her was lacing up her corset. All female slaves had to wear them mostly because no female Youkai would ever feel inferior to a human woman's body.

Kikyou sighed pressing her fingers to her sinuses. "That's not all. Now don't all get alarmed it's not entirely the end of the world but Inutaisho's first born son, Sesshomaru has returned home late last night after ten years of being away."  Kikyou heard gasps of alarm and sounds of terror fill the room. "Relax everyone."

"How can we relax?" a woman asked. "I heard that last year alone he had killed at least fifty slaves and he did it himself. How can we not be alarmed? Any of us could be next."

"Yeah, not all of us have Youkai to protect us unlike Kagome and Sango here," a voice spat out bitterly.

Kagome stood up feeling a tad hurt at the words her comrades had said. "I'm sorry if you all feel that way but we are still not protected from the likes of Inutaisho's first born.  He out ranks any Youkai."

"But isn't Kouga a prince?" Sango asked and Kagome nodded.

"Yes he is." Kikyou answered for her cousin. "He is not as high in rank as Sesshomaru is. Kouga, as fine a warrior as he is, is not as strong as Sesshomaru. At this moment Sesshomaru is unbeatable."

"We must all be on our guard then. No one speaks to him unless he speaks to us first," Hojo said and then turned to Kagome, "Oh and about tonight's visit to the club?"

She smiled, "Yes that is still on." Kagome slipped on her simple green dress which was surprisingly a little form fitting. It still hugged against her chest and her hips flowing down almost elegantly to her ankles. The dress, which she wore nearly all the time, had a few holes in the bottom hem. She would have to sew them up sometime.

Kikyou was handing out orders for who would clean and make breakfast and have it out on the table by eight O'clock sharp. All forty of the day shift slaves left the room. She looked as the slaves who had just come from the night shift were lugging themselves into the room to fall face first onto the bedrolls and blankets. She pulled the piece of cloth which was a make shift curtain closed on the window so it was nice and dark for the night shift. She smiled and backed out of the room closing the door behind her.

Up in the kitchen they were working hard at making the glorious breakfast for the Youkai. It was a quarter to eight when Kagome pulled the large batch of freshly baked rolls from the oven. The heavenly smell of hot bread delighted her senses. She took a pair of tongs and started putting bread in at least four of the wicker baskets.

"Good morning Kagome," a voice said behind her.

Kagome turned slightly and smiled. "Good morning Lord Inuyasha." She noticed he was dressed in a nice red shirt and khaki pants. His dog ears on his head twitched a little.

"Ugh. You know how I can't stand that Lord crap," he said with a grimace and jumped up to sit on the counter watching her work. "Have you seen Sango anywhere?"

She covered one of the baskets with a towel to keep the bread warm. "Yes, she's in the cleaning crew this morning."

Inuyasha heard the sounds of dishes being washed and loaded into a three dishwashers. The smell of ham, bacon and other meats were very pleasant to him. He watched as other humans took plates of fruits, three different kinds of eggs, and the meats out of the kitchen to put them on the very large table. Other foods were still being prepared.

"You do know who came home last night don't you?" Inuyasha asked watching her closely. She nearly dropped the tongs.

Kagome nodded. "I did hear something about that."

"Hey, don't worry too much about it. I doubt he'll even remember you. You were only seven years old."

She sucked in a breath of air. "Yeah, when he tried to kill me, if it wasn't for Kouga, I'd probably be dead right now." She picked up the four baskets of bread and carried them out to the dinning hall with Inuyasha following her.

 "He isn't much of a hero." Inuyasha crossed his arms.

"Well he is to me." She grinned and Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Look, he saved my life. That's heroic enough."

Inuyasha put his hand on her shoulder. "I know my half brother scares you…"

"No, he terrifies everyone," she interrupted.

His other hand touched her shoulder and he turned her around to face him. "As your friend I will also protect you from dangers including my cold hearted half brother." He pulled her into a tight reassuring hug. Inuyasha felt her arms go around him tightly.

"Hey, just what do you think you are doing with my woman?" a voice from the stairs that led down into the dinning hall spoke.

Inuyasha turned around slightly to see Kouga standing there with his arms crossed over his chest. "Oh we're having an affair. I thought you knew." He snickered as Kouga came down the stairs to stand at the bottom. His eyes narrowed.

Kagome smacked Inuyasha lightly in the chest. "Oh stop teasing him." She pulled away.

Inuyasha sighed. "So you say Sango is on the cleaning crew?"  He saw her nod.

"Yep, she is there with, Rei, Hisa, Miroku…" Kagome was cut off when she heard him growl loudly.

"MIROKU! You left her alone with that, that hentai!!" He looked rather angry as he clinched his fists. "That's it. I'll kill him. I will."

Kagome was trying hard not to laugh. "Go get him." She couldn't hold it in and her pearls of laughter rang through the dinning hall.

"Oh this is just so funny to you isn't it." He spun on his heel and raced out. He could hear more laughter from even the other slaves.

"Kagome, you just said that to rile him up didn't you? You could have left out Miroku's name," Ayumi said with a smile.

"Where would the fun in that be?" Kagome snickered and looked up at Kouga who had his arms extended and she quickly ran to him. He enveloped her in his strong, comforting embrace.

"I heard what you said." He hugged her to him.

"What did I say?" She looked up at him. His blue eyes seemed to twinkle.

"About me being heroic," he smiled down at her and lightly touched her cheek with gentle fingers. Kouga leaned in closer taking in her scent. "You smell really good."  He growled playfully pulling her harder against him.

Kagome blushed hearing her friends snickering all around her. She didn't like to be embarrassed in front of others like this but she knew he had every right to say and do exactly what he wanted and she was not allowed to object. She didn't mind too much since it was Kouga she was with.

"I would tell everyone to leave but they have to prepare the dinning hall for breakfast," Kouga said with a smirk moving close to her ear. "You could be mine."

She felt slightly faint at his warm breath gently tickling her ear. She was lucky he was holding onto her so tightly. Kagome could not find any thing to say to him. Her brain was having trouble functioning. Why did this happen every time he was being like this?

"I'm glad I still have this effect on you," he said softly leaning down capturing her lips with his. It was not enough. He wanted to claim her whole mouth, to taste her. He nudged his lips against hers wanting entrance.

A feminine cough from up and behind him alerted him to another's presence,

"What a disgusting display," she spat out bitterly.

 Damn, Kouga's senses were off. He is usually able to sense other Youkai a mile away. There were two behind him. One was radiating so much Ki energy that it didn't even measure up on a scale. He knew exactly who that was.

"I had heard rumors of Youkai taking slaves as pets here," a voice as cold as ice spoke. "How very disappointing letting human filth touch upon your skin."

Kouga had pulled away looking down at Kagome who's eyes had widened a fraction. She then shut her eyes tightly and buried her face into Kouga's brown silk shirt. His arms wrapped around her even tighter, feeling he needed to protect her. "I don't mind it at all. I rather like her touch," he said without looking back at the two who had entered.

"Unacceptable. Youkai like you should be executed for this."

Both Kouga and Kagome could feel they were being approached by the powerful and the slightly weaker being.

Kouga gently pulled Kagome's face from within his shirt and she looked up at him. "Go on back through the kitchen door Kagome." He ran his finger along her cheek reassuringly and kissed her forehead. He watched as she nodded not sparing the other two Youkai behind him a glance she turned rather quickly and fled through the double doors that led back into the kitchen.

Turning around Kouga faced Kagura and Sesshomaru. "Lord Sesshomaru, what are you doing up so early? You got in pretty late last night."

"I need little sleep," he said lifting his hand looking at his claws. "Just what were you doing with that human?"

Kouga snorted. "None of your business, she's mine to do with what I wish."

"I doubt that is true. Isn't it a fact that every slave here is owned by my father?" he asked staring emotionless at Kouga.

"Yes, that's true but I have a special agreement with him… not that it's any of your concern."

Kagura shook her head. "He's been carrying on with that human for nearly ten years now Sesshomaru. First he was being all nice to the little girl until she grew into… that!" She stared bitterly at the door that Kagome had left through feeling a twinge of jealousy at the obvious assets and beauty the human girl possessed.

With a smirk Kouga inclined his head slightly. "What's the matter Kagura, jealous?"

The wind Youkai scoffed, "Hardly, as if I have reason to be jealous of that thing." She sounded a bit unbelievable even in her own ears. "She is beneath me and will always remain so," she added just for an effect to show that she was more important than the lowly human.

Behind the double doors inside the kitchen Kagome was leaning on the counter. Hojo was rubbing her back. His hand was going around in circles trying to comfort and ease her tension.

"You mean he's actually down here, right now?" Rei asked and went to push the doors open slightly to look out. "Oh!" A slight blush graced her cheeks. "I didn't remember him looking that good. Did you Kagome?"

"Let me see," Ayumi pushed herself forward looking out the small crack they made between the double doors. She giggled upon the sight of him.

Kagome took a deep breath. "I wouldn't know Rei. I didn't look at him."

"Well Rei we were just children when we last saw him. Things do change," Ayumi said with an almost purr to her voice. "Come take a look Kagome. You'll like what you see."

Hojo slightly tensed next to her but relaxed when the back door opened and Miroku, whose hair and shirt was wet, walked through from the outside. 

"Ayumi, Rei, he would still kill us without batting an eye so I think I'll pass. I really don't want to see any of him."

"See any of whom?" Miroku asked innocently.

"Lord Sesshomaru." Kagome answered for Miroku and turned looking at him. "Oh great fates, what happened to you?"

Miroku sighed and picked up a towel from off the counter and proceeded to dry his hair. "Two words… Inuyasha, bucket of water."

Kagome counted his words on her fingers. "Miroku, that's four words." She watched him shrug his shoulders, feeling sympathetic she moved over to him. "Here let me." She sighed taking the towel from his grasp and started drying his hair more frantically.

"Aww thanks Kagome. You're a real peach." He missed Kagome rolling her eyes. Miroku stood. "You are such a good friend to me." He wrapped her up in a tight hug and Kagome's brow arched suspiciously…

Inuyasha walked into the dinning hall. His hair looked quite tousled. There was a slight flush to his cheeks and his lips were very swollen. He continued towards Kouga and stopped right in front of him. He found the wolf Youkai looking at him with some kind of knowing smile. "What?!" it irritated him that Kouga did not say anything but just kept making that face at him. "What is it damn it? Stop looking at me like that wolf breath!" He noticed his half brother looking at him as well but the usual expressionless exterior was well in place and Kagura plainly looked disgusted. "Am I interrupting this little love fest?" He was ready to tell all three of them what he thought of them when a loud female scream pierced the angry silence. Hmm that sounded like…

"Kagome!" both Inuyasha and Kouga shouted at the same time and turned to glare at each other. Inuyasha took off to see if she was hurt when Kouga tripped him and he fell flat on his face. The wolf Youkai tried to speed off to help his woman but Inuyasha with a quick movement reached up and grabbed at Kouga's ankles and the wolf fell to the floor.

"I'm going to help her!" Inuyasha shouted in anger.

"Oh no you don't, I am, she's mine!" Kouga growled.

Sesshomaru stared down at the two wrestling around on the floor his eyes narrowing slightly, "What a short leash that human slave has on the two of you. It is a pure disgrace."

"Oh stuff it Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha snarled. Both he and Kouga crawled and struggled against one another on the floor to get to the double doors.

An angry Kagome's voice could be heard.  "MIROKU! YOU SICK, SICK, SICK, HENTAI!!" Not a moment later Miroku's body came sailing through the double doors to smash into the far wall and fall to the floor in a useless lump.

Both Inuyasha and Kouga looked up and in between the two wide open double doors stood a very enraged Kagome. Her eyes were narrowed on Miroku's body. Her fist was clinched tight while chest was heaving frantically up and down. She looked like she had given Miroku quite the punch. It was a good thing that Inuyasha and Kouga were both on the ground or they two would have smash into the wall with Miroku. They all heard Miroku moan in pain.

"My ass is not yours to grab you pervert!" Kagome shouted. She threw her nose in the air, turned on her heels and went back into the kitchen.

"That was quite a hit," Miroku said to no one in particular. He opened his eyes and found the very angry faces of Inuyasha and Kouga glaring down at him. "Heh, hey guys.  How's it going?" he asked innocently and slightly nervous. Both Inuyasha and Kouga looked up at each other and then back at Miroku. His eyes widened and both of them reached for him with ill intent.

"Humans… disgusting," Sesshomaru said as he sat down at the table while the other Youkai came in to also feast on the morning meal. Not any of them paid attention to the pummeling going on in the corner as they were used to this every morning.

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