Title: Evil Poll
Author: kawaii-kirei
Rating: PG for yaoi
Pairing: TysonKai, and a little bit of MaxRay

Disclaimer: I do not own BeyBlade or any of it's characters. The only thing I own is this story. ^^'

Evil Poll

Tyson yawned as he entered a name the search engine on the monitor. Kenny had been nice enough to lend him his laptop - if he does extra training. Sad to say, he agreed. Though the faces on his teammates surely made it worthy.

He hit enter, then waiting for the results. One description caught his eye. Who is much better? Kai Hiwatari or Tyson Granger? Smirking to himself, he entered the site. But he needed a password. He sighed exasperatedly as he began typing numerous out-of-this-world passwords he could think of.

++ You can try and try, Tyson, but you'll never get it right! This things got a lot of pages that has passwords! ++ Tyson was sure that Dizzi just pouted,

"Argh! Maybe if I just type this password, then... Aha!" One, two, three. "What the heck?! Kai's better than me?! That' not fair! I'm gonna teach this site a piece of my mind!" Step, step, bump. "Oh, Kai... hi... hehe..." Hey, he does look cute. Hey, I cannot believe I just said that. Evil, evil poll of fangirlishness!

Kai loomed over him with one eyebrow raised. Then the laptop caught his eye. "Tyson, what are you -"

"Dizzi, shut!" Dizzi quickly shut herself down.

Tyson blinked. Hey... Dizzi actually listened to me.

Kai blinked, "What in the world?" Then he narrowed his eyes, "Are you hiding something?"

"Err... no... no... whatmakesyouthinkthatI'mhidingsomething? There'snowayI'mkeepingasecret, youknow. BecauseifIam, whichIamnot, Iwouldn'tletDizzishutherselfdownand - oops." Tyson gulped, sweat dropping, "You understood me, didn't you?"

"Every single word." Kai smirked,

"Oh, damn." He frantically looked around to distract the team captain, but to no avail. Then his eyes sparkled. Maybe if I... Hey, I like him, don't I? Even if he pushes me away, it'll be worth it.

Smirking to himself, Tyson glided his leg across the floor 180 degrees, hitting Kai's ankles and toppling him over - which resulted in Kai lying above with Tyson below him, lips only inches apart.

Sighing exasperatedly, Tyson took Kai by the collar rather forcefully and closed the gap. Maybe that poll isn't so evil after all... Hey, he tastes like bubblegum!

Breaking apart, they both gasped for oxygen. Kai looked at him strangely, "Are you having a fever or something?"

"Ch'," Tyson grumbled, "You kiss me back then you ask me that?! Why of all the -"


"ungrateful thi - what is it?"

"Shut up and kiss me."

++ || ++

Peeking from the door, Ray and Max stared at the soon-to-be-couple from outside of the room wide-eyed, pale-faced with their jaws dropped. Max blinked, then blinked, then blinked again. "Well, this is certainly a memorable sight."

Ray's eyes almost popped out of his head as he dashed, dragging Max by the blonde's shirt along with him. "No, no, no, no, no! Bad... sight... Not... good... for children!!!"

"Hey! We're the same age!"


"Ray~! We do that too, you know!"

"...we do?"


"Sheesh! I was just joking, Max! Can't a guy have some fun?"