File 06: A brief moment of peace

Volfforg had successfully captured both the Major and Lieutenant units and with the aid of GaoGaiGar transported them both into the 3G ship maintenance bay.

Taiga: Ok crew, open the hatches for the two units and greet our two comrades.

The major's unit's hatch opens at the torso chest that resembles Galeon's jaw, where the Major steps out with his hands up. The Lieutenant's unit hatch was also at the torso but opens when the head was slid back and the Lieutenant is elevated up.

The Major looking round and checking with his Lieutenant with a glance then starts

Major: I am Major Mamoru of the earth's Neo Gusty Galaxy Guard, I demand to see your squadron's leader to halt your plans of invasion and remove your disguises.

With the entire crew quite taken back with such a statement from Mamoru, Guy steps up, raises his left arm and starts to emit a jade green glow from his back hand.

Guy: Mamoru it is us, we're not trying to invade anyplace, we've come back.

With the presence of the G-stone that is imbedded inside Guy, Mamoru's powers pick up the wave of the stone and active to confirm that this is a real G-stone. Mamoru throws off his helmet to reveal his face and a face full of tears.

Mamoru: Everyone!

After some hugging, hand shakes and smiles, the 3G team and their recently reunited comrades start explaining to each other on what has happened over the last four years. Mamoru and Kaido had been chosen to be members of the Neo Gusty Galaxy Guard after they came back to earth, and the government had lifted the exile sentence from the old 3G team. Their units have only been recently finished into completion and haven't yet been named, and are only codenamed S-GG and Eagle.

Mamoru: Well it won't bee long now, look everyone we can see the Neo 3G orbit base.

At first glance the orbital base is the very similar to the old 3G orbital base, however the new base has a higher defensive means, with the incorporation of the UV engines there is now over 50 anti air and asteroid turrets. On approach the ship suddenly gets a call from the orbital base, which turns out to be Yan Long Lee.

Yan Long Li: This is the earth's Neo Gutsy Galaxy Guard, please state your identification code and reason of approach.

Mamoru: This is Neo 3G member Major Mamoru, ID number None, requesting ship to be docked at station.

Yan Long Li: ID confirmed, please state reason for docking.

Mamoru: Mission completed and unidentified ship has been confirmed to be of original 3G members vessel, both crew and special machine corps has been validated by myself and the lieutenant.

Yan Long Li: Docking approved and welcome back our old friends.

To be continued

Author notes:

Ok not much story progression on this chapter I know, but god help me this writers block has been on me since last Christmas, and now I'm at my last year in uni I'm gonna be writing a lot slower (unless someone reviews). Anyway more to come soon as I can get round to doing it.