"Some pray to marry the man they love,

My prayer will somewhat vary;

I humbly pray to heaven above

That I love the man I marry."

Rose Pastor Stokes

My Prayer

The Man I Marry


"Tell me one with a happy ending. With princesses and knights in shining armor…"

"People? On the moon?" Diana asked in disbelief, her small kitten ears perked up as she gazed in wonder at the full moon traveling across the night sky.

"Yes, it's true." Luna replied, her affectionate gaze upon her daughter. She turned to look out the window and stared down at Crystal Tokyo stretched lazily before the Imperial Palace. The iridescent crystal walls of the buildings below them shimmered under the pale moonlight. "Years ago, in the time of myths and legends," Luna continued, "People lived peacefully on the White Moon. Its glorious kingdom was the heart of a great alliance among all the planets in the solar system. The reign of the White Moon was said to be the greatest of all time---an era of peace and harmony called the Silver Millennium." She sighed wistfully, thinking of a time long past.

Diana turned to see Luna's misty-eyed expression and drew closer, gently rubbing her cheek against her mother's soft black fur. "Ne, Mama, what happened? Why is everything gone now?"

Luna looked down at her daughter with a rueful smile. "Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and in one great tragedy, the White Moon Kingdom fell and the Silver Millennium ended."

Diana frowned. "Mama, that doesn't sound like a nice story at all! Tell me one with a happy ending. With princesses and knights in shining armor, and---"

Luna chuckled and acquiesced. "Alright, kitten. I'll tell you the story of a beautiful White Moon Princess who believed in faerie tales… just like you."

Dianna settled down on the lushly cushioned window seat and swished her tail impatiently. "Well, did she get her faerie tale? Did it come true?"

Luna laughed outright and curled up beside her daughter. "Well, yes. But in a way she least expected…"