Synopsis : Legolas knows that Hawkeye, his pet eagle, is an extraordinary creature, but only now will he learn the reason why. And this knowledge will drag him into the middle of a great conflict in a mystical kingdom.

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Most of you must have realized that I named this fic 'Time After Time' at first. But after I've written several pages, I changed my mind and named it 'Tower Of Tasqamaran' instead. Why?  You'll see. Like I've said before, the story will focus on Hawkeye, Legolas' pet. Remember him? After much urgings from many of you, I've given him a special character of his own. I hope you will like this one.

And I have to warn you; Legolas is acting a little…err…'different' in this one. His marriage to Narasene changes him a lot. You are going to see why. He! He!



It was midnight.

The stars were dazzlingly bright over the sky of Ithilien. The wind was softly sighing their own song, but the rest of nature was quiet. All the keep's occupants were either asleep or standing sentry. Everything was still and tranquil.

But in the lord's sleeping chamber, a kind of excitement was actively brewing.

"Surrender now, my lord, or I will keep you here prisoner forever," the beautiful elven lady softly said as she straddled her husband's belly, keeping a firm grip on both his wrists over his head, pressing them onto the mattress.

Prince Legolas Thranduilion, Lord of Southern Ithilien and Crown Prince of Eryn Lasgalen, was grinning back at her like an idiot. "I don't mind being your prisoner, my lady, if you are willing to feed me at least three times a day," he replied. "And don't forget the kiss. That will be enough to keep away my hunger and thirst for thousands of years."

Lady Narasene lifted her eyebrows and smiled seductively at her husband. "Oh, really? Will only my kiss be enough?"

Legolas chuckled. "Why? Are you offering me more than that, sweetheart?"

Her only answer was to swoop down and covered his lips with hers, kissing him in full ardor. With his arms still stretched over his head, Legolas leaned upwards and kissed her back with as much enthusiasm that she was showing. Both were immediately lost in ecstasy that only true lovers could feel.

He truly loved this time of night, when everything was so quiet and peaceful after the grueling hard day of work in governing the Ithilien keep. It was the time for him to relax with his lady wife and…enjoy each other's company.

They had been married for almost a year now, still a couple of love struck newlyweds. The wedding had been held in Eryn Lasgalen with as much festivities and luxuries that a great king like Thranduil, Legolas' father, could give. It had been the grandest wedding one had ever seen, attended by hundreds of guests that included family and friends. The people were still talking about it; about how the newlyweds had discreetly vanished from the party without even cutting the ten-tiers wedding cake, about how the King of Gondor had been pushed into the stream behind the palace by his two elven brothers, and about how the newborn son of Lord Faramir had liked Lord Gimli so much that the baby peed on the dwarf. All in all, it definitely was a wedding to remember for many years to come.

After spending a blissful month in his father's realm, Legolas had brought his wife to Ithilien, the strong keep that Aragorn had proudly awarded to his elven friend to symbolize their strong bond as sworn brothers. Legolas was also under oath as the vassal to the King of Gondor, to lend aid and protection whenever the king of men would ask of it. And how vital the aid and protection from Ithilien had been, considering how Aragorn had nearly died in an assassination attempt on his life by the Haradrim. If not for Legolas, the king would have been killed and Gondor could have fallen under the enemy's cruel hands.

But their triumph was not without a price. Legolas had almost turned away from Ithilien, from Gondor, without ever looking back. He had been overwhelmingly plagued by the sea-longing, which had caused him to be emotionally unstable, rendering him weak and helpless in his effort to fight the affliction. He had also been terribly hurt and humiliated under the hands of the Haradrim when they had captured him, turning him into a beaten person he almost didn't recognize.

But not anymore.

His father's undying love had nurtured him. His marriage to Narasene had made him complete. His friends' loyalty and companionship had brought out his joy. He had never been happier in all his life.

And tonight, his happiness was at its highest peak. As his desire for his wife escalated, Legolas effortlessly twisted until she lay beneath him. Nara quickly unbuttoned her husband's clothes, moaning softly with pleasure as Legolas lovingly ran his hands through her hair, massaging the back of her neck. In seconds, his tunic flew across the chamber and landed unheeded onto the floor.

"One of us is obviously overdressed," Legolas said breathlessly, already tugging at the laces of her nightgown. His wife giggled and whispered enticing words against his bare chest, urging him to move faster.

Suddenly, a thump sounded from the direction of the balcony. The couple instantly froze, gazing at each other in surprise.

"What was that?" Narasene whispered, wide eyed.

Frowning, Legolas straightened. "Stay here," the prince told his wife as he took one of his twin daggers from atop the chest beside their bed. Firmly gripping the blade, he then walked on silent bare feet toward the closed door that led to the balcony.

Legolas was about to turn the doorknob when he was aware of his wife's presence right behind him. He whirled around to see Narasene already armed with his bow and arrow, the string pulled taut and the missile ready to be let go. The prince rolled his eyes in exasperation. "I told you to stay there!" he whispered, annoyed that she didn't do exactly that.

"And do what? Twiddle my thumbs?" she shot back.

Legolas muttered a string of oath under his breath, feeling incredibly unlucky to have a wife as thickheaded as he was. "Fine. But stay behind me," he finally responded with a glare before turning to the door. Narasene made a face at her husband's naked back in retaliation but she didn't further object, holding the bow steadily and getting ready to shoot if the need arose.

Legolas silently turned the knob, his senses already working madly to detect the strange yet familiar presence outside. He nodded once at his wife before pushing open the door and dashing onto the balcony. Narasene followed closed at his heels. The couple instantly stopped in their tracks at the sight before them.

A man lay sprawled on the floor, unconscious. He was clad only in buckskin leggings and soft leather boots. There was a dart embedded in his left side, and blood was still pouring out of the wound. Lying facedown with his long golden hair obscuring his face, the man resembled Legolas' stature so much that Narasene gasped in surprise.

"Who…who is he?" she stammered, lowering the bow.

Still guarding the stranger warily, Legolas glanced around and made a quick scan of the balcony. They were about fifty feet above the ground. There were no trees tall enough nearby for the man to climb, while the wall was too smooth and slippery for anyone to scale.

How in Arda did he get here? Puzzled, Legolas stared hard at the man lying unmoving at his feet. He had never seen him before, yet the prince had this uncanny feeling that he knew who this man was.

With his dagger firmly held in his grasp, Legolas used his other hand to brush the man's hair aside to reveal his face. It was a good looking face, with healthy tan skin and well sculpted nose. The man's eyes were closed, but started to flutter open when Legolas touched his neck to check his pulse.

The prince's brilliant silver eyes met the man's tawny ones…and held for a very long moment.

A chill ran down Legolas' spine when he looked deep into the man's painful gaze. Those eyes. I've seen them before. I knew him, yet I don't.

"Lord…Legolas…" the man suddenly spoke in a weak voice.

Holding the man's gaze, Legolas responded, "I do not know who you are, and I am very curious on how you managed to get up here. So speak."

"My love, he's hurt. He obviously needs help," Narasene said softly.

Legolas nodded, glancing briefly at the man's injury. "I know. I can see that. But first I need to know if this person we are about to help is a friend or foe."

The man closed his eyes briefly, took a swallow and reopened his eyes. Legolas was astounded to see a glimmer of tears swimming in their depth.

"You know me…Lord Legolas. I…I'm not a foe," the man spoke with much difficulty as his strength continued to ebb. "We have been friends…for many years…"

Legolas exchanged looks with his wife before turning back to the stranger. "What are you talking about? I'm quite sure I've never seen you before."

"Indeed, you have…when I'm in a…different form." The man stared deeply into Legolas' narrowed eyes. "I saw you…when you tried…to kill yourself…I was there…"

Legolas visibly flinched. He was dimly aware when Narasene gripped his shoulder, her hand slightly trembling. As his mind was assailed by the memories of his once bleak past, Legolas couldn't control the biting tone in his voice. "What the blazes are you implying?" he snarled. "If this is some kind of a guessing game you are playing, I find no fun in it at all!"

Somehow, the man managed to work a smile, albeit wanly. "Your temper…never changes…like your heart." He paused to take a deep breath before continuing, "Sadly, this is…no game…my lord. This is real…I'm real…"

"I have to ask you again; who the blazes are you?" Legolas firmly spoke the words, raising the hand that held the blade threateningly.

The man gulped nervously to see the flashing dagger, but he kept his resolve. "I've been a messenger…between you and your lady…for years…After I first met you…you have given me back…my wings…And when you lost…the manyan stone…in the bog, I've found it…for you…Don't you know me?"

Everything clicked into place then. The man's eyes, the man's words. It was unbelievable but Legolas began to realize who this stranger really was.

His grasp went lax and the dagger fell to the floor with a clatter. Dropping to his knees, the prince shook his head in wonder. He stared in amazement at the stranger's face, seeking for the truth in an otherwise impossible situation. "Ha…Hawkeye?"

The man feebly smiled. "Aye. That's what…you called me…"

Then he went limp, sinking quickly into oblivion.


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